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Jan 09 2013

Profiles in Moonbattery: Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon would have turned 100 today, yet strangely progressives show no sign of celebrating his memory. Only party affiliation can explain why liberals so hated Richard Nixon as to use the media to tear down his presidency over missteps that pale in comparison to Benghazi, Fast & Furious, or Solyndra. As Doug Schoen makes clear, Tricky Dick was a moonbat:

Nixon was not only a fervent supporter of the Clean Air Act, the first federal law designed to control air pollution on the national level; he also gave us the Environmental Protection Agency. The creation of the EPA represented an expansion of government that would face fierce opposition were it being debated today. The EPA is also one of the agencies on Capitol Hill that the business community most detests — along with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which polices working conditions. OSHA is another Nixon creation.

Herbert Stein, chief economic adviser during the administrations of Nixon and Gerald Ford, once remarked: “Probably more new regulation was imposed on the economy during the Nixon administration than in any other presidency since the New Deal.”

How many remember that Nixon was a champion of affirmative action? “Incredible but true”, as Fortune magazine put it in 1994 when Nixon died, “It was the Nixonites that gave us employment quotas.” Though many credit John F. Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson with initiating affirmative action, it was rather Richard Nixon who first sanctioned formal goals and time frames to break barriers to minority employment.

Social Security benefits, a cornerstone of the Democratic Party platform, were also crucial to Nixon’s policies. He ushered in a minimum tax on the wealthy and supported a guaranteed income for all Americans, a move that would rile today’s Republicans to unprecedented heights.

True enough. A “guaranteed income” would essentially bridge the gap between socialism and communism. For most people, there would simply be no reason to work. Why pull the cart when you can ride in it? Consequently, they would have to be forced to work at gunpoint, as under other collectivist regimes.

And finally, consider health care: Nixon’s proposed reform would have required employers to buy health insurance for their employees and subsidize those who couldn’t afford it. Nixon’s version of national health care was a far more liberal concept than Bill Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s — and it failed because of Democratic opposition, not lack of support from Nixon’s own party. (Ted Kennedy later said that opposing Nixon’s health-care plan was one of his biggest political regrets.)

No doubt Nixon’s biggest political regret was not belonging to the same party as the media. If he had, he would now be lionized as the great statist who saved the USA from the clutches of liberty.

Here’s another political regret: not all Nixonesque RINOs have been driven out of the GOP.

Nixon preparing to sock freedom in the jaw.

On a tip from A. Levy.

14 Responses to “Profiles in Moonbattery: Richard Nixon”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I should add;
    Ironic, that it is not “watergate” that is bringing the country down, rather Nixons policies, now currently supported by Obamunists that are

  2. Kevin R. says:

    And then there were the price controls he tried to use to fight the inflation that were just starting to kick in due to his and LBJ’s collectivism. And rather than blame the real culprit of inflation, the government, he decided to blame industry and stores for raising prices.

    I suspect Obama will do the same. With the same results.

  3. Jester says:

    Yet my 10th grade Social Studies teacher did nothing but hammer his personal belief into my class that Nixon was a right-wing Republican, war-mongering, bigoted, racist, homophobic, etc etc etc….


  4. Sevenwinds says:

    It was also Nixon that got the US off the gold standard, which has led to the current state of affairs using fiat currency

  5. DavidD says:

    Party affiliation and one more thing: Alger Hiss. That’s why Leftists hate him.

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    School kids were told
    The JFK assassination was pulled off by George HW Bush
    While Bush JR stole Florida
    Reagan conspired with Iran to delay release of the hostages (October surprise)
    The “Joos” sent Monica to Bill
    Romney was a Conservative
    Obama gonna give a free phone
    And on and on and on……..

  7. Jester says:

    Oh… that’s right. Silly me for forgetting! 😛

    Glad both my kids have graduated high school. I can only imagine how much worse the indoctrination is gonna get now.

  8. JustAl says:

    And you can thank Dick for every job that has migrated to China, after he “opened the door”.

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