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Jul 06 2016

Profiles in Moonbattery: UC Berkeley’s Maggie Lam

When America was healthy, it was a melting pot. People came from around the world to make their unique contributions while assimilating into a common culture. But now we have multiculturalism, rammed down our throats with sadistic glee by the likes of Maggie Lam, who spews foul-mouthed moonbattery in UC Berkeley’s student paper:

In pieces for the Daily Californian titled “Speaking Out”, “F***ing White Boys,” and “Choosing Myself Over White People”, Maggie Lam says she’s seeking to “reclaim the “Asian-American narrative” surrounding the immigrant experience. Mostly, however, she describes what it’s like to be a member of an oppressed minority subject to the demands of white, patriarchal rape culture on the famously liberal UC Berkeley campus.

In one column, Ms. Lam accuses her room-mate, “Becky,” of exhibiting the symptoms of white privilege as she and Becky debate whether their dorm, which is transitioning to a “People of Color House,” should be allowed to exclude white residents.

“Becky” is what racists who hate whites call white women.

Lam calls “Becky” — an already racially charged name — a “white devil,” and says she “smelled like a skinny white girl” and engages in “microaggressions.”

Imaginary microaggressions stand in stark contrast to the overt macroaggressions of the aggressively antiwhite culture that prevails on college campuses.

Yet Lam denounces Berkeley for its “history of white, patriarchal rape culture.”

In another column, Ms. Lam charges her white peers with creating a culture where people of color give preference to their white acquaintances. In another, her most recent, she labels a white paramour named Sam a “f*** boy,” and bemoans the tendency of white men to view white women and women of color differently. She relates in explicit detail a story about how she initiated a sexually charged encounter with the blue-eyed Sam, seemingly against his will – something, had the gender roles been reversed, would have been an outrage on most campuses, including UC Berkeley’s.

In the appallingly vulgar piece, Miss Lam repeatedly objectifies Sam as a f***boy and then righteously denounces him an all other white f***boys for objectifying sacred women of non-whiteness.

Imagine the likelihood of Sam being allowed to publish a similar piece from his own point of view — not that any decent person would want to climb into the cultural and intellectual sewer inhabited by Miss Lam et al.

Maggie Lam, moonbat establishmentarian.

On a tip from J.

33 Responses to “Profiles in Moonbattery: UC Berkeley’s Maggie Lam”

  1. Occam's Stubble says:

    their dorm, which is transitioning to a “People of Color House,”

    Looks like the Democrats are well underway to getting their separate but equal back. What’s next, segregated drinking fountains?

  2. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    An Ode to Maggie and her true place in the world:

  3. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Give it a few years under Josephine Stalin Clinton and this will be Maggie:

  4. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Hey, Becky…you should probably be pissed that, when it comes to people of color, some are more equal than others. Because Asians (generally) score high on various tests, Affirmative Action treats you at least as bad as if you were white.

  5. MrRightWingDave says:

    These morons don’t understand the word “ironic”.

  6. TED says:

    Nice STACH Tranny!!

  7. TED says:

    PROOF, even the Asians have THEIR “Bottom-of-the-barrel”!!

  8. rex freeway says:

    When she doesn’t listen in the country she identifies with. Now go fix me a sammich.

  9. TED says:


  10. Occam's Stubble says:

    I’m waiting for the “Maggie Lam never had a white roommate or boyfriend” story.

  11. MAS says:

    All that resistance to desegregation in the 50s and 60s for nothing. If they’d had more patience and just went ahead with desegregation the folk “of color” would have eventually segregated themselves anyway. I’ll wager the process would have happened long before now. The bonus is those people with higher melanin content we actually would like to have as neighbors wouldn’t want to join them.

  12. Jack says:

    Yellow cvnt should pack her bags and move to a yellow country where she will just be another f*** tramp in a sea of other yellow f*** tramps selling ass for 20 a pop

  13. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …unloved, dateless and sexually frustrated you think?

  14. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    This girl (Lady is reserved for adults) is going to graduate from college and get run over by the real world, like a squirrel getting hit by a bus.

  15. Agrippa says:

    Life’s a bitch, huh? So tough out there, even at UCB, Libtard Heaven. Wait till you leave that “paradise” and go out into the real world, doofus!

  16. Donna M says:

    Lemme’ think…
    Well, that li’l spew of hers was about as important, as…?????
    Couldn’t even keep my “eyes” open, long enough to read it through one sitting…. yaaawwwn!
    I’d rather catch up on a few zzz…!
    All that “tripe” she writes, because she’s a failure in intimate/personal relationships…
    Can she coherently explain, something that she does do successfully?
    Wake me when her “racially biased”, juvenile relationship, “rants” are over…

    Getting back…
    Since, “I’m” more than, “ENTITLED”, to my opinions, too….
    I’m “insisting”, that m lam, have a heaping “helping” of, “MINE!”
    Seek professional counseling, or just go to the nearest AA meeting, dear Mz lam…
    You may come away with some enlightenment…
    ‘Cause apparantly, you make quite a practice out of taking “OTHER” people’s, “MORAL” inventory…then
    Act as if you had the moral authority (of which, I grossly beg to differ with), to judge others, as erroneous and offensive..

    If you had any perspective at all, mz lam…
    Charge yourself with “microaggression” because, your just plainly, stupid, insensitve and offensive…!

  17. Del_Varner says:

    She needs t be Doxed, so I can avoid hiring her

  18. Del_Varner says:

    Was she born in America?

  19. grayjohn says:

    Except for her Asian eyes, she’s whiter than me. Perhaps she’ll awaken from her coma someday.

  20. Troy McClure says:

    What is with the smug expression of these moonbats? Is there a whole class in it being offered at major universities?

  21. Jester says:

    Mental illness is a terrible, terrible thing.

  22. KHarn says:

    When I was a kid in the early ’60’s, calling someone “a person of color” or “black” was an insult. Like calling themselves “niggers”, it’s a challenge to their enemies; US.

  23. KHarn says:

    The north also had segregation, but we’re not allowed to talk about that.
    Also, that sonofabitch Eisenhower sent the army down here to enforce it, effectively making war on the southern states, an act of TREASON.

  24. KHarn says:

    “Charge yourself with “microaggression”…”
    More like “MACROagresson”, she doesn’t hold back!

  25. Donna M says:

    Oh yeah!
    ‘Cause she hates “EVERYBODY”!
    Not even “she”, pases her own “smell” test!

  26. Donna M says:

    Hey DV
    Like, who cares?
    She’s from the planet TOO-FAR-GONE,
    She left her intellect and adult maturity behind…
    After all, her “tiny” space ship could only hold sooo…much!
    …and she had to make a “critical” decision, judgment call, to take with only those things, “necessary” for “survival”!

  27. Donna M says:

    Surely, you “jest”! Jester!
    You Jest had too! Huh!
    Your comment made me laugh!

  28. What about “mesoagression”, as in “me so horny, love you long time!”

  29. Gene says:

    Maggie Lam still can’t figure out why white f***boys don’t want to date her.

  30. Mr. Freemarket says:

    There always have to be the left side of the Bell curve.

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