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Mar 01 2017

Rule by Thugs: Venezuela’s New Supreme Court President Is Convicted Felon

The farther left the government, the more it is about the expropriation of wealth — that is, the more it is a criminal enterprise. So this comes as no surprise:

Venezuela’s new Supreme Court President is Judge Maikel José Moreno Pérez, a convicted felon.

Moreno, who was previously Vice President, was convicted of the murder of Ruben Gil Márquez in 1989 while serving as a Director of Intelligence and Prevention Services official.

He said he will work “24 hours a day” to end impunity and corruption in the country.

Is that all? He should have said 25.

Let’s have a look at his curriculum vitae:

Moreno, the new president of the court, served one year in prison after being granted a procedural benefit in 1990. After three months, he entered the Judicial Branch as a secretary of a court in Caracas despite having only studied one semester of law at Santa Maria University, where he graduated in 1995. …

According to several investigations, Moreno has also been accused of “forging records and procedural documents,” but these charges were dismissed by the country’s highest criminal court.

He is also involved in Danilo Anderson’s murder proceedings, as many claim to have seen him the same night of the murder.

Anderson, a radical leftist and Hugo Chavez supporter, was a state prosecutor investigating people accused of crimes against the state when he was assassinated in 2004. It is unclear who killed him and why; a court convicted apparent scapegoats. Anderson seems to have been as corrupt as Moreno, and may have been killed by fellow members of an extortion ring.

Already Democrats are feverishly pursuing voting rights for felons. Follow Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, et al. down the path Venezuela took, and within a generation we too may see convicted criminals on the Supreme Court.

Maikel José Moreno Pérez. They say clothes make the man.

On a tip from R F.

9 Responses to “Rule by Thugs: Venezuela’s New Supreme Court President Is Convicted Felon”

  1. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Who would have thought that totalitarian regimes don’t actually value the lives of their opiated masses and useful idiots? Gosh.

  2. MiloMason says:

    “Rule by Thugs: Venezuela’s New Supreme Court President Is Convicted Felon”
    –NO BFD !!! HALF of SCOTUS consists of UN-CONVICTED FELONS (i.e., d-cRATs ) !!!!

  3. Torcer says:

    It sort of makes sense in a nation where garbage is now food

    Venezuelans Are Separating Food from Waste as More People Forced to Eat from Garbage
    With no solution to the food crisis in Venezuela, some people have begun looking for new strategies to make life easier on those that have to eat trash to sustain.

    Controversial Priest and opponent to President Nicolás Maduro’s administration Father Jose Palmar posted on social media this week about labeling discarded waste so those looking through it for food can do so more easily and “with dignity.”

    Palmar called on Venezuelans to celebrate Lent by identifying bags where food has been discarded for those with no where else to turn. That way, they don’t have to dig through non-edible items to find it.

    “Try to preserve food waste so that people who eat out of garbage cans can praise the Lord,” Palmar wrote.

    The priest also recommended that people not mix leftovers with other garbage. Instead, deposit the waste in one bag, tie it and write “food” on the outside.

  4. JackisBack says:

    Honored guest of the last White House Administration. Bill Ayers personally sponge bathed Perez’s balzsack while staying in an adjacent room.

  5. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    I’m sorry. I simply cannot imagine how they can’t see what is utterly wrong with this.

    Fairly sure slaves on plantations weren’t forced to pick through garbage for their food…

  6. 762x51 says:

    “Follow Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, et al. down the path Venezuela took, and within a generation we too may see convicted criminals on the Supreme Court.”

    Ummm . . . too late, convicted or not, criminals are already on the SCOTUS, or has everyone already forgotten the treachery of alleged Retardlican, dirtbag Chief Justice John Roberts? Just as with elected office criminals, it makes no difference which side of the UniParty is in power. Inner Party / Outer Party, it’s all the same, despite what the imbeciles tell you.

  7. criolle says:

    The picture on the right is (badly) photo-shopped.
    Um …. WHY?
    OK, it’s Venezuela, but …
    Um … WHY?

  8. Torcer says:

    Such are the wonder’s of a “Worker’s Paradise”.

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