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Jan 13 2013

Proving Media Bias

If all they are getting at school is liberal talking points, students should turn to Prager University. In the lesson below, we learn the following:

• 93% of Beltway reporters vote Democrat.
• The media mainly lies by what it does not say.
• Media bias can be scientifically measured.
• Media bias is effective.

Despite the Marxist in the White House, this is still a center-right country — or at least it would be, if not for the endless barrage of manipulative propaganda from the left-wing information establishment.

On a tip from Jester.

12 Responses to “Proving Media Bias”

  1. Ummah Gummah says:


    Media bias is indeed effective. Just ask Joseph Goebbels.


  2. dan says:

    Presidential Candidate Ron Paul…I rest my case

  3. Bob Roberts says:


    Whales trapped under ice, global warming blamed.

    Relax – after a short time the ice shifted and the whales escaped. This happens all the time and global warming has nothing to do with it, of course.

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    Didn’t see an open thread yesterday (must have been too busy watching the games and perhaps celebrating one of the outcomes?) so…

    Occasionally the French get something right:

    Several hundred thousand people are expected to march through Paris on Sunday against the planned legalization of same-sex marriage in the first mass protest against the unpopular President Francois Hollande.

    Activists have mobilized a hybrid coalition of church-going families, political conservatives, Muslims, evangelicals and even homosexuals opposed to gay marriage for the show of force.

    So many are expected to converge on Paris from around France that police had organizers split it into three separate columns starting from different points around the city and meeting in the Champ de Mars park at the Eiffel Tower.

    Patriotic Group To Build Armed ‘Defensible’ Neighborhood Fortress

    Yeah, they tried that outside Waco once, turned into the world’s largest BBQ under the Clinton Administration.


    Several hundred civilians have taken up arms in two towns in a southwestern Mexico state and are arresting people suspected of crimes and imposing a curfew, leading authorities to promise to reinforce security forces in the area.

    People in the area said about 800 residents were participating in the armed groups acting as unofficial police. The vigilantes ordered a 10 p.m. curfew for the two towns and are looking for suspected criminals. Schools have suspended classes.

    In Ayutla, Romualdo Remigio Cantu, one of the coordinators for the civic group Union of Peoples and Social Organizations of Guerrero, said that more than 30 people had been arrested. The detainees are accused of drug trafficking, extortion and kidnapping, he said.

    This next one… You know, even moonbats occasionally have some redeeming qualities. Well, read it and figure out what I’m talking about.

    Reddit co-founder commits suicide

    Here’s one of the parts (from another link) that caught my eye about this guy:

    Mr. Wolf said he would remember his nephew, who had written in the past about battling depression and suicidal thoughts, as a young man who “looked at the world, and had a certain logic in his brain, and the world didn’t necessarily fit in with that logic, and that was sometimes difficult.”

    Basically, he was out of touch with reality and rather than fix that, he killed himself.

    One more bit from the original link:

    even his astounding achievements seemed bleak in his own tortured mind.


    Who would have thought that the bit in obamacare that protects us from doctors turning us in with regards to guns came from – wait for it – HARRY REID!

    Of course now that he feels secure, for the moment, he’s revealing his moonbat nature and taking a 180 degree different stance.

    And speaking of moonbat Harry Reid:

    Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray and Chuck Schumer have written a letter to Obama urging him to take all “lawful steps” to increase the debt limit, with or without the Republicans.

    Remember, these are 4 of several Democrats who expressed outrage at raising the debt limit in 2006.

    Put aside the picture of leading lawmakers, usually so jealous of their constitutional prerogatives, asking the president to ignore Congress. What is striking about the letter is that every one of its signers — Reid, Durbin, Schumer, and Murray — voted against raising the nation’s debt ceiling just seven years ago.

    On March 16, 2006, the Senate held a vote on a measure to raise the debt ceiling by $781 billion — the fourth such vote of George W. Bush’s presidency. Republicans controlled the Senate, and Democrats spent much of the debate railing against Bush’s spending. “When it comes to deficits, this president owns all the records,” said Reid. “The three largest deficits in our nation’s history have all occurred under this administration’s watch.”

    Declaring themselves outraged by such spending, Reid, Durbin, Schumer, and Murray all voted against raising the debt limit. So did every other Democrat — including Sen. Barack Obama. But on Friday, the four lawmakers urged now-President Obama not only to raise the ceiling but to do it in a constitutionally risky fashion by going over the head of Congress.

    This is a dangerous move. Congress specifically gives the power of the purse to Congress alone. If Obama takes their advice he would be clearly and deliberately violating the Constitution.

    A Conspiracy So Immense

    What will it take for the mainstream media to cover the progressive movement?

  5. Jodie says:

    The MSM is pushing the phony notion that Joe Biden is going to give Obama a list of suggestions on gun control, based on last week’s meetings with interested parties. That is just more nonsense from the horribly biased media. Joe Biden didn’t listen to what those people had to say and Obama doesn’t listen to Biden on anything. Obama already knows exactly what he wants to do. And that is likely just what George Soros tells him to do, which is the following:

    “With President Obama readying an overhaul of the nation’s gun laws, a liberal think tank with singular influence throughout his administration is pushing for a sweeping agenda of strict new restrictions on and federal oversight of gun and ammunition sales.

    The Center for American Progress is recommending 13 new gun policies to the White House — some of them executive actions that would not require the approval of Congress — in what amounts to the progressive community’s wish list.

    CAP’s proposals — which include requiring universal background checks, banning military-grade assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, and modernizing data systems to track gun sales and enforce existing laws — are all but certain to face stiff opposition from the National Rifle Association and its many allies in Congress.

    Obama — as well as Vice President Biden, who is leading the administration’s gun violence task force — has voiced support for many of these measures. Yet it is unclear which policies he ultimately will propose to Congress. Biden is planning to present his group’s recommendations to Obama on Tuesday.

    CAP’s recommendations, presented Friday to White House officials and detailed in an 11-page report obtained by The Washington Post, establish a benchmark for what many in Obama’s liberal base are urging him to do after last month’s massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.”

  6. wingmann says:

    Was checking SYG laws for Texas yesterday…came across npr website.They had trayvon and zimmerman on front page….I should say they had 12yo smiling trayvon and zimmerman in his orange jumpsuit. Bias?we don’t do know stinking bias…….azzclowns.

    I used to get mad….now I’m just getting focused.

  7. Highway Hospital Student says:

    The propaganda tools of the MSM follow the propaganda methods of Orwell’s (1984) in a vast number of ways –and not in just Newspeak or in 24-hour promotion of BO (Big Brother).

    For example, there’s perpetual war–a favored method of Big Brother.

    Here’s how they do it.

    NPR with its daily broadcast of BBC world news during morning rush hour, and then its broadcast of “Marketplace” during evening rush hour, all but simulate continual broadcast of Oceania’s (the UK) “war” in EurAsia.

    In both cases, what these broadcasts do, is to focus on the minutia of world events–replete with uninteresting trivia derived from other countries— content full of meaningless concerns.

    This is NPR’s substitute for the perpetual war that held the attention of the tyrannized in Oceania.

    The broadcasts come at peak listening time where the largest number of listeners are essentially diverted from more important domestic issues.

    There’s no doubt that broadcasting on critical domestic issues with as much enthusiasm and air time, would eventually come to focus on the rot of liberalism -such as the daily, frenetic criminality of the Obama administration.

    There may be some listeners captivated by stories on the banana exports from Brownsweg Suriname in S. America, or the proper way to pronounce a non-English speaking caller’s name from a California Mexican barrio; and while some listeners may never notice the paucity of white musicians covered by NPR’s “inclusive” reporters, I would venture that there are still better ways that the peak listening, low information crowd could be entertained by focusing on U.S. politics and economics.

    That would of course, constitute potentially dangerous stuff for NPR.

    Unfortunately, such subliminal propaganda gets plenty of help from other radio stations. If you don’t want to listen to NPR’s carefully-crafted and selected stories designed to alter, obfuscate and suppress news at home, then you can listen to Santana’s “Evil Ways” for the millionth time that week.

    Or you can even tune in to mindless sports talk where some idiot is unabashedly gushing about a 350-lb man poured into spandex.

    Liberals know their enemy and their tactics are resourceful and ubiquitous.

    So it cannot have gone unnoticed even by the dullest liberal, that while the little people get to hear the same things over and over and over again on the radio, NPR works around the clock, seven days a week to bring to the airwaves, the best in subliminal diversion.

  8. Poman Rolanski says:

    The woman who retreated with her two daughters and only then shot Obama’s (Vote Obama he is cool unlike that other guy who is a denizen of Squaresville!) other no good son was described as trigger happy in the first media reports.

    How was she to know that it was one of Obama’s (OBAMA!)sons and not an evil vile Charles Manson type?

  9. Uncle Joey says:

    The MSM brainwashing works so well, they even amaze themselves:
    From the article:

    “In surveys conducted in 2002 and 2011, pollsters at Gallup found that members of the American public massively overestimated how many people are gay or lesbian. In 2002, a quarter of those surveyed guessed upwards of a quarter of Americans were gay or lesbian (or “homosexual,” the third option given). By 2011, that misperception had only grown, with more than a third of those surveyed now guessing that more than 25 percent of Americans are gay or lesbian. Women and young adults were most likely to provide high estimates, approximating that 30 percent of the population is gay. Overall, “U.S. adults, on average, estimate that 25 percent of Americans are gay or lesbian,” Gallup found. Only 4 percent of all those surveyed in 2011 and about 8 percent of those surveyed in 2002 correctly guessed that fewer than 5 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian. “

  10. Skyfall says:

    The idea of retreating into an attic, hiding like Anne Frank and waiting for the bad guy to find you makes me sick.

    Waiting for someone to find you is asking to die.

    If someone breaks into your hou….BANG….never mind, situation under control.

    End of story.

  11. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I still believe there is more to it than just media bias, although it helps immensely.
    For one, you have a Republican party which is the consistency of a limp noodle.
    Also, people now vote “free sh**”

    When a gracious “thank you” note to legal defense fund donors becomes “selling an autograph”.

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