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Dec 23 2012


Who do you suppose Barack Hussein Obama droned on and on talking about at the funeral of Senator Daniel Inouye? You guessed it: Barack Hussein Obama. A mercifully short excerpt:

Weekly Standard compiled the stats:

President Barack Obama used the funeral for Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye to talk about himself. In the short 1,600 word speech, Obama used the word “my” 21 times, “me” 12 times, and “I” 30 times.

The only thing more absurd than Obama’s ego is the sanctimonious idiocy of the moonbats who pretend he is something more than an Affirmative Action post turtle.

On tips from Gary A and Bob Roberts. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

19 Responses to “Solipsism”

  1. metprof says:

    When you’re as talented and accomplished as he is why not let everyone know???

    (hoping for a little loan guarantee action here)

  2. Stan Back says:

    Hussein the great champion of the middle class had to dash off to his spartan 4$ million dollar vacation or he would have mentioned himself 1000 times.

  3. rockman says:

    What a malignant narcissist douche-bag…He’s too arrogant to even realize how foolish and self serving he sounds. He has fallen through his own asshole into an abyss, surrounded only by more of his wonderful, awesome self (and, I suppose, the MSM and his progressive supporters who like to bask in his radiant glory, assuming there is any light in there)

  4. TonyD95B says:

    RE: rockman says on December 23, 2012 at 10:38 am:

    “He has fallen through his own asshole into an abyss, surrounded only by more of his wonderful, awesome self…………”

    Hey, Rock – can I “biden*” that from you? Never heard it put quite that way before…..outstanding!!!

    *It’s not plagarism if you ask permission, right?

  5. kevinh says:

    It’s like he’s telling a story to kindergarteners…simply amazing to think it was speech material for a memorial.

  6. ed357 says:


    How many US Embassies and Consulates will the jihadists overrun……

    following the release of 0bama’s “ZER0 DARK THIRTY” movie?

  7. IslandLifer says:

    I couldn’t get through 15 seconds of it. Putz.

  8. rockman says:

    You may use it without attribution, if it helps spread the dreadful truth about our current leadership.

  9. bee says:

    (To the tune Do-Re-mi):

    Myself and I…

  10. Jimbo says:

    Zero is Gawd. Just ask It or any of It’s constituents [worshipers]. As all powerful Gawd, It knows you are more interested in It than any other subject at hand.

    Zero. It rules as Gawd.

    (Did you ever note that Zero & Nero rhyme? Fitting.)

  11. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    How about a fatlipsism. 👿

  12. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Too late, Franklin.

  13. overrated and overexposed says:

    I turn off the radio when Hussein the red rat comes on. I don’t watch tv but family members do and I always leave the room when comrade chairman comes on.

  14. Antisocialist says:

    What a d***.

  15. Antisocialist says:

    So will he bring in a horse to run your country or is there already a horse running your country in the White House, that takes all important decisions?

    I mean the American Economy seems to be run by a horse, and Obama is the American Nero…

  16. Antisocialist says:

    …or Kenyan Nero.

  17. Kevin R. says:

    Obama’s the kind of person whose boring company and idiot wife people do everything to avoid or flee from when at parties and get togethers.

    However, his handlers did manage to teach him how to speak with good diction. But all of the diction instruction that his communist handlers put him through couldn’t give him a brain.

  18. GaryA says:

    Solipsism? Now THAT’S a $10 word if I ever saw one!!!
    You all can pretend that you knew what it meant, I had to look it up, excellent term, EXCELLENT! –

    Solipsism (Latin: solus, alone + ipse, self) is the position that nothing exists beyond oneself and one’s immediate experiences. In philosophy, solipsism thus amounts to a refusal to acknowledge our common sense experience of the world as valid. The starting point of solipsism, the recognition that my own self-experience is the inevitable gate for any experience to reach me, represents a valid challenge to our common-sense perception of things as simply ‘being there’. The conclusion that everything in the outside world is nothing but a projection of my own self is philosophically quite untenable. Among other things, it makes genuine communication with others impossible, since each individual is bound, from the solipsist perspective, to consider others as non-existent entities. As a result, full-blown solipsism has hardly ever been adopted by a philosophical school.

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