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Sep 29 2012

Roadside America

There is hope. From the swing state Pennsylvania, in the district that gave us the late übermoonbat John Murtha:


In the end, America will not go down quietly.

Compliments of Franco.

14 Responses to “Roadside America”

  1. Kek says:

    Italians…sometimes shy about offering their opinions

  2. John Lewis says:

    No, America will not go quietly. Thank God.

  3. Clingtomyguns says:

    This is great. All of the fretting aside, the polls are BS as the recent reports have said … Reagan was down to the peanut farmer according to the same lying liberal pollsters. Two things need to happen to keep momentum:

    Republican poll watchers need to remain vigilant and connected to report the fraud Democraps will try, and vocal and announce that they will be watching these busloads of fraudsters and welfare queen’s working the polling places.

    Romney needs to watch Reagan’s masterful performance against peanut farmer in the debate and try to replicate. Reagan was ready for every liberal moderator question and knocked it out of the park. His theme is … let’s examine what kind of a manager Obama is with our money and country, and what kind I will be. Where did the stimulus, our money that he spent, go? He shipped billions offshore to help foreign countries, instead of investing in any new jobs here. Where are those shovel ready jobs promised, despite what they say, there is no net job growth, we are in the worst job growth rate since Great Depression. What about the stimulus funds “invested” in green energy that turned out to be boondoggles for his political contributors? Wasted, he bet and lost money in Solyndra, etc. What does he want to do about it … he wants more of the same. President Obama offers more of the same malaise and job loss we’ve had the last 4 years, except he’s going to double down with even more of our money, since he’s going to fund the additional governement spending with tax increases on everyone. The theory of having the government wisely spend your money has been discredited over and over again. And he won’t learn from his mistakes and come to the center. He has ignored bipartisanship, and refuses to meet with the other side. He will raise your taxes, on every American, and on the middle class, despite what you are told, and what he says tonight, and despite his solemn promise before he was elected. Obamacare is a tax on the middle class according to the CBO, the rest are coming in January and he and the Democratically controlled Senate are welcoming it. What do I propose, open up investment by the private sector, reduce regulation his administration has saddled our economy with that is crippling it, allow workers to keep more of their hard earned money, open up drilling and jobs in the growing energy economy. This will stimulate the private economy and create real, sustainable jobs. History has shown this has worked over and over again. It worked with Reagan, in Bill Clinton’s second term with Republican leadership in Congress, and in the first Bush term before Democrats gained control of Congress in 2006 and led us to the financial mess with the financial collapse in 2008. Capitalism is the only proven way out of our current depressed economy, not more government wasted stimulus spending or a Democratically controlled Senate that can’t pass a budget in 2 years. He thinks and stated that the private sector is doing just fine, and will continue to squander more of our money and sink us into further depression. My administration will offer real solutions to create jobs and stimulate businesses, not more of the same decline and malaise you’ve seen this past four years.

  4. Laurie says:

    “America will not go down quietly.”?????

    No, REAL America will not go down at all. When the time comes, the true patriots will rise up and wipe the scourge of liberals, race-baiters, moochers, illegals, foreign and domestic terrorists, and worthless politicians off the face of our great country.

    America can, and will be, great again. All we have to do is take out the garbage.

  5. baboy says:

    And voted his traitorous ass in again, after he’d shit all over the workers in his state….. No, I’m sorry, there’s just too much stupid out there to feel hopeful.

  6. jjones says:

    you go paul. we need more people like you

  7. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The lightworker’s favorite buzzword right now is “economic patriotism”
    Does this mean that the bottom 40 percent who pay no federal income tax are not patriotic ?

  8. Bill Jones says:

    “It is my rule never to lose me temper till it would be detrimental to keep it.” – Sean O’Casey – irish playwright (1880-1964)

    No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer. – George Orwell

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  10. Sam Adams says:

    Ghost of FA Hayek says:
    September 29, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    The lightworker’s favorite buzzword right now is “economic patriotism”
    Does this mean that the bottom 40 percent who pay no federal income tax are not patriotic ?

    In a word……yes.

    Some pay no income tax because they are disabled. Fair enough…you can be just a patriotic as the next guy.

    Some pay no income tax because they are retired. Please understand that you received back everything you paid into social security in a couple of years. So most of the benefits you receive are coming from your kids and grandkids. Yes, I know; you paid into social security all your working life. And the government gave all the taxes you paid to old folks receiving social security benefits at that time. So yes the government lied to you. If you are going to bitch and moan about not getting paid enough by social security, you are kinda falling from patriot grace.

    Are you unemployed? Did you vote for Obama? Are you going to vote for Obama again? If the answer to the last question is “yes” then you don’t understand the American dream and you probably shouldn’t be allowed out of your house without a responsible adult keeping track of you.

  11. Garpin says:

    I too would like to see a Reaganesque performance by Romney. Obama I feel will get flustered if he is really hammered on, well, pick an issue. He is surrounded all day every day by sycophants who will never disagree with him so his ego is so over-inflated he doesen’t even understand how wrong he is on so many things.

    His school experiences and his chats with other people who see him as some kind of “leader” that mindlessly chant his name at appearances will be utterly surprised by his cluelessness.

    It will be GLORIOUS.

  12. Your Inner Voice says:

    The USSA will go down from a couple of EMPs, and so whatever sounds we are making after those pop nobody is gonna hear us anyway.

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