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Jan 01 2018

Professor Encourages Students to Break the Law to Abolish “White Democracy”

Watch in horror and disgust as Diablo Valley College professor Albert Ponce praises the malevolent lunatic Karl Marx and calls for the use of illegal means to bring about the “abolition of white democracy”:

This was the first video to go up on the Facebook page Film Your Marxist Professors.

Students would not receive more pernicious brainwashing if we sent them off to North Korea to have it done. No wonder leftists like Bernie Sanders want college to be completely financed by taxpayers.

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30 Responses to “Professor Encourages Students to Break the Law to Abolish “White Democracy””

  1. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Diablo Valley sounds like a publicly-funded college. That would make sense; the worst of academia are always on the public payroll.

    Speaking of communists, I was flabbergasted to see commie Bill DeBlasio sworn in as mayor of NYC by another well-known commie, Bernie Sanders.

    Time to bring back the HUAC, the House Unamerican Activities Committe

  2. Easy Way #6 says:

    When Professor Ponce speaks from his esteemed chair at prestigious Diablo Valley College the world listens.

  3. Pyrran says:

    Diablo Valley-it fits.

  4. JayMS says:

    This guy is so laughably stupid I can’t even be offended.

  5. magic1114 says:

    The government needs to put this guys things in a trailer, pick HIM up at school, and haul him down to a waiting freighter for a one way trip to Cuba. I’m sick of morons like him…

  6. Spiny Norman says:

    Diablo Valley sounds like a publicly-funded college.

    Community colleges usually are. Besides, it’s in the San Francisco Bay area, so the Marxism is expected.

  7. SLCain says:

    Ponce – Definition:

    noun: ponce; plural noun: ponces

    1. derogatory: an effeminate man.

    2. a man who lives off a prostitute’s earnings.

  8. SLCain says:

    I think we’ve found our new ambassador to North Korea. Sorry, it’s a life-time appointment.

  9. SLCain says:

    From the Wikipedia entry on Bernie Sanders:

    “After graduating from college, Sanders returned to New York City, where
    he initially worked at a variety of jobs, including Head Start teacher, psychiatric aide, and carpenter.[33] In 1968, Sanders moved to Vermont because he had been “captivated by rural life.””

    Translation: he got tired of living with diversity, so he moved to Vermont – now 94% white, back then, probably > 99% white.

  10. ICEvictim says:

    uh, subornation of sedition and/or treason is a federal felony. So then, why is this guy not in an orange jump suit already?? You FBI and DoJ at work, or is that at sleep.

  11. Defiant says:

    Guys like this should be arrested for sedition! LOL!

  12. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    First thing I thought of.

  13. OldSailor says:

    So he’s in favor of breaking the law in order to abolish democracy. I wonder if he’d be in favor of someone breaking the law by kicking his a**?

  14. OldSailor says:

    Not Cuba. Somolia or, a little closer to home, Venezuela.

  15. lordpeckerwoodfive says:

    Students need to start suing schools for obvious deviation from the course syllabus. I want to learn facts, not hear your opinion professed as fact

  16. Wayne Pacific says:

    All I heard was Hispanic racism. Not Marxism.

  17. James McEnanly says:

    I hope that he realizes that come the Revolution, the second group up against a wall are usually the intellectuals who assisted in the original revolution.

  18. James Wentz says:

    Hunt these asshole professors down along with their families!

  19. SWohio says:

    If they are so unhappy with themselves (being a white person), why don’t they just take their own lives and STFU?

    So sick and tired of these tiresome morons.

  20. SWohio says:

    He got tired of ‘working for a living’, and moved to vermont to live off the people.

  21. walcon says:

    You have his info; “Diablo Valley College- professor Albert Ponce.”
    925-685-1230 Report Him.

  22. Dingo says:

    Its very interesting to see how they knock the “patriarchy”, but what do they offer? Whats the solution, apart from the unending complaints , what is their perfect world? They keep on complaining but offer no solutions. They should be called out, that would put a stop to things quite quickly

  23. Andrew Mango says:

    The Professor has a good point. Even at only less than two minutes into the lecture. The “white” folk he is referring to are better known as WASP!

  24. Andrew Mango says:

    To continue. We need to abolish Nationalism! We need to embrace Jesus Christ and His True Church! The Law can only come from Lord God! and the Legal enforcement from His Ministers.

  25. Andrew Mango says:

    And we should make a distinction between Marxism and Communism. One is human slavery the other is human pursuit to happiness. Jesus Christ BTW was a Communionist. Look carefully at the word…” Communionist”

  26. Andrew Mango says:

    Now the fella commenting about the professor…he makes a statement about “winning” but WASP or Nazi’s are building an arsenal of destruction. By the way, Nazi means Nationalism and allegiance to the same. So are you a Nazi?

  27. Andrew Mango says:

    The professor is not a Marxist in my opinion. But he is a communist of some type.

  28. Andrew Mango says:

    So the fella encourages secretly filming the professor. The reason why I find that alarming is do to ” sound bytes” Therefore people can make their own reality at the expense of Truth and learning, acceptance and rejection, Dialectic v. edification.

  29. Andrew Mango says:

    Report him for what? Why not instead submit to the department a curriculum that teaches the opposite of what he is teaching. And then a forum with a moderator to either crush or support the opponent.

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