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Sep 16 2011

Separated at Birth?

The Bitter Half goes green:

michelle-obama-windmill  windmill

Compliments of Mary. Tip from SR.

29 Responses to “Separated at Birth?”

  1. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:





    I’ve taken to sexually abusing spam callers on my phone for fun.

    It’s hilarious. They ask for my email or name or number [obvious random dialers]…

    I’m pretty sure I’ve raised the self-esteem of a few geeks who have to random dial sales pitches to our business.

    I was actually eating lunch when this tard called me and I was telling him how hot he was in between bits…

    Damn. I used to be a master prank caller, now I let the calls come to me…


  2. Mickey Shea says:

    Holy crap…

  3. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    Mooooooooochelle can kill two birds with one Fill in the ______

    Dayum…that lower lip looks like a baboon butt in hea.

  4. Festivus says:

    The Pentagon called. They want their propellor back.

  5. Conan says:

    The Klingon War Bride has NO TASTE!

  6. Seamus says:

    Are you kidding me? I think they’re dressing her up like a bozo on purpose and telling her how good she looks just to provide some comic relief. I’ve seen sexier clowns.

  7. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Even I can tell that dress with the turbo propeller is hideous. Does it double as a stage prop in its off time? How clueless must you be to let a style consultant talk you into wearing something so ridiculous? Are all her servants and sycophants afraid to tell her she looks like an idiot or are they just as limp-brained as she?

    No class. No brains. No judgement.

  8. wingmann says:

    This just in:

    A warrant has been issued for the first wookie…For the killing bald eagles:

    An eye witness was quoted”Yeah I saw it,it was horrible.We were just siting here having lunch,when we saw these two beautiful eagles fly right into the first wookie’s wind turbine that she had attached to her blouse…I almost lost my lunch.
    These birds didn’t have to die that way…I mean,what have they ever done to hurt her”.

    A washington democrat insider was overheard”that’s just great…another scandal”Black and Furious”.

    It is also rumored that the first wook’s blouse was fast tracked under the green energy plan and was not scored by the cbo…heads are gonna roll for this!

  9. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    How to go green like the 0bamas:

    Spend other people’s money
    Eat lots of arugula
    Seeing Moochelle naked
    Play lotza golf

    GOING GREEN! Fore!

    I can’t wait for the sequel..



  10. wingmann says:

    Plans were unveiled in the uk for the next blouse attachment.

    A spokesmen for the company,who wished to remain anonymous,said”we wanted to build something that was symmetrical with her head”.

  11. Festivus says:

    I don’t even think Barack wants to open that present.

  12. Jay B. says:

    What is this? Don’t she have people advising her how to dress? This is a clown outfit!

  13. KHarn says:

    One is usefull, traditional, is often seen on American farms and works hard. The other…

  14. Graycat says:

    Off topic I know, but still important.SR already sent the Archie comics gay charater. So, how about this?

    Score another victory for liberalism’s war on Christianity. A San Diego math teacher was ordered to remove banners in his classroom because they promoted religion and Christian messages by diplaying offending phrases such as “One Nation Under God” and “God Bless America”. The banners were not a problem for nearly twenty years while taught at that particular school. Then he transferred to teach at another school, and the pant-wetting derelict masquerading as a principal, ordered him to remove the offensive messages. He did as he was told, but brought a lawsuit against the school’s principal and the school district claiming a violation of his Constitutional rights of freedom of speech. The original court ruled in his favor, so the district appealed the case and that court reversed the original trial court’s decision and ruled in the favor of the moobatty principal and the district’s school board of commie bastards.

    So much for “open minded” liberals claiming censorship in education is bad for America. Most libraries, public or academic, have in their collections, at least one copy of the Holy Bible in any of its translations, that is King James Version, or more modern translations. Some libraries may have the book in more than one language for patrons to check out and read. So, is the Bible next to be removed from the shelves of the time honored public or venerable academic library? How about ANY book that mentions God? That would remove most history books. Try to write a history book of the people of England who risked their lives to leave England, settle and live on the eastern shores of the United States of America. It can’t be properly done without mentioning religion. Meanwhile, homosexuality can be openly discussed, without any tolerance shown for opposing viewpoints based on the writings of ancient prophets in the Old Testament or how Christ’s teachings in the New Testament upheld the teachings and writings of those annoying, old, know-nothing coots such as Noah and Isaiah. Dissent is not tolerated if a Christian student is offended by watching a video of a couple of lesbians boxing tonsils, or seeing a picture of two gay at the Folsom Street fair strutting their “child” around who is dressed in black leather and a wearing a spiked dog collar.

    not offensive to moonbats:

    Extremely offesive to moonbats:

    Our country’s Founding Fathers mention our Creator in our establishing documents from the Mayflower Compact to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So, let’s just remove the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from their protective glass enclosures at the National Archives and use an X-Acto knife to carefully remove all wording that refers to God, or a Creator. Of course the libturds will argue that the First Amendment says…”Congress shall not limit…it does not say anything about school districts or other employers yadda, yadda, yadda….”

    It should be mentioned that the appellate court, U.S. Ninth judicial district, whose bench is occupied by commie-pinkos, is located in moobat infested San Franfreakshow. Article from L.A. Times and a commentary from Godfather,0,7964326.story

  15. Graycat says:

    in regards to the photo above: One kills birds, the other could stop a clock just by looking at it.

  16. Tick Tock Tick Tock says:

    Sheriff Arpaio’s posse to review Obama BC

    Famous Arizona lawman responds to citizen request to probe president

    Read more: Sheriff Arpaio’s posse assigned to review Obama birth certificate

  17. Granny Jan says:

    Here’s the best animated gif of the blouse from quantim @ Free Republic:

  18. TucsonJoe says:

    Stick that blouse on her butt and she won’t need Air Force One anymore…

  19. Gipper Gal says:

    Tucson Joe, would that be ecofriendly??

  20. TucsonJoe says:

    Not just ecofriendly, he could subsidize it so they’d have a little ‘fall back’ money to ease the pain of losing the next election. Guaranteed by the U.S. taxpayers, of course!

  21. TexasDoc says:

    She looks like the honorable mention Guernsey at the country fair.


    Looks more like what sits out ina carnfield with crows sitting all over it

  23. Bert Convy says:

    Imagine the stream of water that squirts out of that thing!

  24. Bill T says:

    Looks like she’s been getting advice on hair styles from shelia jackson lee.

  25. Coldwarrior57 says:

    Was she attenting a clown college graduation?

  26. Austin says:

    Michelle, I’m sorry, you’re out.

  27. TMI says:

    I spat on my screen.

    Serially. Good job!

  28. Ex-bat says:

    Designed by Balloon Boy’s dad?

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