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Mar 05 2018

Sociology Professor: Microaggressions Can Kill

As with the cult of global warming, the religion sometimes known as Intersectionality must constantly be pumped up with hysteria to prevent it from collapsing under the weight of its own absurdity. During a lecture on “Free Speech and Racial Microaggressions,” sociology professor Daniel Solorzano of UCLA revealed that microaggressions can kill:

“The accumulative stress from racial microaggressions produces racial battle fatigue,” declared one slide in the presentation. “The stress of unavoidable front-line racial battles in historically white spaces leave People of Color feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. The stress from racial microaggressions can become lethal when the accumulation of racial psychological symptoms from racial battle fatigue goes untreated or are dismissed completely.”

Lethal! Good thing the nutty professor has a solution:

Observing that students of color “don’t go to certain places on campus, certain restaurants, certain stores, because it can literally kill them” due to being perpetually microaggressed and “racial battle fatigued,” Solorzano said he is beginning to research “counter space” culture and “racial microaffirmations” based in shared cultural intimacy.

“People of Color need to affirm the dignity and humanity of one another as a response to everyday racism,” he asserted.

In contrast, racial pride and solidarity are strictly forbidden to whites, who unlike favored minority groups really are under attack.

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