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Feb 08 2013

Separated at Birth?

Physical similarity can be no coincidence when it comes to spiritual twins Dolores Umbridge and Dianne Feinstein:


Via Totally Looks Like, on a tip from TED.

7 Responses to “Separated at Birth?”

  1. dan says:

    fell out of my rocker…AGAIN….lmao
    TED,and I mean this in the best way,
    you’re one twisted puppie

  2. Flu-Bird says:

    Fienstein is more like the wicked queen from SNOW WHITE and the 7 DAWARVES

  3. Antisocialist says:

    Both are witches?

  4. Catblaster says:

    Too funny! when we first saw that movie we said it was Nancy Pelosi. There was so much about that character that just smacked of unhinged leftist politicians.

  5. Spider says:

    When was the last time someone looked into the real estate dealings of Fiensteins husband? And also Queen Botox Pelosi’s husband.

    When you see how these insatiable crooks take care of themselves, you can then understand why someone whould spend $30 or $40 Million to become a member of congress, a job that pays $180K a year. If we weren’t a nation of weak, gullible, and mindless sheep, we would’ve caught on by now.

  6. depwavid says:

    Both indulge in magical thinking and denial of reality…

  7. depwavid says:

    Both punish truth-tellers, also. In the Harry Potter series, ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,’where the Umbridge character is introduced, Ms. Rowling lays out how to resist moonbattery by disobedience from below, along with rigid interpretation of rules to the point of absurdity from within the bureaucracy. It’s a pretty subversive part of the book… in a surprisingly good way

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