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Nov 20 2012

Red Carpet for Illegal Aliens at Massachusetts Colleges

To the many benefits moonbat authorities offer illegal immigrants as inducements to displace the native population can be added pricey tuition breaks in Taxachusetts:

Gov. Deval Patrick wants to allow some illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates to attend state colleges and universities.

A senior administration official told The Associated Press that Patrick will send a letter to the state Board of Higher Education on Monday instructing schools to grant the resident tuition rate to illegal immigrants who obtain a work permit through a new federal program instituted by President Barack Obama.

The money involved is substantial.

The flagship University of Massachusetts Amherst costs $26,645 this year for nonresidents, compared with $13,230 for residents. Bunker Hill Community College costs $5,640 this year for residents, compared with $13,880 for nonresidents. Framingham State costs $8,080 for residents this year, compared with $14,160 for nonresidents.

The difference will be made up by the taxpayers whose country is being stolen out from under them without a shot ever fired.

On a tip from Wiggins.

10 Responses to “Red Carpet for Illegal Aliens at Massachusetts Colleges”

  1. Son of Taz says:

    Mini-me (Duval Patrick) is preparing for a national office. Speculation is he may run for Kerry’s seat if Kerry is made director of defense. He took a cue from his brown god in Washington by simply issuing a directive to give illegals reduced tuition. No legislative process here because things like constitutions are just words on paper.Interesting to note that if someone is a legal immigrant, they have to pay full boat. So, once again we see it’s much fun to be an illegal aley-un.

    I grew up in Massachusetts and as a place to live, it’s been wonderful. Mountains in the Berkshires and beaches on Cape Cod but I’ve had enough of the politics. Homosexual marriage started here, and now we give the US another reason to hate this otherwise beautiful place.

    The American Revolution started here, and the next one could very well start here too. If any attorneys are interested in handling a lawsuit against these frickin’ morons, get in touch with me. I’ll find hundreds if not thousands of UMass parents that would happily help out fighting these a**holes.

  2. reader says:

    I know a young man in Massachusetts who has been struggling to survive in this economy, applying for job after job, and has even spent some time in a homeless shelter. He has a high school diploma but no college, and when he applied to a local state school he was for some bizarre reason turned down for financial aid, even though he is virtually destitute.

    He’s a native son of Massachusetts, and he can’t get the standard assistance that Patrick is now going to give to illegals.

  3. Mike43 says:

    Too bad all my kids have finished their undergraduates. I would love to send one their from Texas, and when they were charged out of state tuition, sue for unequal treatment.

    Or if an illegal immigrant, educated in another state, what tuition do they pay?

    There are some court cases winding up the appeals courts asking the same question.

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Instate tuition for illegals
    plus race based federal tuition grants
    means I pay to send someone Else’s kid to college, meanwhile my kid accumulates massive debt
    Liberal fairness

  5. Beef says:

    As long as the cost is borne by the tax payers of Massachusetts, I say fine, let them pay for their conceits.

    And per Taz’s point above, Coup is shoe-in for Kerry’s seat. We are witnessing the passing of the old guard democrat pols (i.e. white guys) and the ascendance of the new generation of liberal national office holders who will become ever increasingly female and brown, eventually almost exclusively so.

  6. Laurie says:

    And yet…..the “legal” college students will go scream in the streets to allow this to happen, not realizing that the breaks they give to illegals is added to their own tuition.

  7. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    They also go riot in the street when they hear of cuts (to the increases) to higher ed.
    Little do they realize that this generous funding is already causing these institutions to become non responsive to market forces.
    So tuition is increased, students once again riot in the streets, and the cycle continues.

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