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Oct 31 2012

Remember Benghazi

Not only all true Texans but all patriotic Americans remember the Alamo:

One of the most gallant stands of courage and undying self-sacrifice which have come down through the pages of history is the defense of the Alamo, which is one of the priceless heritages of Texans. It was the battle-cry of “Remember the Alamo” that later spurred on the forces of Sam Houston at San Jacinto. Anyone who has ever heard of the brave fight of Colonel Travis and his men is sure to “Remember the Alamo.”

Besieged by Santa Anna, who had reached Bexar on February 23, 1836, Colonel William Barret Travis, with his force of 182, refused to surrender but elected to fight and die, which was almost certain, for what they thought was right.


The awe-inspiring courage shown at the Alamo was echoed by Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who ignored treacherous orders to stand down and allow Islamic savages to take over our consulate. They fought to their last breath, leaving their rooftop machine gun thoroughly covered in their own blood.

Just as the Alamo inspired other Texans to defeat Santa Anna and attain independence, Benghazi must inspire other patriots to defeat Woods’s and Doherty’s Muslim killers and the quisling atop our government who chose to abandon them rather than send assistance.


On a tip from Lyle.

6 Responses to “Remember Benghazi”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Rescuing a man overboard will never be a priority for a ship that has taken on moonbats

  2. ed357 says:

    How about helping the SEALS out?




    Just take the complete photo and text or just the text and repost to your social media accounts……

    ‎”Obama called the SEALS and THEY got bin Laden…..

    When the SEALS called Obama…..



  3. wingmann says:

    Very nice Dave.
    I wonder what is it going to take to get Americans pissed off enough to counter this crap!

    @ed357…it is sad: bammy calls the SEALs,they get bin laden…the SEALs call bammy…THEY GET DENIED AND DEATH!

  4. Bill T says:

    William Barrett Travis’
    Letter from the Alamo, 1836

  5. Tomato Cain says:

    This Administration keeps reminding me of something Lincoln said about enemies from within. These brave heroes’ real enemies were not the enemies in front of them but the ones that were behind them.

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