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Nov 11 2012

Quote of the Day

This is our situation, aptly summarized:

“This battle has nothing whatsoever to do with qualifications or worthiness. It is tribal, and the tribes who support Obama are united and powerful. The rest of us will either learn the same lesson that the enemies of America have, and become tribal ourselves, and powerful enough to defeat them, or they will surely destroy us and this country.”

No one could possibly think Obama was more qualified to be president than Romney. But so what? Does a Redskins fan switch and root for Dallas because the Cowboys have a better quarterback?

At this point qualifications are irrelevant. The only thing left that matters is our will to survive so that we can preserve the concepts America was founded on. Unless liberals are able to extinguish it completely, the dwindling flame of liberty could grow into a great nation once again, even if it doesn’t happen in our lifetimes.

11 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Ummah Gummah says:


    Welcome to the Divided States of Balkanistan..


  2. AC says:

    It’s high time for the states to begin exercising their Tenth Amendment rights.

  3. Spider says:

    Even republican talking heads are saying that America has fundamentally changed. We are no longer a predominately White nation. The beliefs and values this nation was founded on are now nothing more than things to be mocked. Our country is now controlled by foreigners, many of whom are here illegally. And once they control our political system, as they are doing, they control us and our daily lives.

    And who’s to blame? We are!

  4. -Sepp says:

    I saw the exact same crap unfolding in Yugoslavia during the post Tito years leading up to the Yugoslav civil war.
    Racial / religious / nationalistist factions became competitors against each other while tossing aside ideals that would have been good for all of them.

    We’re now seeing this here in America where all groups are being pitted against each other while the constitution that protects us all equally, is cast aside in favor of racial, religious, political maneuvering for position and each drawing lines in the sand.
    The way our country is supposed to work…the melting pot…which has been cast aside by the left in favor of tribalism and fragmentation which runs counter to everything America was founded on.

    But, I suppose that if you hated America, division and manipulation could only be seen as a “good” thing.

  5. Mary says:

    A ‘White Tribe’ is forming, not just in the USA where many blissfully unaware Whites are still dreaming of a happy ‘multcult’ dream, but in all White countries facing the same threats: mass immigration, responsibility for funding our own demise and the forced propping up the various parasite tribes.
    It is clear that we will NEVER be treated with the kindness and generosity that we have bestowed upon so many, and that includes treatment of animals and the preservation of the environment. Nobody cares about these things the way White people do.

    I am actually stunned at how ‘in your face’ the anti-White comments are already; just imagine what they will be like when the White majority becomes a vulnerable minority…..

  6. Kevin R. says:

    There’s a lot of people that seem to think Obama won because people voted for Santa Claus and free stuff. I know several people that voted for Obama and not a single one voted for him because they expect santa Claus and free stuff.

    WingMann is spot on. This is about tribalism.

  7. Sweep the leg says:

    @ Mary

    “…I am actually stunned at how ‘in your face’ the anti-White comments are already…”

    That’s not even close to the problem. Take a peak at how many whites on our side, the neocons, delight in calling some of us racist. They feel morally superior, even as they strengthen the very groups that hate their guts.

    They fail to see the big picture. They fail to realize that even though they may know some who are “just like them”, they will receive no protection, no nothing, for trashing their own kind.

    There probably were some Nazis, and some Japs, who felt their cause in WWII was wrong. That didn’t make them our friends though, did it.?

  8. Kevin R. says:

    I disagree with WingMann on one point. The way to defeat them isn’t with a bigger tribe. The only way to beat the tribal mentality is to convince people of individualism and the kind of civilization which that fosters.

    Tribalism will destroy civilized life.

  9. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I’m sorry, Kevin R., but trying to “convince people of individualism and the kind of civilization which that fosters” will not work in the new America. You’re assuming our opponents and the mass of illegal invaders care about such sober, intellectual matters. They don’t and they just proved it last Tuesday. If a rotten economy and a failed presidency couldn’t do it, neither will your pretty little intellectual arguments (as rational as they might be).

    Whites must begin to look out for their own racial interests now and advance causes that benefits them. We must stop all these silly and futile notions of ‘reaching out’ to Blacks and Hispanics! Yeah, that’s really worked out good, hasn’t it?! In spite of how uncomfortable it may make us feel, our once great nation has changed (died?) and Whites better start showing some racial solidarity because our very survival is now at stake! Never forget that Demographics is Destiny!

  10. Mary says:

    Amen Bluffcreek, amen.

    Having said that, Sweep has a good point too. We still have many Whites who behave in an anti-White fashion, erroneously thinking they can talk down to us “racists” (translation: Whites who want ‘What is good for Whites’ considered before we get down to serving everyone BUT Whites) ….and dreamily imagining they will be rewarded for their treachery.

    We still have a long way to go to ensuring there will be a safe space for future generations of White children to flourish. Truly frightening times.

  11. Mary says:

    Btw: here is another Tribe you guys need to wake up to because you give and give and give of yourselves to them, and this is how they repay you:

    According to a 2012 study by the Public Religion Research Institute, American Jews feel almost twice as sympathetic to American Muslims as they do to the Christian right.”

    Don’t forget: Jewish Vote Goes 69 Percent For Barack Obama

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