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Dec 03 2013

Sheriff Joe Remains Unrepentant

The moonbats at Huffington Compost barked in outrage when Joe Arpaio served a 56¢ Thanksgiving dinner to the criminals residing in Maricopa County jails. But Sheriff Joe, who was thoughtful enough to serve Turkey-flavored soy, remains defiant. Listen to him boast of his crimes against political correctness:

“I put American flags in each cell and we listen to the Star-Spangled Banner each day. We also play God Bless America.” He also said his inmates suffer strict consequences if they deface or destroy the American flag in their cells. He stated: “If they damage the flag, they go on a bread and water diet. We have about ten inmates who had to eat bread and water today.”

Another effort Sheriff Joe has in mind will likely upset his detractors even more; namely, Arpaio intends to begin separating U.S. military veterans from other inmates. “These guys served our country,” he explained. “I want them to have special training, job programs, I want to have a program that helps them get jobs after they serve their time,” he said.

Sheriff Joe added: “I’m sure any effort to house veterans separately from the others will get the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] after me again, but these guys fought for our country and I want to do something for them.”

The very thought that men like Joe Arpaio still exist is enough to give liberals strokes.

joe arpaio

On a tip from Henry.

27 Responses to “Sheriff Joe Remains Unrepentant”

  1. AKROB says:

    I love this guy!

  2. Extirpates says:

    If sheriff joe has the goods, they have never been presented in court.
    Is he a law enforcer or a fund raiser?

  3. american-mexican says:

    The racist arpaio got 61% of the vote in maricopa co. in 2000 57% in 2004 53.5% in 2008 and only 50.7% in 2012 despite massive republican vote surpression of mexican-americans voters see a trend here? We will get him next time! Every month in arizona 5000 mexican-american kids turn 18(voting age) and they have id’s! Its 150,000 every month turn 18 for the country! Obama now Mrs clinton next then are first latina president! NO AMNESTY FOR YOU EITHER republican RACISTS! We will get you soon!

  4. Jim says:

    Sheriff Joe is one example of what enforcing the law means. Jail time is punishment, not an education center for illegal aliens (How about calling them “Criminal Trespassers?).

  5. Beandips GTFO says:

    Shut your fuckin’ ass pepperbelly cocksucker.

  6. Chongo's Taco Wagon says:

    Uh…it’s called jail and punishment. Don’t want the .56cent meal, don’t go there.

  7. IslandLifer says:

    Lol! Like 1,2,3 out come the shit eating trolls. Sheriff Joe really makes their skin crawl. BIG PROPS FOR UNCLE JOE!!!!!

  8. So Cal Jim says:

    american-mexican — The entire Hispanic world is a f*cked up mess economically and socially because it has legions of voters as myopic and ignorant as you are. I’ll never understand why some folks would rather live in an ethnic, leftist sewer than in a free country. Well, good luck to you and your ilk when you take over. My guess you’ll make Arizona look like Venezuela within a generation.

  9. I can has rainbow utopia? says:

    Mexcrement drug cartels illegally import iron ore to China:

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Sheriff Joe dont fool around with imates thats why the liberals are so opposed to him and his methods theres no luxeries at his prison like there is in the others

  11. MAKAYA says:

    And exactly what “race” are Mexicans?

  12. belfast says:

    It is racist to insist that the American flag is respected?
    What part of sheriff Joe’s work shows he is racist?
    It is now racism to insist that your country is the first?
    “My country, right or wrong,” doesn’t apply any more?
    Short story.
    I was at a dawn service in Australia to honour all the dead soldiers in military conflicts. The site was alongside an inlet. Small boats went past and didn’t have the courtesy to cut their motors.
    Then I saw an American in a boat. He looked bewildered at first but caught on. Immediately he cut his motor, stood at attention, pulled the Dodgers cap off his head, and held it across his heart, in respect. Once past he replaced the cap, sat down, gunned the motor, and went off for a day’s fishing.
    Just a simple Sheriff Joe in a different form.
    All Americans went up a notch in my estimation of them because of him.
    As for american-mexican and extirpates – love it or leave it, you pair of clowns.
    I am an Irish born Australian, just to head you off at the pass, and worked for years until I retired with the Aboriginal people of Australia. I know racism when I see it. And I only see it in your comments.

  13. KHarn says:

    “american-mexican says:December 3, 2013 at 12:59 pm”

    Spoken like a true communist invader! If your take-over is so desirable, why is Mexico such a shit-hole?

  14. KHarn says:

    DAVE, leave “american-mexican” up so everyone can see why we are against ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  15. KHarn says:

    I would draw the line at TOFU turkey! Talk about “cruel and unusual punishment”!

  16. Cold57 says:

    @ american-mexican what the Foxtrot are you smoking. Prove MASSIVE republican vote surpression or STFU

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    I would like to see what he would do with those miserble OWS scumbags that use their flaf to walk on or whipe their backsides with

  18. Tuco says:

    Last time I’ll darken the landing page of Moonbattery. Threw two pop-up ads at me upon arrival, and while reading opened a whole new tab with another come-on. I can abide advertising, but what you just threw at me was entirely too intrusive and irritating. Clean up your act and maybe your reputation will come clean, too. Hell, I’d even help spread the word on Facebook about it. CYA! — OUT!

  19. Wade says:

    A Great American!

  20. rex freeway says:

    Sheriff Joe. Making Progtards throw little kid fit’s daily. Any true American would do the same thing.

  21. Ron Jeremy says:

    Sherrif Joe is doing a good job. Those who don’t like hime can swallow my hog.

  22. TED says:

    YOU GO JOE!!!!!!!!!! THE MAN that should be president of this UnUnited states!

  23. SkippingDog says:

    Sheriff Joe is just an old retired federal narcotics officer who found his niche – and a long-term job – by playing the tough clown for the scared gringos of Maricopa County. He won’t last much longer and only the wingnuts will miss him.

  24. Hill says:

    Mexican-American is the same cowardly Mexican who posts here using various user names, But says the exact same shyte; regurgitating it over and over again. Such as,”Every month in arizona 5000 mexican-american kids turn 18,” How he/she and the other illegals are going to make sure “Mrs. Clinton” will be elected and how they (Mexicans) got Barry in for a second term.

    Personally, I am entertained by the fact, that millions of cowardly Mexicans, like Mexican-American can run away from their home country with their tales between their legs and come into another country and suddenly find a voice to make obnoxious demands that they are not entitled to.

    A voice, that they collectively refused to use in their home country. The reality is, that Mexican-American and his compatriots know that the ruling elites in their home country don’t want them either.

    And thus, they lack the courage to participate in demonstrations (as they seem able to do in the US) and make those same demands for a better life for themselves and their offspring in their indifferent home country.


  25. Hill says:

    @Skipping Dog

    Since, 1992 the people in Maricopa county have almost continuously reelected him.

    The people in county keep electing him and the reality is even “legal” Mexicans do not want the criminal illegals around either.

    After all the mud that is flung at him he is still there.

  26. Hill says:


    Absolutely, lovely story. I like that the Americans are unabashedly respectful and patriotic of their country and the military.

    A similar story about how Americans respect other countries fallen overseas.

    I witnessed in London, a group of Americans at a tube stations ask a Poppy seller in November what the Poppies were for. After, the woman explained to the group that the Poppies were for the remembrance of fallen soldiers who died in war. Every single person in the group immediately bought a Poppy and put them on their lapels and gave a donation.

  27. Bryce Talbee says:

    Love Joe, he’s the best.

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