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Feb 04 2013

Privacy Sacrificed to Collectivized Healthcare in Britain

Britain gives us another preview of life in a country where government has seized control of the healthcare sector:

GPs [general practitioners] are to be forced to hand over confidential records on all their patients’ drinking habits, waist sizes and illnesses.

The files will be stored in a giant information bank that privacy campaigners say represents the ‘biggest data grab in NHS history’.

They warned the move would end patient confidentiality and hand personal information to third parties.

The data includes weight, cholesterol levels, body mass index, pulse rate, family health history, alcohol consumption and smoking status.

Healthcare is a limited commodity. If it is not to be allocated by price in the free market, but rather be provided by the government, it must be rationed. Knowing who has been smoking, drinking, eating too much, et cetera will be helpful to bureauweenies in deciding who gets healthcare and who does not.

GPs will be required to send monthly updates on their patients to a central database run by the NHS’s Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Doctors are now agents of the state.

Patients will not be able to opt out of the system.

But as money gets ever tighter, government will opt out of providing medical care to those who don’t comply with current health fads.

Privacy will be abolished along with the bourgeoisie.

On tips from Dean D, Wiggins, and Bob Roberts.

10 Responses to “Privacy Sacrificed to Collectivized Healthcare in Britain”

  1. Marmo says:

    Of course. Once health care is nationalized, the government can dictate what you eat, what you drive, how and when you exercise, which activities are too risky, etc. Anything related to your health can be controlled or restricted to help keep health care costs down.

  2. Dr. 9 says:

    Well, you have to be pretty foolish to believe there’s still such a thing as privacy. What you have to hope for is that the govt. doesn’t know as much about you as the advertising industry does. In fact, it is they, not just the govt, who have abolished privacy. To that add the mindless fools who use these so-called ‘social media sites” and give away what little privacy they have left.

  3. A. Levy says:

    When tyranny takes full control of our society, it will come disguised as “health care”. Under the guise of “health”, there is no limit to the amount of control the govt. can mandate. All it takes is a weak and gullible population, and we already have that.

  4. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Amazing. There was once a time when people were afraid of dying. Now will come a phase of Life On Earth when people welcome it.


  5. Python says:

    See, the Nazis did win the Battle of Britain.

  6. Flu-Bird says:

    The NEW SOVIET UNION time for a few to suceed from the EUROPEAN SOVIET UNION

  7. Hill says:

    First, The British NHS, already decides who gets healthcare treatment and who does not. One of the more famous cases in recent years, was the late Tamar Bailey who was denied life extending drugs for her bowel cancer. That is the same system misdiagnosed repeatedly her cancer more then a half a dozen times.

    The NHS trust in her area had determined at the age of 26, that her life was considered not worthy of merit. Thus the NHS decided not to give her life altering drugs and thus implying Ms. Bailey, was not worth expense. If not a 26 year old, then who is?

    See link.

    Second, The irony to this new system is, that until the last 10 years in Britain you were not allowed access to your own medical records and you could not see, what was being written about you.

    Additionally, during this same period (I think the early 2000’s), the GP or doctor had the right to put on your Medical records during a pre-op, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order. He/She did not have to consult with the patient to see what their desire was, nor was age considered.

    Basically, It is the state who decides who lives or dies.

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