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Feb 01 2013

Reagan Childhood Home May Be Demolished for Obama Library Parking Lot

Progressives feel compelled to erase everything that came before them, as if at some level they understand that their ideas suffer in comparison to the ideas that predominated it better times. Combine this with the petty spitefulness that characterizes the Moonbat Messiah, and it should come as no surprise that Ronald Reagan’s childhood home may be demolished to make room for a parking lot for the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library.

Jeannie DeAngelis comments:

By honoring Obama at Reagan’s expense, the President and his minions would be acting just like the victorious Islamic conquerors who once built mosques over sacred sites. Think about it — as liberals endeavor to subjugate conservatism, what better way to send a message of conquest than erecting a monument to Obama over the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan? …

Obama’s dog-eat-dog Chicago attitude may be why the dog-eating President would allow his surrogates to assist him in using Reagan’s former home as a fire hydrant that he can lift his leg on to send a message to Traditional America.

Still more disturbing is that with the media and education firmly in liberal hands, future Americans my never know that their ancestors were once governed by much larger men than Obama.

The design will represent where Obama redirected our future.

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22 Responses to “Reagan Childhood Home May Be Demolished for Obama Library Parking Lot”

  1. rinardman says:

    Wwere’s the big turd, floating in bowl?

  2. rinardman says:

    Or, ‘Where’s the big turd?’

  3. A. Levy says:

    Why don’t they build in Kenya?

  4. Dr. 9 says:

    Courts? Laws? Rules? The Constitution? Congress? The people? We don’t need no stinkin courts!

    Nazi Germany had it’s Gestapo. The Soviet Union it’s KGB, and Muslim countries their thought police. We have the EPA.

  5. thescribbler says:

    I thought his library was going to be built in Hawaii? Is he so special that he is going to have two?

  6. Bo-Jangles says:

    There’s nothing the Left would love more than to erase the memory of President Reagan. I wonder if they would mind Obummer’s original home being torn down. Then again, Kenya has different laws than we do.

  7. mike says:

    its a 6 flat, and other than the medical district the area is a ghetto, i dont care if omarxist does live a mile north

  8. Beef says:

    Tearing down Reagan’s childhood home for a parking lot dedicated to his own veneration would be like a wet dream come true for Obama. Obama’s core beliefs were gelled during his years at Colummbia, in an atmosphere of raging ant-Reaganism. Almost everything Obama does is to reverse something Reagan did.

  9. Frank says:

    One would think they’d build an honorary dog pound for the nit …

  10. Ummah Gummah says:


    All that’s missing is a few prayer rockets.


  11. Son of Taz says:

    In Massachusetts, John Kennedy’s boyhood home is a virtual shrine. It has tours that are open to the public. Oh, I forgot – he has a (D)after his name.

    Maybe this is not such a bad thing. President Reagan wouldn’t set foot in the sewer that is Chicago, were he alive today. He shouldn’t be associated with the vermin that infests the once great Chicago.

  12. Ummah Gummah says:


    They tore down that little bridge in Chappaquiddick:

    I suggest they requisition the Dike House overlooking the scene as a Memorial to Fat Ted:


  13. gemalo says:

    Why does he need a library? We can probably save a load of money by just sending out to whoever requests it, any of these fine books that Obummer has read to shape his life: Das Kapital, Rules for Radicals, Golf Tips for the Hopelessly Stupid, How to Lie like a Rug, Skeet shooting for Idiots.

  14. ent says:

    The height of irony, an Obama library. Can you imagine a president more ignorant and less well-read than Obama?

  15. Jersey Jim says:

    Much like when Islamic armies capture an infidel shrine, church, or temple, and convert it into a mosque. It is a way to further humiliate the defeated enemy.

  16. Berzrkr50 says:

    This is unbelievable. They have 50 states to choose from and who knows how many million square miles to choose from and where do they decide to build? I find it to be a total insult to a truly GREAT president! But then that’s probably why they chose Reagan’s childhood home, they want to wipe out any mention of the man. The one thing that they’ll NEVER be able to do though; they’ll never make Obama anything other than a criminal and a totally self-involved idiot.

  17. Noelegy says:

    Why does he need a library, indeed? Go to any Half Price Books, and you’ll find oodles of his books.

  18. TonyD95B says:

    Ronaldus Magnus’ birthday is February 6……don’t forget to properly mark the occasion.

  19. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    One more case of the destruction of valuable property to erect section 8 housing

  20. Flu-Bird says:

    They need lots of room for all those lexesues,mercares and rols royces and alarge airport for all those dictators,despots and tyrants as well

  21. hardrockminer says:

    Why were so many Americans fooled twice? In my 58 years I have never hated a president. His voice is like chalk on a blackboard, I instantly change the station on t.v. or radio when I hear it. Can we start impeachment hearings now?

  22. Let's Get Real says:

    This has been thoroughly debunked by every legitimate news source. 1) Obama has not yet chosen the site of his future library. Yes, UofC campus is in the running, but if it goes there it almost certainly would not go up on the west end of the campus where the medical center is expanding rapidly. The center and east ends of the campus contain museums, cultural and historic buildings and are adjacent to parks with Lake Michigan frontage. 2) UofC years ago bought up much of the property bordering their campus for the purpose of making future expansion easier. Only after they bought the bldg. did it come to light that Reagan once lived there. Reagan and his siblings recalled they lived in an apt. in Chicago but no one knew the address. A few years ago someone had the bright idea of combing old police records to see if Reagan’s father, a drunk, had ever been arrested and what the address was. Of the three second floor apartments, no one knows which one the Reagans lived in. 3) Reagan lived there for ten months when he was four. The Reagan family moved around a lot during this time. His birthplace home in Tampico, IL and the home he spent his teenage years at in Dixon, IL are museums and protected. Everyone assumes his CA ranch will join these two following Nancy’s death. Michael Reagan tweeted not to pay attention to this story (because it’s not true) and that the Chicago apartment is not part of his father’s legacy that needs to be maintained.

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