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Dec 14 2019

Remembering Brian Terry and Fast & Furious

This is the anniversary of the death of Brian Terry, a US Border Patrol Agent at the scene of whose murder guns were found that had been effectively provided to Mexican criminals by our federal government. That makes today an opportunity to remind ourselves what it was like to live under a president who warranted impeachment. Although it pales in comparison to treason committed on behalf of America’s most devoted enemy, Iran (e.g., here, here, here, here), Fast & Furious dwarfed anything the Trump Administration has been accused of by even the most imaginative Democrats.

Under Obama and his radical left henchman Eric Holder, the ATF allowed Mexican criminals to purchase guns and bring them across the border. Holder’s stonewalling on the operation made him the first sitting cabinet member ever held in criminal contempt of Congress, and by an overwhelming 255-67 vote. Obama assisted in the stonewalling by invoking executive privilege for the first time, so as to keep Fast & Furious documents away from the prying eyes of Congress. sponsor refreshes our memory:

[B]y June 2010, suspects surveilled under Operation Fast and Furious had purchased over 1,600 weapons at a total spend of over $1 million. At that time – not at the end of the operation – the ATF were aware of over 300 of these weapons being found at crime scenes, 179 in Mexico and 130 in the United States.

Fast & Furious crime scenes include the Bataclan terror attack in Paris in 2015. Another featured Brian Terry.

On December 14, 2010, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, along with other members of the United States Border Patrol, were on patrol about 11 miles from the Mexican border. When they came across five suspected illegal aliens, they fired bean bags and were responded to with live ammunition. During the resulting firefight, Terry was killed. Four of the suspects were arrested and two AKs found nearby were traced back to Operation Fast and Furious within hours.

The ATF had already established itself as a dangerous tool of Big Government at Ruby Ridge and Waco. When dangerous tools fall into the wrong hands — i.e., Democrat hands — people get hurt.

Read the rest at, and while you are there, stock up on discount ammunition.

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