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May 23 2012

Social Justice for Trayvon Crosses the Atlantic

In the USA, it’s the grim legacy of long-ago slavery. In the UK, liberal politicians actually import it from abroad:

A gang of 20 hooded youths stormed a pub after the Champions League final before dragging away a 25-year old man and stabbing him to death in scenes ‘like a horror film’, friends said [Monday].

‘True gent’ Luke Fitzpatrick was killed and his father Bernard, who threw himself on top of his son in a desperate attempt to shield him, remains in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed four times.

An eyewitness reports:

‘There were about 20 young black guys all with their hoods up armed with sticks and bats and knives. They just ran in the pub and started trying to attack people.

‘It was really frightening. But it should not have happened to Luke, it shouldn’t have happened to anyone, but he was a complete innocent.’

But if innocence were any defense against social decay, there wouldn’t be an abortion industry.

Laments a friend of Luke,

“He had never done a bad thing in his life but he can’t even go to the pub with his dad and have a pint without getting murdered.”

As moonbattery causes the campfire of Western Civilization to dwindle, the wolves draw in ever closer.

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23 Responses to “Social Justice for Trayvon Crosses the Atlantic”

  1. Contessa61 says:

    and what does abortion have to do with this article?? Please don’t be an extreme right wing rag/

  2. RKae says:

    I’m going to start carrying Skittles with me. I think that’s what they’re after.

    It couldn’t possibly be that they’re just f*cking insane or anything.

  3. Kevin R. says:

    Talking about abortion and innocence being a defense against social decay, if you haven’t read Merchants of Despair by Robert Zubrin you really should. It isn’t a rehash of what we already know about moonbats and what he documents in the book about the cruelty of organizations like International Planned Parenthood is very, very disturbing. What moonbats are doing to people in the third world is monstrous.

  4. hiram says:

    Considering how screwed up British law has become, I’m surprised the father hasn’t been charged with “obstruction” somehow. If you’re attacked in the UK, you can be arrested for fighting back.

  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Lib Contestant # 61
    Yea, your right
    At least this guy enjoyed 25 years of life before he was aborted

  6. modd kenwood says:

    I believe Trayvon is spelled Treyvon in the UK…

  7. Wow… what’s the world coming to?

  8. Jimbo says:

    This new war (yes, it is now a war) was created by, is fueled by, promoted by, and will be prolonged by the moronic social engineering of the lying liberal news media.

  9. Henry says:

    Stripped of any means of self defense… The Queen says to just cower and allow the “Asians” to murder you, so as to not offend.

  10. Clingtomyguns says:

    If England hadn’t abandoned its backbone decades ago, poor Luke and his dad could have concealed carried and could have mowed down a dozen of the maurading Treyvons. As each story like this continues to escalate, won’t be many years from now real Americans will resort back to unconcealed sidearms to defend themselves from the savages. For formerly Great Britian, its too late.

  11. Max says:

    Pardon me, but WTF?

  12. chuck in st paul says:

    Hey, the dead guy deserved it. He was white so we know he was a racist. It’s only fair that blacks are allowed to kill whites for slavery of 150 years ago. I know it’s true. I heard it on CNN and MSNBC.

  13. Dr. 9 says:

    Contessa61 says: May 23, 2012 at 9:11 am
    “and what does abortion have to do with this article?? Please don’t be an extreme right wing rag/”

    Had those 20 lowlifes been aborted, that innocent man would still be alive. He would have contributed far more to society than the 20 cretins combined. What will they contribute except for 20, or 40, or 50, more cretins!

    As for the UK, they’re getting exactly what they deserve. Just wait until the millions of radical Muslims they allowed into their country get started.

  14. Alan says:

    Never done a bad thing in his life?!! OMG! Look at how white he was. He wasn’t even 1/32 Cherokee.

  15. IslandLifer says:

    The only fix to this is when it happens you round up a posse and sweep the streets clean delivering street justice as you go along. You are in charge of your own neighborhoods. The shithead cops no longer serve their purpose nor does the justice system. We have been failed by a corrupt system and until you stand up and take matters into your own hands and protect each other these punks will grow in numbers unchecked. Don’t let fear keep you down.

  16. Jeff says:

    @Contessa61, I an shocked I tell you, positively shocked! You say extreme right wing as if it were a bad thing. I realize this may give you a headache, but would you kindly give us a definition of extreme right wing as well as how that is different for plain vanilla right wing? BTW, I do consider abortion to be premeditatd murder of an INNOCENT human being. And if that position offends you, then good, I am delighted that it does. If you support abortion then in my world view that puts you on par with the Nazis,

  17. Antisocialist says:

    These imported savages listens to the mind rot rap that the savages in american ghettos listen to and act just as the mind rot tells them to act (like the savages they are).

    England went atheist that’s their major problem and they cursed themselves when they crossed the jews in the Balfour Declaration.

    Psalms 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

    This type of thing happens all over the parts of Europe that turned atheist. Savages have been let in by the millions and act just like the savages they are.
    Atheism has no protection to this type of behaviour, infact atheism with it’s moral relativism encourages this type of behaviour.

  18. RKae says:

    Dr. 9:

    Had those 20 lowlifes been aborted, that innocent man would still be alive. He would have contributed far more to society than the 20 cretins combined. What will they contribute except for 20, or 40, or 50, more cretins!

    So you’re the Pre-Crime Unit, now? Great Margaret Sanger-type argument you got goin’ there! And while they were in the womb, what would have been your criteria for killing them? That they were black? That their mothers were poor?

    I sort of don’t think we should kill people BEFORE they’ve done anything. Call me crazy.

  19. EXFED4 says:

    I would make it a crime to wear a hood unless it was cold outside. I would also make it a crime to wear a mask at any time – other than Halloween. The guilty would get jail time. And when a member of this hooded filth commit a crime – everyone in the group will get the same harsh sentence!

  20. QuietMan says:

    No, exfed, we don’t need another law. We need to enforce the ones we have. I like my hoody, and I’m so white I oppress people by my appearance alone.

    Then again, my hoody is from grad school not thug life….

  21. wingmann says:

    Also know as sociopaths.
    Societies are breeding them like wildfire….and they are taking over

  22. Noelegy says:

    How awful. RIP Luke.

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