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Mar 10 2018

Rachel Dolezal Returns

Rachel Dolezal still refuses to go away; worse, she still looks like she is trying to pass herself off as a Woman of Negritude. Next month Netflix will subject subscribers to a documentary entitled The Rachel Divide:

People laugh at the ultimate mudshark and her weird racial delusions, but as Jim Treacher points out,

Dolezal has more in common with a black woman, genetically, than Caitlyn Jenner has in common with an old-fashioned natural-born woman with a uterus and no Y chromosome.

Yet laughing at the comparably comical Bruce Jenner is a thought crime.

Look, either we all agree that there’s such a thing as consensus reality, or we don’t. If you can change your sex just by saying so, you should be able to change your race too.

Reality is oppressive. Why not chuck the whole concept overboard and live in an alternate realm of sheer self-indulgence?

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