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May 02 2013

RINOs for Aztlan

rinos on parade

Having voted more than once for John McCain (although certainly never in a primary), I will never be clean again.

A constellation of intellectual heavyweights showed up at the University of Southern California on Tuesday to discuss the issues surrounding immigration reform. That stars in that constellation included former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and former presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-AZ). All three agreed that immediate immigration reform legislation should be passed, without substantial additions to border security.

That the consequences of this would be devastating for the United States economically, politically, socially, and in terms of national security and rule of law is obvious to anyone who has followed the issue.

You can’t expect anything else from Villaraigosa, considering that this militant anti-American radical is a former chapter head of MEChA, an organization devoted to driving all non-Hispanics out of the southwest third of the United States. The treason of the other two is beyond comprehension.

As always, the odious John “Lettuce” McCain was particularly vicious toward the conservatives that he has made a career of betraying on behalf of the leftists he obsequiously serves.

McCain led the way, slandering members of his own party in the House as unsympathetic toward immigrants. He said they needed to get in touch with their “better angels” on illegal immigration, and then suggested that if they couldn’t get in touch with their humanity, they ought to get in touch with their “baser instincts,” which would tell them that they ought to embrace immigration reform in order to pander to Hispanic voters.

Anyone remember how after his amnesty collaboration with Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy went down in flames, McCain humbly assured us he had learned his lesson? Characteristically, he was lying.

If only voters would learn this lesson: no matter how awful their opponents, we have got to stop electing back-stabbing quislings like McCain.

On a tip from Henry.

john mccain
Scraped from the bottom of Big Government’s barrel.

24 Responses to “RINOs for Aztlan”

  1. MicahStone says:

    Enough is enough – it’s time to EXCOMMUNICATE AMNESTY-JOHN McRINO from the Repub party.
    ….On second thought, excommunication is too good for this TRAITOR – he should be projectile vomited out of the party.

    “Immigration bill grants amnesty to employers of illegals”
    FYI: RINO TRAITOR AMNESTY-JOHN McRINO needs all the ILLEGALS he can get to work in his multi-millionaire wife’s beer distributorship in Arizona, which is one of the largest employers of ILLEGALS in the state. He will never, ever do anything to impeded the availability of low-paid ILLEGALS for this work, which substantially increases the distributorship’s profits and AMNESTY-JOHN’s “allowance” from his wife.

  2. Kevin R. says:

    …and then suggested that if they couldn’t get in touch with their humanity…

    Aside from the cynicism of the rest of the McCain quote, an actual appeal to humanity would be an appeal for those countries that are so wretched that people come here illegally to better there lives that those countries become freer and more like the United States. That would be an actual appeal to people’s humanity.

  3. whotothewhat says:

    What a great country we would have if our Senators and Representative’s were in DC fighting for us AMERICANS that have gone to school, gone to work gone to church, have served this country in peace time and war. We that pay our bills raise our children to be good Americans. Follow the laws pay our taxes. What a great country we would have if our Government was working for us, protecting us from invading armies terrorists and law breakers that sneak into our country. Instead we have Government that showers law breakers with gifts free money free shelter free food free education free healthcare. Our Government will make it easier for law breakers to get and hold jobs and not hold the employer responsible and punish employers with Obama Care laws for employing law breakers. What do us law abiding citizens get from our Government? We get forced into Obama care our employers are punished for hiring and retaining us with high taxes and fees. We have our guns taking away our free speech, we have our homes broken into by Government thugs looking for anything they can charge us with. We are stopped in road blocks and harassed, we are groped in Airports and our children are expelled from school for eating a pop tart into a shape that resembles a gun on and on. Our Government will allow hoards of law breakers in but we want to deport a German family that wants the freedom to home school their children in a country that use to cherish and respect such dreams, most likely for the sin of being Christian and white “can’t have those hanging around in this country”. Use to be immigrants would come to America and become Americans. True they had hard ships and face prejudice but they were not given handouts from the Government and they learned how to speak English and assimilate. Now idiots like McLame, Schwarzenloser and Vilearaigosa want blow smoke up our butts and tell us its cotton and candy. They can go f themselves and that goes for Rubio and Ryan also.

  4. Flu-Bird says:

    Anyone who supports AMNESTY and AZTLAND are TRAITORS to america and need to be tried for acts of TREASON

  5. Raj says:

    I swear that I will vote against McCain no matter if his opponent is Republican, Democrat, Whig, Libertarian, Green Party, or even if he is a purple assed baboon! I have had MORE than enough of his treasonous crap!

  6. Antisocialist says:

    And here’s a democrat that refused a second slice of pizza:
    Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant

  7. Antisocialist says:

    that were refused a second slice of pizza.
    “I’m sorry sir,” he replied, “we can’t do that. You’ve reached your personal slice limit.”

  8. Fiberal says:

    A racist and his two useful idiots.

  9. MarkyMark says:

    The RINOs (i.e. GOP Establishment) are just the same as the Democrats. Hell, look at how John Boehner treated Tea Party Republicans; he took away their committee chairmanships, among other things. Why? Because-gasp-they had the temerity to represent their constituents! You know, the people who elected them, because these same Tea Party representatives promised to try getting Washington, DC (District of Criminals) under control? You know, the same reps who tried to carry out their promises to make lives for the PEOPLE better? Anyone who does that though will not last long in DC. Just look at what happened to Jim Traficant who, though a Democrat, put the people first; they trumped up charges and put him in jail for daring to be a patriot and voice of the people. AFAIAC, the GOP and Democrat leadership are all playing on the same team; only the names are different…

  10. Rich says:

    Katt Williams took on an AZTLANERO

  11. Colonel Kilgore says:

    Shitstain McCain got turned by the commies. Such a super duper jet pilot he almost sank a carrier by himself and would have been gone if not for the admirals in the family tree.

  12. Rich says:

    You old white people, it is your duty to die

    Savage on LaRaza hate speech against US citizens

    Mexican woman tells Katt Williams California was stolen

  13. Marian says:

    I wish someone, anyone would say this: we will make our immigration policy just like Mexico’s. These three stooges should just be ignored.

  14. oldguy says:

    If you want McCain to listen to you try wearing the uniform of the North Vietnamese.

  15. Sam Adams says:

    Raj says:
    May 2, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    I swear that I will vote against McCain no matter if his opponent is Republican, Democrat, Whig, Libertarian, Green Party, or even if he is a purple assed baboon! I have had MORE than enough of his treasonous crap!

    I, sir, would favor a purple-assed baboon. He would say less stupid stuff. I would get a kick out of Dear Leader saying “see, even the Baboon agrees with me.” And the baboon, using random choice, would make better decisions on which bills to vote for and against than McCain.

  16. Svartalfheim says:

    New immigration bill has more waivers and exceptions per page than Sobamacare:

  17. Huh says:

    Can he just go and be a Democrat like he wants to?

  18. jc14 says:

    You got that right, Huh. Like the turn-coat Specter in PA, McLame is and always has been a DemonRat at heart.
    Every day, more and more, I’m convinced that the only way to preserve the USA as founded is for the states of the Old Confederacy, and any others who are smart enough to join them, to secede and form a new country, outlawing libtardism in all its many guises, dealing with the remaining states (in effect disorganized anarchies, bankrupt both financially and morally) as a hostile foreign powers to be known collectively as The Liberal-Islamic Non-Superpower (we’ll be the USA, thank you very much, since you seemingly no longer have any desire to remain thus).

  19. AZRon says:

    Don’t blame me for this prick, I haven’t voted for him through 3 cycles. Perhaps worse, Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio seem all too willing to take up his idiocy.

    No fence, no enforcement, no vote.

  20. grayjohn says:

    The “War Hero” account is bankrupt. McCain is just a common traitor now. A disgusting, evil, treasonous, turncoat RINO who needs to be retired.

  21. StrangernFiction says:

    I would vote for the D over the vast majority of R’s.

    Better a statist D than a statist R.

  22. grayjohn says:

    Better No statist at all.

  23. rex freeway says:

    From war hero to a civilian zero in one lifetime. And to think that he will be paid with tax money until he dies.

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