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Apr 28 2012

Public Schools Teach the Right to Bear Arms

Students learn about our precious Second Amendment liberties in a Chicago public school:

When property taxes turn your pockets inside out to finance government schools, this is what you get for the money: cretins spewing corrosive lies as they brainwash children into accepting tyranny and moonbattery.

Via The Jawa Report, on a tip from Just TheTip.

30 Responses to “Public Schools Teach the Right to Bear Arms”

  1. chuck in st paul says:

    Gee, now I’ve got to switch off hobo hunting and start lining up on porch monkies? Where’s the memo on that? Where the heck do I get the porch monkey targets to practice on? Is the NRA having a sale on them? Sheeesh, I’m always the last one to know.

  2. Seek says:

    Did these “teachers” graduate from high school? The only complete, grammatically correct sentence in the clip came from the student who gave his opinion early in the clip.

    Oh — the term “porch monkeys” is racially neutral in the age of Obama, where people get paid well to do nothing. Black people are probably in the minority on present-day porches, too.

    If this is typical of teachers and teaching in Chicago, I pity the students.

  3. Michelle says:

    An “AK-47” is a class 3 firearm and requires a FEDERAL licence, months of local and state approval time, and around $20,000.00 cash IF you can find one for sale, to purchase…

    “He used a fake ID” … Crime #1
    “He went over to Indiana” … Crime #2
    “He was trying to shoot this guy”… Crime #3

    So by describing the actions of some gang banger thug, who obviously has not intention of obeying the law, this uninformed moron claiming to be a “teacher” is convicting the millions of lawful gun owners??

    Typical commie, dumb, uninformed, clueless, taxpayer leach, unqualified, ignorant, full of inuendo, and hyperbole.

  4. Mattius Maximus says:

    Guess who will be the first ones to go during Armageddon? Useless bowel movements like this disgusting bitch. It’s a good thing too because I’m not the kind of person who tolerates much in the way of retarded bullshit.

  5. Joek Loth says:

    Yeah, typical ignorant idiots teaching kids. Nevermind the facts that the parents did a shitty job of raising their gang-bangin thug-ass children, which makes them prime targets for prison and/or the morgue.

  6. dan says:

    All them babies gonna be DEAD when the truckers refuse to haul food into the jungle….it’ll be monkey eatin’ time
    and THEN they’ll wish they had a ‘great-equalizer’…unless they go to the FEMA Camps.

  7. Vic says:

    Guns don’t kill porch monkeys, people at Planned Parenthood do.

    By the millions.

  8. RKae says:


    You know it! The schemes of Margaret Sanger and the Democrats are rolling right along, perfectly on course.

  9. johnnosk says:

    I wonder what would happen if I did that tombstone project but substituted kids killed in car accidents instead of firearms deaths… Which one would be the greater number?

  10. Sam Adams says:

    “Porch Monkeys?” What kind of racist statement is that? How many white teachers could refer to “porch monkeys” and keep their jobs?

    By the way, medical mistakes kill about 140,000 people each year in the US, whereas firearms are used to murder around 17,000 per year (intentionally or accidentally). Where’s the outrage that doctors kill so many innocents….including children!!!!

  11. Fiberal says:

    So…is she telling people she won’t sit on her porch any more?

    Another message seems to be that the AK-47 is the gun of choice for urban warefare. Do I have that right?

    My other question is, do the students recognize that someone incapable of putting together a sentence that would be understandable by English-speaking people, could not-should not, teach them anything at all?

    I also would like to know how it is that an inarticulate, low IQ, malodorous, reflexive prevaricator can get a job. I mean, I didn’t think liberals worked.

  12. Henry says:

    Every once in a while the prog lies still astound me. It’s becoming less and less frequent though.

  13. SNuss says:

    What happened to reading, writing, and arithmetic?
    Don’t they teach those classes any more? Or is this a “Liberal Arts” school?

  14. James McEnanly says:

    Why do you need to teach children to protest? From what I’ve seen of both children and protesters, they do it naturally. The real problem is to teach them to reason, both as to what they want, and how to go about getting it.All these people are doing is teaching them how to throw synchronized tantrums

  15. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    How about when they make the crosses they look at the color of the victim AND the color of the shooter? Think they could ask some questions then?

    Oh, and comparing the number of black men in college and the number in jail? The words intentional and accidental do not apply. You don’t go to school or prison by accident. You go to school intentionally but you go to jail against your will.

  16. Sam Adams says:

    James McEnanly says:
    April 28, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Why do you need to teach children to protest? From what I’ve seen of both children and protesters, they do it naturally.

    As you suggest, Marxists like to have their protests coordinated so that their numbers appear larger and more impressive than they are. People with actual jobs avoid protesting (you can make money, or you can carry a sign in the sun…what a tough choice!!!). People with happy families also don’t stand out in the sun holding signs. People who believe in volunteer work at a soup kitchen, a hospital, a church, with the boy scouts, etc., also are too busy to stand there and hold signs.

    Only people who don’t have to show up for work and don’t have something better to do willingly engage in protests.

  17. Mn says:

    These jokers need to be shipped to Belarus.

  18. Jypsea Rose says:

    Porch Monkey? I thought we had taken that back!

  19. Dr. 9 says:

    “To conquer a nation without the use of military force, you must first control the minds of their young…” — Karl Marx

  20. LMMA says:

    OMG…. Moonbats

  21. chuck in st paul says:

    Well come on now guys. ‘Everyone’ knows that guns have evil spirits in them planted there by the CIA. The spirits were deliberately enjoined to affect people of African descent and cause their evil side to take over.

    [alternate version 12:]
    ‘Everyone’ knows that the CIA forced gun manufacturers to embue the metal of all guns sold in America with a special alloy that reacts with the skin of folks of African descent. It has LSD like effects that bring one’s evil side to prominence… but only if you’re black.

    (I got all that from Maxine Waters)

  22. Wilberforce says:

    The Black Star Project is yet another Soros-funded endeavor. Why am I not in the least surprised they’d go for the impressionable youth first?

  23. Judith M. says:

    The dude’s shirt said “Educate or Die”, so while the hell is he still breathing?

  24. A. Levy says:

    What goes on in our schools, especially in the so-called “centers of higher learning”, might be considered funny except for the fact that those are your children who are being brain-washed, manipulated, and indoctrinated. Still funny?

  25. Cameraman says:

    Good God all Mighty! I could not get past 30 sec of this unintelligible Hogwash! NRA shame on you for wanting to kill all dem Porch Monkeys! Damn can”t get that Stupid. to believe, their(teachers) are speaking English?

  26. wingmann says:

    The WHO estimate that 392,000 people die in falls every year.
    Maybe we should tie more people down for their safety and also do away with ladders.
    Death from choking stats…guess we need to outlaw food to save folks from themselves too.

  27. Robert S. Pierre says:

    So…someone who doesn’t follow the law is evidence that we need more laws?

    Why is her head not exploding from the cognitive dissonance there?

  28. Andrea says:

    Was that the flag of Mexico in the classroom?

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