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Jan 21 2013

Ray Nagin: From Out of the Past Comes the Future

Here’s a story so predictable, it could have been reported years before it happened. Remember Chocolate City Ray Nagin, the incompetent, mentally troubled, crime-endorsing Democrat mayor who presided over the Katrina mess that the media managed to blame on Bush? He is back in the news:

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was indicted Friday on charges that he used his office for personal gain, accepting payoffs, free trips and gratuities from contractors while the city was struggling to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. …

The federal indictment accuses Nagin of accepting more than $160,000 in bribes and truckloads of free granite for his family business in exchange for promoting the interests of a local businessman who secured millions of dollars in city contract work after the 2005 hurricane. The businessman, Frank Fradella, pleaded guilty in June to bribery conspiracy and securities-fraud charges and has been cooperating with federal authorities.

Nagin, 56, also is charged with accepting at least $60,000 in payoffs from another businessman, Rodney Williams, for his help in securing city contracts for architectural, engineering and management services work. Williams, who was president of Three Fold Consultants LLC, pleaded guilty Dec. 5 to a conspiracy charge.

The indictment also accuses Nagin of getting free private jet and limousine services to New York from an unidentified businessman. Nagin is accused of agreeing to wave tax penalties that the businessman owed to the city on a delinquent tax bill in 2006.

Maybe Nagin has foreshadowed our national future. See if this doesn’t remind you of someone:

Strong support from black voters helped Nagin win re-election in 2006 despite widespread criticism of his post-Katrina leadership. But the glacial pace of rebuilding, a surge in violent crime and the budding City Hall corruption investigation chipped away at Nagin’s popularity during his second term.

Nagin could not seek a third consecutive term because of term limits.

Replace Katrina with the continuing economic crisis, give Nagin goofy-looking ears, and you could have the story of the next several years.

A crook to the core, Nagin now describes himself as a “green energy entrepreneur.” With all the friends he has been making by throwing hundreds of $billions of our money down green energy boondoggles, Obama may pursue a similar second career.

Nagin: Modern American leadership personified.

On tips from Henry B, wingmann, IslandLifer, daddyOD, Byron, Clingtomyguns, Dan Feely, and Bob Roberts.

13 Responses to “Ray Nagin: From Out of the Past Comes the Future”

  1. Skyfall says:

    They are all children of the father of lies. All that they do is rooted in unrighteousness. While all humans sin, these creatures institutionalize it. They want it to become accepted, even promoted. They don’t repent or feel guilty or shameful…they revel in it, and want you to do the same. They earn nothing, produce nothing and exist by the sweat of YOUR brow, yet if you stand against them you are instantly demonized by them.

    This is now who runs every aspect of our country.

    Chocolate city, indeed.

  2. Sam Adams says:

    Wait…these aren’t “payoffs.” Aren’t they just the “perks” of office?

    Nagin’s big mistake was not getting elected to congress.

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    Strong support from black voters helped Nagin win re-election in 2006…”

    Don’t that say it all. The addicts will always support and vote for the dealer who keeps them supplied. In this case, as it is with every left-wing Demoncrat, the “drugs” are “free” govt. handouts.

    BTW, with extreme rarities like Allen West aside, when was the last time you saw a black public official who wasn’t in prison, wasn’t on his/her way to prison, or wasn’t about to be indicted?

  4. wingmann says:


    You just gave a wonderful definition of Sociopathy.

    Sadly,our country has not suffered enough pain to change the course but the gravity of financial truth will not be denied.

  5. Cooter Brown says:

    Mbetter get mah uberella, it’s Rayn agin!

  6. Louisiana Steve says:

    Everyone down here is wondering if and when he gets incarcerated, which chocolate jail will do the honors?

  7. Sam Adams says:

    Dr. 9 says:
    January 21, 2013 at 11:23 am

    “…when was the last time you saw a black public official who wasn’t in prison, wasn’t on his/her way to prison, or wasn’t about to be indicted?”

    Isn’t today the “fake” swearing in ceremony? (Actual ceremony was apparently in private.)

  8. Henry says:

    Have fun getting raped in prison.

  9. wingmann says:

    Get ready for some sexual chocolate there buddy!

  10. bruce says:

    are you saying that negroes are useless racist fucks?

  11. GunnyG says:

    Nagin gets convicted in 2014. Dumbo pardons him in Jan 2017.

  12. Sinecure says:

    Bush’s fault.

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