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Jan 23 2013

Racial Justice Lunacy Threatens Equality Before the Law

Liberals are using political correctness to inflict serious damage on a fundamental pillar of our civilization, the indispensible concept of equality before the law. On Animal Farm, all the animals are equal, but since 19 out of 20 blacks vote Democrat, they are much more equal than others:

Craig Watkins, the Dallas County district attorney, said in a recent interview that he wants lawmakers to consider what he called the Racial Justice Act. Such an act might allow defendants to introduce evidence, either in their specific case or through general statistics, to argue that their prosecutions or sentences were influenced by race, he said.

In practical terms, this mean overturning sentences based on the O.J. defense: “I’m not responsible, I’m black.” Similar laws have already been passed in Kentucky and North Carolina.

Threatens Watkins:

“We’re just going to keep pushing the envelope forward to make justice work for the state of Texas, and Texas has an opportunity to lead the country when it comes to what it means to be a prosecutor and what justice is.”

Progressives are using statistics like these to push through their agenda:

Blacks comprise 40 percent of Texas’ nearly 300 death row inmates while just 11 percent of the state’s population is black.

To a sane person, this would suggest that blacks are far more likely to commit violent crime. To a liberal, it means an excuse has to be found to get black killers off death row. At least they aren’t calling for executing more whites — yet.

Craig Watkins, advocate of racially tiered justice.

On a tip from Ummah Gummah.

24 Responses to “Racial Justice Lunacy Threatens Equality Before the Law”

  1. Dave says:

    This type of lunacy is the “logical” progression of the racial socialist’s agenda that has been metastasizing since the end of WWII. The dirty little secret is the ‘disparate impact’ dynamic has been influencing our justice system for several decades. The difference now is the racial socialists want bring it out in the open and actually write into law.

    What Does ‘Racial Socialism’ Sound Like to You?

  2. Shananay LaQueefa says:

    Shitavious bee a good boy, he din do nuffins.

  3. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    A white racist might encourage violent murdering blacks to be exonerated given that a majority of their crimes occur in the black neighborhoods in blue cities.

  4. Doug says:

    Can I enter into evidence that Watkins’ hiring was racially motivated and thus INVALID?

    The fascist knife cuts both ways.

  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Watkins himself appears to be no stranger to bigotry
    Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins appears to have backed off a resign-to-run policy under which his prosecutors were barred from running for judicial office unless they quit their day jobs.

    The apparent shift comes as one of Watkins’s assistant district attorneys, Dominique Collins, is running as a Democrat to replace outgoing state District Judge John Creuzot. Her opponent is Tom Nowak, a Republican who Watkins fired as a prosecutor in 2010 for what Nowak said at the time was punishment for attending a GOP election party.

    Watkins, a Democrat, declined to comment through a spokeswoman on Monday. He said in 2009 that he enacted the policy to stop influence peddling at the Frank Crowley Courts Building.

    Emmert pointed to Nowak’s case as evidence that “the real policy is that Watkins wants Democrats to run for office and wants to put Republicans down.”

    Go figure

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:
    Smith: Go as far as you want to. But I want to understand fully what’s going on here. Do you not trust the attorney general of Texas?

    Watkins: Let’s just leave it at this. His philosophical approach to how your dispense justice is different. So we will if need be just like in this case if there is a conflict of interest, then we will seek a special prosecutor outside of the AG.

    Smith: In fact, you did seek a special prosecutor. You blessed a special prosecutor that was appointed within the last two weeks. Ted Lyon, who has served 14 years in the state Legislature, a Democrat and a past donor to your campaign. Given the charges that you are not handling the case properly, regardless of what you think of those … given the fact that you were charged somehow with not going after these two constables because they were Democrats. Why not seek an independent special prosecutor? Someone no one could attach for … why not get Toby Shook? The guy you beat? Or why not get Bill Hill? Why not get a Republican? Why not find a Patrick Fitzgerald type who can come in be the special prosecutor in this case and no one can say there was political influence in this case, and the person who they pick as special prosecutor is just ratify whatever the DA wants.
    Watkins: At the end of the day, whoever I chose — if it weren’t the choices advocated by my opponents or any visitors on the commissioner’s court — they would find fault with that individual. The same argument could have been made when it was suggested by folks on the other side that I should get the attorney general. The question was never asked, is there politics being played because you want the AG, who happens to be in your party? The fact that Mr. Lyon donated $500 to me over the last three years …

    Smith: Well, it’s not nothing.

    Watkins: Five hundred dollars is of no consequence.

    Smith: Are you going to give it back, so there is no perception of …

    Watkins: I never thought about it, but if it’s going to make people feel a little bit better out it, I’ll give him his $500 back.

  7. Alphamail says:


    We’re still on the same page – I posted yesterday @ noon:

    Also, RE: Open Thread – couldn’t find the old photo but was referencing 2008 election.

    Here are notable links. Check out the third paragraph of the first link – the agenda in a nutshell!

    recent disruption:

    I’ve been all over this for at least 5 years – nobody listened then, and it’s hard to wake them up now. Keep it up man!

  8. Dave says:

    This strain of insanity is spreading everywhere.

    In Black Run America (BRA) we are required to drop our standards down to — or even beneath — the lowest common denominator in order to accommodate/pacify the Kneegrows, or they’ll burn the place down.


    >>>Obama asks public schools to ignore bad behavior by black students<<<

    "Barack Obama's "African American Education Initiative" creates a new Federal bureaucracy. One of its goals will be to stop disciplinary action against black public school students who misbehave.

    Back in 2007 I had two white female public school teachers tell me why Barack Obama was desperately needed as president. They said that black male students have no male role models. If only Obama was elected, black male students would improve their behavior and academic performance, they claimed.

    In many major cities, black academic performance has actually gotten worse since Obama took office. We have also seen the dramatic nationwide rise of black teen mob violence under the Obama administration.

    On July 26th Obama signed an executive order titled the "African American Education Initiative." The order essentially gives a green light for black students to misbehave in public schools. In two places, Obama's executive order calls on schools to reduce the number disciplinary actions taken against blacks students. The order specifically calls on schools too "not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools."

    To comply, public schools would have to engage in a racial quota system of discipline. The executive order will create a new Federal bureaucracy to pressure school systems to comply with the president's demands. The executive order makes no mention of any effort to get black students to improve behavior."

  9. Clingtomyguns says:

    Another gift of affirmative action/fundamental change to the Dallas prosecutor’s office, so that they can have an enemy within working againt equal justice under the law. In a sane America, the only time he should be in court would be wearing an orange jump suit.

  10. h. says:

    When are white people going to wise up.

    Blacks are intellectually inferior to Caucasians. They cannot support modern civilization when left to their own devices.

  11. Dr. 9 says:

    This is what has come from decades of highly-misguided and wrong-headed compassion and tolerance on the part of White America towards blacks. That compassion and tolerance have now been turned into weapons used against Whites. As for Mr. Watkins and other race pimps like him;

    Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists…”

  12. Dave says:

    >>>Mississippi School Discipline Too Harsh On Students: Report<<<

    By HOLBROOK MOHR 01/17/13 06:05 PM ET

    "JACKSON, Miss. — Civil rights advocates say harsh disciplinary practices at many Mississippi schools lead to children being expelled and even incarcerated for minor infractions, policies that disproportionally affect minorities.

    A joint report by groups including the ACLU and NAACP says the problems are more widespread than just the city of Meridian, where the U.S. Justice Department has filed a suit claiming officials are running a "school-to-prison pipeline" for minor infractions.

    The groups say the Meridian lawsuit is just one example of a problem "that has plagued Mississippi schools statewide for years." The report was a joint project of the state chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People with the Mississippi Coalition for the Prevention of Schoolhouse to Jailhouse and the Advancement Project."


    The Genetics of Black Violence – Part 1

  13. justme says:

    They’re running wild and now nothing will keep them in line.

    All part of the Socialist dream of disarmed whites, “empowered” social justice avenging, obamunists – The Russians in 1917 had the Bolsheviks – The Americans have there Blacks and their enablers. Violent savagery on behalf of the Great Marxist Experiment

  14. Alphamail says:

    First, to compare the violent movement by blacks in America to the Bolsheviks in Russia is seriously dufus – the Bolsheviks were workers!

    Having said that, before blacks were blazing their current violent trail in America there was a white footprint – this not to underplay the seriousness of the racial problems now, and it is not to suggest blacks should get any special treatment or shouldn’t feel the FULL force of the law if wrong.

    If ever re-elected, conservatives should reverse any and all “affirmative anything.”

    When the Shitcago teachers recently went on their predominantly black strike to get more goodies for themselves (even though their students’ performance was worst in the nation and their playgrounds and streets are the most violent in America), they were castigated solely by race.

    In fact, those ignorant black pawns are the consequence of Marxist/socialist teachings going back to Chicago ideologue Alinsky in the 1930’s, as well as the blackification of Christianity at ex-Muslim Reverend Wright’s Chicago social-justice church. A few gubmint cell phones and EBT cards bought the ignorant black vote and BLT is quickly weaning them off Scripture.

    Still, the stupid black vote was matched by the stupid white vote this last election.

    (One of our more famous Alinsky students is lying about Benghazi before Congress as we speak — Hillary wrote her college thesis on ole’ Saul).

    Bill Ayers, together with Obama and Mayor Daley in the 1990’s, pumped probably a billion bucks into socialist school programs in Chicago, ruining an already poor school system by instilling the values that Ayers learned at Bank Street College in New York, a college that teaches teachers how to promote Marxism. Ya think that might have something to do with the strike, ya think?

    White secularist Bill Ayers is probably the most dangerous purveyor of the social-justice theory and the decimation of whites in America as anyone alive. I say this not because he admits he wants to see a black America, but because he has not stopped his incessant efforts to brainwash American teachers – and – he is no longer vilified for declaring war on America and capitalism and for bombing forty sites, instead, he is now honored and revered as an elderly professor who can lead our educators into the future.

    An incessant focus on the racial makeup of the puppets overlooks the evil in the puppeteer.

    On controlling the minds of the young:

  15. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Two posts highlighting Watkins as a corrupt Democrat running his own little oligarchy in Texas

    In other words, liberal
    Tossed aside like an old shoe.

  16. Alphamail says:

    Everyone consistently posts about capturing the minds of the children.

    Again, this is possibly the most dangerous man in America, whose father I still posit, was instrumental in grooming and electing Obama.

    If everyone only wants to blame the ignorant black masses for the destruction of our once great nation, have at it, but you’re taking energy away from tackling the real problem.

  17. justme says:

    Yes alpha, they were workers.. but the blacks have been told they are victims and need to be empowered. A Marxist shock-troop is a Marxist shock-troop whether or not they know what the hell a Marxist shock-troop is.

  18. Alphamail says:

    justme says:

    I agree. I was trying for a little levity.

    However, the Bolsheviks were smart enough to continue on and become the hierarchy and leaders of the Communist Party. I’m not sure the black masses are qualified or capable of leading anything but a midnight raid on a Seven-Eleven. Big difference.

    With the Danny Glovers, Al Sharptons, Harry Belefontes, Maxine Waters, and Craig Watkins as their spokesmen these days, instead of the once prominent black preachers and many more responsible examples like Alan West (not to mention no dads), even a piddly convenience store robbery will soon become too difficult a task.

  19. justme says:

    Alpha, think about it in terms of the most rabid Mao supporters carrying their Little Red Book and turning their parents in and smashing anything that went against the Party. The Empowered Victimhood blacks are the same thing. They only know to smash and grab, it’s what they are being empowered to do.

    And they are being taught this by people who have convinced them that they are “smart” and real leaders. Imagine Al Sharpton dancing at the White House is considered a positive – Freddy’s Fashion Mart victims and The slandered Tawana Brawley Four may think differently.

    Breitbart picked up on a Daily Telegraph story showing that there were nearly no Caucasian Americans watching on the inauguration parade route. It is stick it to whitey time and if that helps the ultimate goal of the Party….

  20. Alphamail says:

    “it’s what they are being empowered to do.”


    “And they are being taught this by people who have convinced them that they are “smart” and real leaders.”


    “It is stick it to whitey time and if that helps the ultimate goal of the Party…”



  21. DANEgerus says:

    85% of black murderers kill black people… but crime victims don’t matter.

  22. justme says:

    Alpha – I have to say something.. Growing up helping in my family’s store- I worked with many poor black people across from the projects. I saw horrible things, but I also saw their willingness to help and their warmth for people who were fair to them.

    My family by no means was ever Liberal or unbiased – colorful metaphors about the different groups always came out and there was never any delusion as to the inherent goodness in men – but there was a goodwill and it didn’t matter about color- Motherfuckers like Obama, Sharpton and the rest of them have destroyed that natural goodwill for so many.

    In the last six years I came to understand the vehement hatred being instilled in blacks against whites, the division is part of the divide and conquer approach. The poisoning of the natural goodwill is what makes me sickest. With goodwill gone – no good will follow.

  23. Sweep the leg says:

    Just remember, as ALL Liberals AND Neocons will happily tell you – in the face of centuries of hard evidence – not ALL blacks are (fill in the blank)…

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