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Nov 10 2012

Quote of the Day

The timing of the tawdry David Petraeus dog and pony show is too perfect, as Lt. Col. Ralph Peters observes:

“The timing is just too perfect for the Obama administration. Just as the administration claimed it was purely coincidence that our Benghazi consulate was attacked on the anniversary of September 11th. Now it’s purely coincidence that this affair — extra-marital affair — surfaces right after the election, not before, but right after, but before the intelligence chiefs go to Capitol Hill to get grilled. As an old intelligence analyst, Neil, the way I read this — I could be totally wrong, this is my interpretation — is that the administration was unhappy with Petraeus not playing ball 100% on their party-line story. I think it’s getting cold feet about testifying under oath on their party-line story. And I suspect that these tough Chicago guys knew about this affair for a while, held it in their back pocket until they needed to play the card.”

The whole country is Chicago now. Soon, the whole country will be Detroit.

On tips from Bob Roberts.

47 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. IslandLifer says:

    Hey Dave you forgot an ‘r’ in his last name

  2. jackchrista says:

    Col. Ralph Peters is always outspoken and not afraid to express what is on his mind…sounds to me…. he believes in the 1st amendment… jack

  3. IslandLifer says:

    I don’t understand why his affair would prevent him from answering questions. I guess if you’re a highly decorated General it also means you need to step down but if you’re a cigar playing Clinton you get a pass.

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    He remained on as an “honorable” soldier for team O
    until it was time for the left to “cash in” on some of that honor

  5. Mr Evilwrench says:

    He can still testify, and must, having been in the position he was, but they’ll be able to play his testimony off as a bitter attempt at revenge.

  6. rockman says:

    If congress can subpoena Mark McGwire and force him to testify, why not Petraeus? If he doesn’t testify before congress, perhaps he would consider calling in to Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, or Dennis Praeger to let America know WTF is going on. He has an opportunity to blow this thing wide open and he needs to find a way to make it happen.

  7. Jodie says:

    I’m sure the FBI and Obama know a lot of things that Petraeus does not want his wife or the public to know about. Obama likely warned Petraeus about these things in their meeting and made him an offer he couldn’t resist. If he does testify, I’m betting that he will say nothing to incriminate Obama.

  8. Sweep the leg says:

    @ rockman

    You are spot on correct, except…

    This is no longer, in any way, america. There is no congress, other than in name only.

    They had chance after chance to defund, impeach, fight. Instead, they stood by and let Obama rule like a dictator. Why? Because they are part of the whole game. You go to Washington, get your goody bag (which has to be WAY more than any of us can imagine), get with the program (Obamacare exemptions, for one), and never look back.

    Fools like Hugh Hewett line up to get on their knees for “hero’s” like Jon Kyl (an unashamed McAmnesty supporter). Then they tell us what the GOP needs to do to win blacks and Latinos. Un-fucking-real, right?

    It lasted about the right length of time – 200 years or so.

    Very few “get it”. Dave, here, is one of them. Go to any other main stream super-conservative site, and try to talk like Dave does, and allows us to. Banned, baby!

    (A comment of mine was just deleted, to the delight of the “Morons”, at Ace of Spades. It was blatantly racist!, they cried, while begging for a banning. The comment consisted of telling the same people who scream about what is wrong with america, that they are basically hypocritical fools for worshipping the retarded negro student athletes, who will go on to vote for their demise, that play “college” and pro football. Bread and circuses, dude!)

    Congress SHOULD subpoena Petraeus, for sure. They SHOULD have defunded every last thing Obama presented. They SHOULD have impeached him by now. Holder SHOULD have been arrested by now, along with Barry…

    It’s over, guys. Stay low, keep quiet, and fend for yourselves…

  9. Alphamail says:

    Off-topic but its seems to me that besides Open Thread and the Caption Contest, a News Thread might be a thought.

    Saw plenty of opportunities for feisty side discussions, but those possibilities were diffused and lost amid the long, fairly exhausting news reports of the day. Just sayin.

    Also, with the snide remarks, the archival-method, and the arrogant overtones, I’d bet money “Jill” has a Canadian accent…eh?

  10. Alphamail says:

    Sweep the races clean says:

    “It’s over, guys. Stay low, keep quiet, and fend for yourselves…”

    “This is no longer, in any way, America.”


    Gutless talk from a godless coward!

    This is Veteran’s Day weekend. The muted voices at Arlington disagree.

    Defenders of freedom don’t say “it’s over” – they “speak out,” and they “fend for others.”

    They don’t leave men (in this case, a disillusioned populace) behind.

    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

    Racist pansy asses like you, don’t understand Semper Fi.

    The resilience, fortitude, and will of the American military mind will lead us out of our temporary malaise – without violence – contrary to the voice of thankless doomsday crybabies.

  11. JNN says:

    I hope he blows the whole attack incident wide open and expose the administration for the fools that they are.

  12. Dave Blount says:

    Thanks, I fixed it.

  13. Metrodorus says:

    What’s not to like about Chicago? It’s a great city. Beautiful architecture. Vibrant cultural scene. It’s the source of some of the greatest music and art the U.S. has produced. For my tastes, it’s a little flat, and the weather is a bit extreme, but, all in all, it’s a great place.

    Odd thing about y’all. You claim to be patriots and lovers of America. But you really seem to hate everything about it: the people, the places, the government.

    What’s up with that?

  14. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Now here’s a step in the right direction:

    What this means is that the federal government may no longer be allowed to dictate rules that does not allow certain states to require voter identification.

    Liberals should not get too excited; even if the SCOTUS rules against federal oversight on states’ voting rules, they will still have dozens of other forms of fraud they can use to steal elections.

    And of course, neither the SCOTUS nor congress will even go near the foreign donations that were used by BO to win a second election.

    No. Just like a forged birth certificate, a stolen social security number and a forged selective service ID, the illegal use of foreign money by BO has to stand as the de facto law of the land.

    For some reason.

  15. Tchhht!!! says:

    Two words:

    John Roberts

  16. Highway Hospital Student says:

    You would also think that there would be some opposition to BO closing down 1.5 million acres of shale.


    But I keep forgetting that America is ushering in a New Age.

    So in honor of, and in keeping with New Age vernacular, I hereby resolve to express myself with more obscene language.


  17. Alphamail says:

    Metro Odor @ 2:03 pm

    This is either feigned sarcasm, Occutard naïveté, or its dry comedy…or all of the above.

    Love the winds off Lake Michigan at Christmas. Thrilled at the incessant clanking of the ‘L’ and the stench of the 24-hour vagabonds under the “no loitering” signs inside its cars. Excited about the one-mile walk I can take from the effete Hyde Park neighborhood, and the long-shot odds that I will make it back alive. Proud of the murder rate – it’s really great to be #1. Excellent GED program – more applicants than high school students. Wonderful police force – if you always have cash available to avoid a ticket. Terrific unions – if you don’t talk back and look good in a body cast. Great political arena – no office is out of reach if you are a racist with re-hab experience, and you are willing to lie, cheat, and steal on your way to the WH.

  18. Jodie says:

    Great answer Alphamail!

  19. Tchhht!!! says:

    “If the cops and the hoods changed clothes in Chicago you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

    ~Danny McGoorty

  20. Sweep the leg says:

    @ Alphamail

    Godless, and gutless? Pansy ass? Cute. And fuck your Semper Fi, too.

    Idiots like you seem to think this is business as usual. Tell me something, stupid…

    When Barry gives amnesty to 20-30 million illegals, and they vote, what are the chances of Repubs EVER winning again?

    When the military is ordered to disarm the public, how many of them will disregard that order (toss in the cops, too), and stand with the constitution they swore they would defend?

    As for racist, tell me – whose side do you think blacks are on? Law and order? Liberty and justice? Conservative or Liberal? Whites who built this country? 90-95% of them disagree with everything you hold dear, stupid. But you keep defending them…

    Since congress (you know, OUR side) has shown zero inclination to stand against Barry, exactly what non-violent way out do you suggest (other than ra-ra statements)?

    You can be a name-calling asshat all you want. You can side with blacks all you want. You can spout platitudes all you want. None of that changes the fact that a white hating quisling has won the hearts and minds of what used to be the american public.

    Remember, every time you have, and do, call someone a racist, on behalf of a race that has ruined this country, and hates your guts, you help them along. You give just a little nudge to their efforts. You are way too stupid to understand this, though.

    Enjoy your football…

  21. KHarn says:

    “Metrodorus says:November 10, 2012 at 2:03 pm”

    Freedom is telling those in power that they are screwing up. Tryany is telling those in power who are screwing up that they are great men.

  22. Alphamail says:

    For Christians like myself, world events and specific issues like race, necessarily and ultimately revolve around the belief in a loving God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to atone for our sins…..

    not a God who created only white people as humans – with brown-skinned people as subhuman – and who offered a redeeming Savior only for those with less melanin.

    God created all of us in His image – we are all kids in the same family.

    What happened after that has been up to us.

    Just like in some families – there is a murderous son, a recalcitrant daughter, or a lying cousin – so it has become with humans.

    In life, billions of people go separate ways and act differently in billions of ways.

    But regardless of which direction they go, humans always need guidance in order to think reasonably and act morally.

    They cannot get it from themselves.

    Hence, a loving God….. who is accessed by faith.

    Having said that, I’m not blind to the crucial racial issues plaguing America today – I just see them and define them differently than you do – they’re still just as important.

    FYI – I agree with Dave in his assessment and concern over the rising tide of black arrogance, selfishness, lethargy, and blatant racism, as well as the sickening complacency and guilt, inherent in so many white minds.

    Unlike you, I don’t see it as an IQ problem, I see it as an ideological problem.

    I worked in black areas as a cop and had to deal with aggressive racist blacks. Believe me I understand the problem more than you know. I dealt with it head on then, and I haven’t changed.

    You say, if you put a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream on a pile of shit, it’s still shit. Yeh, but ice cream and shit aren’t people – but I’ll make an exception in your case.

    You view black people as a pile of shit who should be condemned, and like the coward you are, you can’t answer the most basic question from Ghost, who asked, “What would you eventually do with them (blacks)?”

    And you wouldn’t answer my question about the “brown skinned” people you mentioned a while ago:


    “I need to know specifically who we’re talking about?
    Are we talking about all black people, including Africans?

    When you say brown people, is it persons from India who are darker than Obama?

    Mexican, South American, Haitian, and Eskimo (Inuit) people – do you include them?

    How about those darned dark-skinned Pacific Islanders?

    What about Hawaiians – many are very dark and they speak that funny English?

    And of course, there are American Indians – should I consider their IQ – and include them?”


    If you don’t think a 93% black vote for Obama isn’t troublesome, or a call by the NBPP’s Shabazz to skin white babies isn’t a direct call to eliminate that organization, or the seemingly endless line of slobbering mind dead EBT’rs isn’t nauseating, or Sharpton and Jackson’s overt racism and depiction of blacks as victims doesn’t piss me off, or if you think the offensive mindset of a new generation of racist blacks – prodded by black theology and free goodies – doesn’t anger me, then you are even more stupid than you are racist.

    Remember you said, “It’s over, guys. Stay low, keep quiet, and fend for yourselves…”

    Again, you are a racist, white-supremacist, Nazi coward – an Obama twin.

    I’ve been in the battle, I’m still in the battle, and as far as I’m concerned, a new battle has begun – and unlike you, a white name-calling punk – I’m not about to roll over and let these assholes hijack my country.

    We are fighting an ideology, not a race, and we’re going to win.

    I never said I don’t know how to profile, and unlike you I do know and can tell the difference between a black American and a nigger, and I never said there isn’t a life-threatening problem that needs to be addressed…..

    All I said was, if we win from your sick point of view, we end being racists just like them – like your daddy Hitler – white Marxist ethnic-cleansing racists.

    I certainly didn’t say we shouldn’t win.

  23. Alphamail says:

    Sweep the races says:

    “And fuck your Semper Fi, too.”


    That Semper Fi gave you the right to spout your drivel.

    Happy Veteran’s Day to you too.

  24. Sweep the leg says:

    alpha, you are one pathetic man.

    All over the road, and now…the Hitler/skinhead thing! Say, that’s just what Liberals do! Congrats…

    Coward, Hitler is my daddy, white supremacist, any other Liberal cliches you care to throw in there, sport?

    At least you felt the need to point to the OVERWHELMING problem that is blacks. That’s a good start.

    You choose to believe that they aren’t IQ deficient – which basically means it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of social, cultural, manipulative forces, etc. How is it that they aren’t stupid, but are so easily manipulated into their horrible behaviors? Tough one, eh? Stumps all Liberal thinkers…

    Ignore all that is around you. Ignore S Africa, Detroit, Atlanta. Ignore prominent individuals like (I’m sure one of your heroes) Colin Powell. Ignore the history of their “civilization”, up until they were fortunate to be brought here (as slaves – yes despicable; but then freed by the race they are now at war with…) to wreak havoc, rather than to show gratitude.

    You are a sick, twisted puppy, alpha. You seem to recognize that 93% or so, suck. But then, Like all Liberals, you are quick to point out that they are mere victims, and that nothing is their fault. Culture, dontchaknow. Why one of your best friends is a black! Great.

    They are a horrible drain on what used to be america. They actually DO things that ACTUALLY harm our culture – now with open impunity. But don’t let that bother your Liberal mind. You keep on the lookout for people like me, who do nothing but POINT OUT what should be obvious by now, and have never caused another human any harm-no robbing, shooting, raping. I even stop at stop signs at 1 AM!.

    Be proud of your standing as a “thought-crime” brownshirt, alpha.

    Hey! Maybe YOU are a more appropriate example of the son of Hitler?

  25. Sweep the leg says:

    “That Semper Fi gave you the right to spout your drivel”

    No shit. I was referring to YOUR Semper Fi…

  26. born in 76 says:

    Mike Morell to testify instead of David Petraeus on Benghazi

    Read more:

  27. Metrodorus says:

    Hey, Alphamail, ya know, if you don’t like a great American city like Chicago, it says a lot more about you than the city.

    I actually know Chicago well. I spent 25 years there and had wonderful experiences. It’s clear you know nothing about the place but rumors that have only tenuous connection to the reality if they have any at all.

    So, is there any part of the US you do like? And, if not, I can’t see why you’re so upset if things happen to it you don’t like.

  28. IslandLifer says:

    What a load of SHIT!!!!!’ Feinstein and McCain in charge?!!! We have been sold to the highest bidder.

  29. IslandLifer says:

    No Homodoor, it speaks volumes about you. Now take the rest of the evening off and enjoy your piña colonics.

  30. Sweep the leg says:

    “…So, is there any part of the US you do like? And, if not, I can’t see why you’re so upset if things happen to it you don’t like…”

    This is loose logic at best.

  31. Alphamail says:

    Sweep the races clean

    I notice you refuse to answer the brown-skinned question – what you would do with them nasty brownies – other than put a dollop of ice cream on them.

    Oh, and I actually know a black guy who stops at stop signs at one o’clock in the morning too….you guys are exactly like brothers.

    People like you, whose world view is an obsessive-compulsive focus on race, rather than what created the problem and how it can be solved, are mini Hitler replicas.

    Again, no one is denying there are massive problems – I’ve listed a few involving blacks, and there are more – but to lay America’s problems solely at the feet of the black race is nothing short of ignorance and folly.

    We have had 44 presidents of the US – forty three were white. Now that we get a black one (that can also read “wrong one”) the black racists have come out from under the woodwork like roaches, and so have the white ones…

    Defending America against enemies foreign and domestic doesn’t include the word “black.”

    If they happen to be black that’s another matter – they’ll be toast just the same.

    By the way, do you live in a small trailer with a great big oven out back?

  32. Mary says:

    Good grief Alphamail, now you insult people who live in trailers?

    Team Sweep the leg!

  33. IslandLifer says:

    Fee fi fo fum I smell the fumes of a race war comin’

  34. IslandLifer says:

    Scratch race and replace with base.

  35. Alphamail says:


    Welcome to the party. No – I was insulting people who own big ovens. See…we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot already.

    The difference between decent Americans and ‘Team Sweep away the Races,’ is that decent people want to preserve and protect America – and all races in it, while your team wants only to protect your race.

    The very nature of your argument and why your hate-mate won’t answer the poignant questions – like “who specifically are these nasty brown people of whom you speak,” and “what would you do with those people with a melanin content one shade darker than you prefer?” – is because the end result is a foregone conclusion.

    Since time immemorial your racial supremacy argument has always ended up with the same result – the total elimination of your opposition.

    That’s why you are cowards, and why you are partners with the Jeremiah Wrights, the Van Joneses, and the Black Panthers in rowing the same ideological boat.

    Actually, I take that back – the black Panthers aren’t cowards – they at least admit they want to eradicate their opposition.

    Your position is an exclusively myopic, self-defeating, hatefilled losing proposition, and always has been – no exceptions.

    The really ignorant aspect of your unhealthy perception is that you think everyone who doesn’t hate brown people with the same fervor you do, doesn’t see or understand the threat, isn’t willing to solve the problem, and is somehow without passion.

  36. Alphamail says:

    Metro Odor

    Whoa. You made Chicago sound like Shangri-la.

    When you wake up from your coma, you might do some research into what your Holy city has become since your brain aneurysm.

    It has the worst most violent underachieving school system in America (please don’t come back and say Cleveland and Detroit are better), it ranks near the top of cities with the highest crime rate, it has been designated this year as the nation’s most corrupt city, and more aldermen are indicted each year in that city than any other in America.

    And, since it makes the “Sweep away the Races” tag team happy, if you are a white man, I’d like to see you go a dozen blocks from Hyde Park and take a brisk walk (it will be) through the fine upstanding neighborhoods of South Chicago. Take your walk after dark so you can report back on the nightlife.

  37. Mary says:

    Poor Alphamail. He still thinks he can talk so condescendingly to people who merely want what is good for Whites, (you know, European-Americans?) to be considered before “what’s good for everyone else”.
    Talking about ovens, saying we love the likes of Jeremiah Wright, etc, just makes you look and sound like a shrill screeching girlyman with a very loose grip on reality.

    Newsflash: loving your own people does not equate to ‘hating’ others.

  38. metrodorus says:


    So you don’t like Chicago. Does that include just the city or the whole urban area?

    In either case, you’re essentially writing off several million people as somehow unworthy of your august esteem.

    So, if you do have a political program, just what people or regions do you want to support? And why on earth would the millions of people who live in areas you’ve written off want anything to do with your political agenda? Hmmm? (Maybe that may partially explain the recent Republican electoral catastrophe–Republicans just don’t like everyday people much, and that has not gone unnoticed.)

    Me, I had a great time in Chicago (one bad broken heart, but I recovered). I also got a great education there–from public institutions yet. There are rough parts of Chicago, it’s true, but they’ve actually improved since I lived there. In fact, up till the recent financial debacle caused by forces generally located far from Chicago (though not totally–there were a few asshole bankers doing their thing in Chicago, too, though it was largely a New York phenomenon), things were on the definite upswing. In fact, unless you’re involved in criminal activities, Chicago is safer than it’s been in decades. And large areas of Chicago are actually quite posh and up to world standards of urban splendor and are not particularly dangerous by US standards (though still appallingly so by, let’s say, Japanese standards).

  39. IslandLifer says:

    ^Quite literally I’m laughing my ass off!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  40. Metro dorms says:

    That’s because your heart is hard, Island lifer, and you only know how to hate. You really hate everyone. Which is cool; people like you live in a very lonely word. They’re incapable of love, and they think everyone else is just like them. They wind up dying vrery alone. And no one mourns their passing.

  41. IslandLifer says:

    You must have me confused with the image in the mirror. The very one who musters thoughts like that can truly be the one who suffers from it. I don’t feel sympathy for you but rather wonder how one’s self image could be used to describe the dismal state of mind in which he is trapped and therefore feel the need to spread it. Believe it or not there are those who have self esteem but offer no pity to the deranged and let you dwell in your own little state of mind. I mean, when the party is over and you’re cleaning up the mess, do you stop to wonder why your dwelling is so dark and lonely even with the lights on? Don’t worry…I’ve ordered you another round of piña colonic just to get you through the withdrawal.

  42. IslandLifer says:

    To the sad lonely homodoor who couldn’t even remember its name while posting, I part with you leaving this video only in hopes that someday you might learn from it and return to the heard. You’ve shown how far one can stray from the path but sadly we cannot help the likes of you. Good journey metrodorus, I mean metro dorms, whoops.. I mean homodoors, and please don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out….

  43. Alphamail says:

    Melancholy Odor

    When you tell a child two and two is four, and they keep coming back saying its three – sooner or later you have to give up.

    My friend, you can’t count past three.

    There are plenty of wonderful gracious and lovely people in Chicago and obviously great history, art and architecture. Did you hear me say there were not?

    Your perceptive abilities need exercising because your ability to interpret what I expounded is shallow at best – and I’m being kind.

    Do you think maybe, just maybe, I may have been referring to an overview of the corrupt liberal political machine you so greatly admire?

  44. Alphamail says:

    Hans and Franz

    Newsflash: You called me a shrill screeching girlyman three weeks ago – THC is a bitch isn’t it? – damn short term memory.

    It’s midnight where I live so I’m going to go out and officially place my Caucasian American flag, which is to honor those white people who died in batt….wait…..that’s what you’re going to do.

    I’m going outside to place my American flag in my yard to honor ALL those glorious Americans who sacrificed their lives so that we may ALL be free.


  45. Mary says:

    I see you are backed into a corner Alpha and have nothing coherent to add, since how “free” can a people be when ruled over by anti-White garbage like the Obama regime?

    It doesn’t matter of course, for, as always, reality will trump anything we say here. We are all witnessing it now, in real time, and believe me, many are waking up.
    I just wish they had awakened earlier.

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