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Apr 20 2018

Refugees Enraged to Have to Clean Their Own Toilets

So-called “refugees” from what some might call “sh**hole countries” are enraged when they are asked to clean their own toilets. The story is clogged with metaphors:

Inhabitants of a Dutch asylum centre in Alkmaar are angry about the building’s new cleaning policy, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reports. The refugees now have to clean their own toilets and need a key to visit their own toilet block.

They might avoid such oppression by staying in their own countries. No chance of that though.

“They want us to clean our own toilets on our knees,” says Ahmad from Palestine. Another migrant says: “Even Syria’s prisons are better!”

Abu Barak of Syria is so traumatized by the idea of having to clean up the mess he makes in the bathroom that he describes himself as “in shock.”

Spokeswoman of the asylum centre, Alet Bouwmeester, says the new cleaning policy has to do with bad hygiene in the toilets: “The idea is that by making persons responsible, things will improve. When you go to a toilet you leave it behind in a clean state, that’s part of our programme”.

They wouldn’t clean up their own countries but rather chose to leave the mess for others to deal with. What makes her think they will clean up the restroom?

At least the toilets allow the refugees to enrich Holland’s multicultural tapestry by eschewing toilet paper:

The toilets in the facility have no toilet paper as refugees use water for cleaning. They bring watering cans with them and as a result faeces spread through the room.

As for toilets, so for Holland.

In two years, the Netherlands accepted more than 32,000 asylum seekers. Most of them come from Syria and Eritrea.

If freshly arrived refugees show this little gratitude, imagine the attitude their entitled, welfare-bred, and staggeringly numerous offspring will take to the streets to express.

On a tip from Sean C.

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