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May 25 2012

Separated at Birth?

The Sturmabteilung logo of nascent Nazis is easy to confuse with the logo of the Black Bloc, which is the most prominent element of the Democrat Party-endorsed Occupy Wall Street movement:

SA-logo   anarchy_logo

Their tactics are even more similar, as the OWS crowd documented for all to see in San Francisco recently. Given leftists’ tendency to project, their habit of calling their enemies fascists suggests that the “99%” are fascists. This conclusively confirms it:

Damage came to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rendered useless by the liberal authorities giving the orders, police did nothing other than take it on the chin, even as their vehicles and station were attacked by the mob of collectivist thugs.

Hat tip: Zombie.

16 Responses to “Separated at Birth?”

  1. Red Dawn says:

    There have always been two pages in the tyrant’s playbook – class warfare and a private “army” a la Hitler’s SA.

  2. born in 76 says:

    The Police could easily disperse this crowd so why don’t they? I feel as if TBTB are trying to goad good law abiding patriots in to some street justice to combat this.

    This is when they’ll “eliminate” that 25million patriots they so badly want to.

  3. Judith M. says:

    The SA logo is a lot more interesting from a design standpoint then the dippy anarchist symbol. At first it looked like a crazy “A”, then I noticed the S and A, and the little lightening bolt coming down (looking like it’s being directed by an arm, no doubt belonging to a member of the SA). You can say what you want about the overall depravity of the Nazis, but they had some great designers and propagandists.

  4. mega says:

    Fascinating video. The most interesting moment to me is when the guy is trying to reason with the anarcho-fascists who’ve been smashing in window on cars. “I could understand if it was a BMW, but these are just working peoples’ cars…” Sorry, fella, once the mob is unleashed, it stops differentiating between BMWs and your Prius. Being not-rich isn’t gonna save your ass.

  5. Path says:

    I understand that this mob is supported and encouraged by Obama/Pelosi/Warren/Reid and the Democrats. Having said that, I also have to believe that Police departments must be getting very upset at not being allowed to do their jobs. The officer on the street knows that joe public is blaming him for not doing anything even though it’s the unions and politicans stopping him.

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Hey dumb ass democrats running SF (you know who you are)
    By ordering police to stand down, you are creating a beast.
    This beast will be massive
    It will cut down all in it’s path
    This beast will be angry
    And this beast will be hungry.
    How will you identify it ?
    It will be comprised of private citizens
    Property owners restoring law and order, any way they can.
    Have mercy on these punks (because they won’t)

  7. Laurie says:

    Here’s a tip from Arizona:

    You want to stop this cr@p? Boot out Governor Brown and the Democrat legislature and then repeal the state’s anti-gun laws. Then vandalism like the smashed car windows at 5:30 and smashed store windows at 5:54 will come to a screeching halt.

    Why? Well, assuming the “black bloc” had the guts to come out of the woodwork, when they smashed a window, they wouldn’t be able to brag to their friends because they’d become a victim of “lead poisoning” and be dead before they hit the ground.

  8. Noovuss says:

    The police are union members, the union they belong to supports the Obama regime and it’s tactics. Grow up, the communists are in control.

  9. LMMA says:

    It’s why it’s best to shoot them! These people are simply anarchists and to quote Alfred ” some people just want to see the world burn.” I say conservative reporters should give out the addresses of the Moonbats organizing this crap. Then let’s go smash thir windows. Starting ith King Shabazz Shitbags! Damn I forgot. Headquarters for this, SCIU, 200 Pennsylvania Ave.

  10. LMMA says:

    God Bless Glenn Beck, he’s been right so much of the time!

  11. House of Kell says:

    If this were the typical Tea Party rally or match, the police would have been there in force AND would have brought the tear gas and dogs of old…but this is how this asministration plans to keep control come Nov….can’t very well vote him out if he cancels the elctions “for our own good”, mind you!

  12. House of Kell says:

    edit: Tea Party MARCH…man do I need a cup of coffee!

  13. A. Levy says:

    Noovuss says: May 26, 2012 at 3:42 am @Path
    “The police are union members, the union they belong to supports the Obama regime and it’s tactics. Grow up, the communists are in control…”

    Understand that the police are at the mercy of, and under the control of, local politicians. They, not the police, are the ones who make the laws the police are required to enforce. Also remember that those politicans were given their power by YOU, and your fellow voters.

    Also, today, most large police departments are filled with young people (early 20’s) who have, to a great extent, been raised and educated based on political correctness. This fact, and the God-like liberal courts, make them all but useless.

  14. chuck in st paul says:

    so that symbol in the right looks like an “A” and a hole – “a$$hole”, right?

  15. Cameraman says:

    Where were the Police?..Where are the Fire Hoses? WTF are they doing? Time to get out the Plows and scoop the Shit off the Streets!! There is now reason in the world to allow this Crap!!! I hope California is Watching, this shit can”t Go on..Get rid of the Dem Libs NOW!!

  16. Garpin says:

    Just like the illegals crossing the border, if we were to shoot all of them after a very few days they would stop coming or illegally protesting and destroying other peoples property

    I adore the simplicity of it, let’s do that.

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