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Nov 10 2017

Shep Smith Gets Pat on Head for Ignoring Uranium One

Shep Smith of Fox News isn’t just unnervingly creepy; he is a moonbat. This earns him praise as an “independent voice” from the liberal Independent:

While Fox News Channel has spent hours talking about Hillary Clinton and an Obama-era uranium deal in recent weeks, its news anchor Shepard Smith avoided the story entirely. …

During the three weeks starting on 17 October, Fox News spent just under 12 hours talking about the Uranium One deal…


Smith’s 3pm weekday newscast didn’t mention the story at all during the three weeks, except for two minutes on 27 October — when Smith wasn’t in and Trace Gallagher substituted for him.

The Uranium One deal involves Hillary allowing Russians — who have nuclear weapons pointed at us — to acquire a uranium company, possibly in exchange for generous donations to the Clinton Foundation. To put it mildly, it is big news. Even ABC and CBS were forced to acknowledge the story. Not NBC though — and not Shep Smith.

Tim Graham of the Media Research Center has some fine advice for FNC:

“That would be a heck of a Christmas present — dump Shep, let MSNBC have him.”

Not going to happen though. Featuring an F-bomb dropping, Black Lives Matter rhetoric-spewing moonbat given to on-air tears who breaks the needle on gaydar devices proves that Fox News is in tune with the times and not politically incorrect.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

7 Responses to “Shep Smith Gets Pat on Head for Ignoring Uranium One”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, him and Mueller…

  2. JonathanBurke says:

    “Shep Smith Gets Pat on Head for Ignoring Uranium One”

  3. Nick Testa says:

    What really bugs me is that the MSM knows about the corruption, yet they cover it up or at least ignore it…… That says a ton about these so called “journalists” ethics and integrity…

    Then they wonder why they’re called fake news and that faith in the media is at an all time low?

    Do these media outlets not get that they’re no longer in charge of distribution of information?… Are they really that far behind technology or are they just doubling down of the fact that most of their viewers are too stupid or don’t care enough to do their own research?

  4. Duke says:

    I’m thinking Shep would much prefer a pat on his tight little tushy by his partner, Mr. Wonderhorse.

  5. Frieda says:

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