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May 01 2013

Roadside America

If this isn’t a real sign, it ought to be:


Passed along by The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

9 Responses to “Roadside America”

  1. Flu-Bird says:

    The residents of the BADGER(Wisconon)to the residents of the Poodle State(illiniose)You need a better leadership then the little turd monkeys in CHICAGO and your state capital

  2. cold steel for an iron age says:

    There is also a variant with the welcome to Indiana sign.

  3. Doug says:

    Surely not on the outskirts of Madison, where there would be aging pont tailed hippies waving singns of apology for al the gun toting rednecks in the state.

  4. Doug says:

    I hate the Ipad keyboard!

  5. Garrard Fisher says:

    I live in WI. I applaud Gov. Walker for getting CCW permits done, but I don’t think he sees the big picture. I think we are so close to “martial law” or civil war, that soon a CC permit will be a worthless scrap of paper. I think I’ll spend my $50 on ammo and not make it any easier for Uncle Sam to know I own a handgun.

  6. Leftie Mongtard says:

    Guns are evil and mommygov will keep us safe. Dear Leader Messiah will keep watch over all with his magic scepter. No people will be upset or violent because it will be an each according to his needs glorious rainbow collective utopia.

  7. dan says:

    we consider Milwaukee to be spillage from Chicago….
    but we keep them because they make good beer….
    Madison is about to be quarantened,though

  8. whotothewhat says:

    unfortunately the sign above appears not to be real. But as WI resident I would not only support a sign like that but would gladly donate for the purchase and placement of said sign. As for CCW permits I to am concerned with having my name and address associated with firearms that can be tracked by Government. But having to drive thru Madison on the beltline to and from home, I can see a day when things get so bad that roving gangs could cause problems with motorist stuck in traffic and no way to protect oneself. So I am on the fence about CCW.

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