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Aug 02 2017

Profiles in Moonbattery: Skip Bayless

It isn’t just ESPN. The whole sports commentary business is becoming rotten with moonbattery. Skip Bayless brought some with him from ESPN to Fox Sports 1. On the show Undisputed, he weighs in in favor of Colin Kaepernick, the privileged punk who makes a pageant of insulting the national anthem on behalf of lowlifes of politically preferred pigmentation who manage to get shot in confrontations with the police:

“[M]ost white people deep down they know [Kaepernick] is right,” Bayless told co-host Shannon Sharpe. “They know Colin Kaepernick stood for something he should have stood for.”

Bayless proclaimed that Kaepernick’s antics “had a positive impact.”

They sure didn’t have a positive impact on NFL viewership, which tanked last year, mainly due to disgust with Kaepernick and his fellow travelers.

Kaepernick’s disgraceful behavior also did not have a positive effect on his career. He is currently without a team. Who would want him?

With luck, Bayless’s moonbat pandering will have a similar effect on his own career.

Bayless offers witless moonbattery.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

19 Responses to “Profiles in Moonbattery: Skip Bayless”

  1. FromNJ says:

    Another woke idiot who thinks he speaks for everyone.

  2. BiffWellington says:

    No, actually he sat for something he should have stood for.

  3. TED says:

    EVERYTHING touched by the LEFT dies and ROTS!!

  4. TED says:

    The LEFT always think they are speaking for EVERYONE, everyone that counts anyway…HOW it’s possible for THEM to be SO WRONG is amazing!!!

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “They know Colin Kaepernick stood for something he should have stood for.”

    Well, actually Kaepernick used the wrong argument. The right argument is that the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a Christian Socialist. Francis Bellamy originated the pledge (he was a flag salesman), and added the Bellamy salute.

    This is what the Bellamy Salute looks like:×235.jpg

    Now….Francis Bellamy was a cousin to Edward Bellamy, the author of “Looking Backwards”, a novel about a socialist Utopia. His book was very influential. They organized “Bellamy Clubs” in order to advance Bellamy’s socialist ideas. Those clubs were renamed “Nationalist Clubs.”

    Here is an article providing some more history:

    And here is a 1934 photo of American Kids saluting the flag.,170,1863,1412/children-salutes-flag-Irene-Kaufmann-Settlement-1934.jpg

    So if Kaepernick didn’t want to stand because of our flag’s association with National Socialism, maybe he’d have a valid point.

  6. MAS says:

    Never heard of him until now and care even less than I did. ES…who?

  7. KHarn says:

    How would these idiots like to start their own white-free country from scratch? I won’t begrudge any 21st century tech they purchase on their own, but they will not be allowed any land developed past the year 1900.
    If they make said country as great as they think they could, let them brag and I’ll say “I was wrong”. If they fail, tough S**T; let mockery and laughter be their legacy.

  8. FNN says:

    Skip and Half Sharpe are twin morons.

  9. Troy McClure says:

    Dies he look more like a villan from Scooby Doo or Marvel Comics?

  10. Albert says:

    When your brain can’t comprehend being wrong…

  11. Albert says:

    Vanderbilt must have had a (how to be a) Useful Idiot program.

  12. TED says:

    OR pretty much ANYTHING!!

  13. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Better to keep one’s mouth shut and thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt…….

  14. KauaiGoneGin says:

    Useless idiots like this are given way too much exposure to spew their communist ideology. Television media is ALL LIES. All of it is produced to control the opinions and belief systems of those who watch.

  15. Miss Fortune says:

    Deep down in my heart, I know that what’s his name is a brainwashed fool.

  16. pander elsewhere says:

    Whenever he comes on,I make it a point to Skip Brainless.

  17. Angeldarmstrong says:


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