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Jan 25 2013

Protecting Women From Violence

When reflexive leftism won’t suffice because intelligence is required, Obama calls upon power behind the throne Valerie Jarrett, who recently tweeted this inspiring message:

This came out the same hour that the moonbat apparatchik serving as Obama’s Defense Secretary announced women will be serving in combat.

The arguments against putting women in combat are so numerous that I’ll just leave it at a single word: rape.

Like the push to promote homosexuality, this confirms that the liberals in charge see the military as a social engineering laboratory, in which they can exploit the command structure to inflict their will without having to wait years for media brainwashing to take effect. At best, they don’t care whether we win wars. At worst, they are actively seeking to destroy morale and fighting effectiveness — which would not be surprising, considering that it is a cornerstone of leftist ideology that the USA is the source of most that is wrong with the world.

As for protecting women from violence, a sane start would be allowing them to protect themselves (and their children), like Melinda Herman. Yet the Regime is pushing with all its might to disarm women, rendering them defenseless.

Jarrett’s rhetoric is as hollow as Barry Soetoro’s monstrous ego.

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33 Responses to “Protecting Women From Violence”

  1. Vermin says:

    ^ Yep.

  2. apostle53 says:

    The Lord God has a sense of humor.

  3. Tax Slave says:

    Do they have any idea what will happen to female POWs?

    Think of the “comfort women” who have been suing the Japanese government ever since WWII. Think of the Vietnamese Boat People, whose women were raped and whose children were sold into GENERATIONAL sex slavery in Thailand. Think of the institutionalized mass rape perpetrated by the Red Army since before WWII. Think of the Rape of Nanking.

    And if any women (or their children) are rescued or do escape, they will suffer psychological problems that will make the worst true PTSD sufferer look like the punk Gen. Patton slapped.

    But then the Left never cared about POWs, anyway. That’s why we left so many behind in Vietnam, and refused to consider any reports of seeing them alive as valid.

  4. JustAl says:

    Fist step in protecting women from violence is obviously to disarm them.

    That way they won’t have to see their attackers die violently and can simply close their eyes and think of Obama while being violated.

  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Yes, allowing women to protect themselves with firearms is the only way Congress can decrease violence against women.
    The previous Violence against Women Act was merely backdoor amnesty for illegals.

  6. Joe Biden says:

    Want me to slap the stupid bitch for you?

  7. Henry says:

    I’m OK with a Violence Against Women Act… just as long there is a companion Violence Against Men Act.

  8. Winston Smith says:

    Where is the Violence Against Men Act?

  9. Dave says:

    What we really need is a Violence Against Whitey Act

  10. Tax Slave says:

    “Whitey”? What about Violence Against Pollocks? Against WOPs? Against Mics? Against Krauts? Against Frogs? Scots? Slavs (from which we get the racist word “slob”)? Ruskies?

    “White people” is code for Americans from the Melting Pot, the descendants of the Europeans who left the race wars of their homelands.

  11. Glorious Rainbow Utopia with Gold Paved Streets says:

    Imam Hussein the Immaculate Messiah should just pass a law banning violence. Etch it on a stone tablet and viola problem solved due to the will of the Immaculate Messiah.

  12. Guest says:

    There is a point that is being missed in the whole women in the combat role. Yes the objections are true, but why is it done? Purely to placate feminists?

    -Look at the traditional voting patterns of the military people.

    -Ask yourself who do women and gays (both groups being shoved down military’s throat) by majority vote for?

    -Ask your the following question. At the moment in case of a coup, would the military support the people or the tyrant? ok?

    Now change the makeup of the military.

    Completely “unrelated” is the current attempt to disarm people.

    P.S.: no, those two groups by themselves will not tip the scale, but there does already exist a small population of brainwashed Commie-worshipers in the military. Their ranks would swell.

  13. Skyfall says:

    What about violence against women in the womb? Oh, no…I forgot. Those are only POTENTIAL voters.

    Never mind.

  14. Larry says:

    As I recall, four U.S. women became POWs during the Gulf War. All four reported they were sexually assaulted. It’s going to get ugly, especially for the gay women.

  15. IslandLifer says:

    The insanity….welcome to the asylum!

  16. Canis lupus says:

    “If there’s one thing we should all agree on, it’s protecting women from violence. Congress needs to pass the Violence Against Women Act.”

    Thats right. Because who cares if a man gets severely beaten or killed. They’re just not as special as women.

  17. Dr. 9 says:

    I wonder what the American people’s reaction will be when those real-time images of young women with blown-up bodies and shot to pieces start showing up all over the media? I also wonder how many of our brave warriors, (men that is) will have to die for the sake of diversity and political correctness.

    If i were a lawyer, i would start hiring a whole lot more staff just to keep up with the flood of sexual harassment complaints that will be flowing in. Why would they? a) short-cut to easy promotion, b) $$$$.

    Did you notice how the ultra-liberal phony Panetta made it appear that this was his idea? Apparently, we’re not supposed to be able to figure out that this came from the Marxist-in-Chief and probably his fat-assed wife. I saw the announcement on TV with some general sitting next to Panetta. If you’ve ever seen anyone under extreme duress, someone being forced to do something he knew was wrong, it was the general.

  18. Beforethestorm says:

    If if doesn’t help the military in their mission,it should not be considered. I don’t see how this helps.

    BTW: please dispense with the Moonbatter pop up…very irritating.

  19. Dave says:

    Tax Slave says:

    January 25, 2013 at 11:28 am

    “Slavs (from which we get the racist word “slob”)”


    Slob is slang or informal usage for slovenly.

    Slav is a derivation of the word slave (Given your name -“Tax Slave”- you should have known this.)

  20. KHarn says:

    “Larry says:January 25, 2013 at 11:47 am”

    In WW2 as well, LARRY.

    So much to say about this subject, but I’ll be brief.

    First, the title. Do they think it’s LEGAL now to assault women?

    Second, some perspective. It has seemed to me for many years that “certain people” have a problem with women DEFENDING THEMSELVES.

    Third, the military decision. I have said before that EVERYBODY who puts on the uniform, from WACs to Chaplins MUST be taught to shoot before learning their occupation.I have also voiced the oppinion that women in the military should be tought DEFENCIVE tactics for two reasons: first, even if they were in a “safe” area, they could very well come under fire and MUST be able to fight. Second, that the motto of the WACs was (Is?) “free a man to fight”; with women trained in base defence, there will be less of a need for male security units.

    Finnaly, Penneta said that this act would help America “win wars”. The problem is that America has not TRIED to win a war since the decision was made back in the 40s to “contain communism”. That tactic didn’t work against the commies and it IS NOT working against the muslims.

  21. Jester says:

    The arguments against putting women in combat are so numerous that I’ll just leave it at a single word: rape.

    FINALLY somebody else says what I’ve been saying for decades!!

  22. Highway Hospital Student says:

    I think you guys have it all wrong.

    There’s a difference between playing solider and being a soldier.

    Women get benefits from the military and none of the hard stuff.

    The military, esp the U.S. Army has been turned into a PC operation, providing separate little tree-houses for teeny little ladies who want to play soldier.

    The girls get comfortable little jobs, day-care, health-care and a lot of moral support care while in service and then wiggle out with benefits and pregnancy.

    They spend most of their time like a couple of chipmunks huddled up together in conversation frenetically squeaking to each other about themselves.

    Much of the army has turned into a nursery for PC ideas designed to give women equality in the military. But only up to a point.

    You want to be a soldier, ladies?

    Go soak up some bullets and piss on the Taliban.

  23. Tax Slave says:

    Well, I lost a bet on the etymology of slob/Slav; I’d better not Welsh on it.

    Oops, another racist term! My grammar checker must be on the Fritz.

    Oops, I did it again! Now both the German-Americans and Welsh-Americans are gonna sue me.

  24. Dave says:


    Don’t sweat it Tax Slave …. Congressman Nignog Clyburn says the entire English language is a racist codeword.

  25. Lee M. Carholder says:

    Bye bye elite units. Equality and rainbow diversity are coming to destroy unit cohesion and elite training. Whew good thing our enemies exist in a vacuum and don’t see what is happening. They just want to hold hands and sing praises to comrade dear leader so they won’t be trying anything wicked.

  26. Comrade Kulak says:

    @ Comrade Tax Slave here is the latest dog whistle words sheet from the glorious ministry of truth:

    Food Stamp President
    Holding Down The Fort
    Kitchen Cabinet
    You People

  27. Tax Slave says:

    but… before Tiger Woods only honkies played golf

  28. Mr Evilwrench says:

    “Congress needs to pass the Violence Against Women Act.”

    As if any bill proposed by a ‘rat (or by most Rs) can be fairly evaluated by its title.

  29. dennis says:

    I can see it now, our military will be the YMCA group with Elton John as commander in chief! The emblem of this NEW army will be the sign of URANUS..

  30. Michael Johnston says:

    Here’s a little truth from Iraq (Circa 2008). After an IED strike INS began a complex ambush on the patrol (TIC) that included small arms fire and RPG’s. A male Soldier was wounded and required movement and loading into another vehicle for medivac. 2 female Soldiers attempted to get the casualty into the back of an MRAP but could not lift him. Additional male Soldiers were required to expose themselves to INS fire to complete the loading of the casualty into the vehicle…Riding in a protected vehicle without a 70lb pack on your back and 40lbs of body armor, ammo, water, etc is not the same thing and women have no place in Line Units…period (no pun intended). Yes, I know many are already in harms way in many different capacities doing great work and many have made the ultimate sacrifice…but that doesn’t make it right. For all the feminist news media and others supporting this…lets see you come out at 0700 hrs anywhere you choose and follow this old Soldier for half a day…then decide if you think women can do the job…WITHOUT lowering my standards.

  31. Canis lupus says:

    @Michael Johnston
    I had a freind in the Navy. His job was to load bombs and missles on aircraft during desert storm. Women were working along side him. The hours were long and there were rarely any breaks as aircraft was constantly landing and taking off. When they got hungry they would eat something as they worked.
    He stated that the women complained they “didnt feel well” and were sent to sick bay.
    Later, after his shift was over. They would be playing checkers in the messhall.
    The men already resent some of these women and its going to get worse.

  32. bobdog says:

    If there’s one thing we should all agree on, it’s protecting babies from violence.

    Congress needs to overturn Roe v. Wade. It’s not because I’m a Bible thumper. It’s because 234,000 babies were killed last year without being given a chance to object. Unrestricted abortions on demand is fundamentally and morally wrong.

  33. Shannon says:

    @ Highway Hospital Student: Tammy Duckworth not only saw battle, but lost limbs in combat. Ann Dunwoody was a parachute officer during desert storm and was the first woman to be made a four star general.

    …and your service achievements include?

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