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Mar 22 2018

San Francisco Bans Fur

No moonbat dream is too tyrannical to come true in San Francisco. In a unanimous vote, the ruling junta known as the Board of Supervisors just banned the sale of fur:

The ban takes effect Jan. 1 and applies to apparel and accessories featuring real fur, including coats, key chains and gloves.

A lucky rabbit’s foot won’t be so lucky if authorities catch you selling it in San Francisco, a city that imposes the flaky notion of animal rights so repressively that it is against the law to sell cats and dogs unless they are “rescue” animals.

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce estimates that fur sales contribute $40 million per year to the local economy. Authoritarian virtue signaling doesn’t come cheap.

The same screwball totalitarians who elected this Board of Supervisors sent Nancy Pelosi to the House of Representatives, where she has been the top Democrat (either Speaker or Minority Leader) for more than a decade. If you want to live in a rigid moonbat dystopia, there is no need to move to San Francisco; just vote Democrat and wait a few years.

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