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Jan 08 2018

Sabo’s Golden Globes Preparations/Our Next President

Not everybody in Tinseltown took part in the self-congratulatory Golden Globes hoopla yesterday. Sabo wasn’t invited, but managed to have a good time anyway. Sorry about the language:

Meanwhile, at the Hollyweird self-worship services, the official NBC twitter account euphorically (if temporarily) declared Oprah Winfrey to be our next president. WaPo and the LaLa Land Times share the enthusiasm.

For the record, here is where our next president stands on race relations:

Oprah may be interested to learn that the people she hates so much that they “just have to die” are already dying in South Africa on a genocidal scale, typically involving rape and torture.

On tips from Vera, Bodhisattva, Chuck A, The Lieberal Media, and Lyle.

10 Responses to “Sabo’s Golden Globes Preparations/Our Next President”

  1. sandyaz says:

    Does that apply to all of the black racists (you included)? The young urban black youth that are steeped in it and marinated in it are killing each other.

  2. Watchman59 says:

    YOUR next president, maybe, but what about those of us in the rest of the country, of ALL RACES?!

  3. Maurice Miner says:

    Look, if you are a Deplorable YT, you simply have to die, because raaaaciss and other Deplorable thoughts.

    Get used to it, cracker!

  4. Bodhisattva says:

    Roseanne Barr: “I’d Be a Better President” Than Oprah, Susan Sarandon

    No, wrong. Just as bad, maybe, not better.

  5. Bodhisattva says:

    Sabo is a Hispanic former gang member who discovered conservative principles and has become the conscience of southern California, some claim.

  6. Jodie says:

    Anyone watching the Golden Globes – and the hideous Oprah idol worship – got a glimpse of what life might be like with women in charge. A whole bunch of misplaced, misguided emotions with absolutely no solutions in sight. And although they had no remedies for the sex abuse problems in Hollywood, they repeatedly patted themselves on the back for solving the problem – by wearing black in “solidarity”.

  7. J Fitzgerald says:

    “A right leaning 60s liberal…I’m just not a fuc’n leftist”

    I knew I wasn’t the only one left!

  8. MAS says:

    An actual solution would mean less to whine about and a smaller dependent Democrat base. Can’t have that…

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