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Sep 21 2017

Sorority Sisters Face Probe for Singing Kanye West Song Containing Word Forbidden to Whites

Remember, white people — just because something is permitted to privileged persons of politically preferred pigmentation does not mean it is permitted to you:

Some sorority sisters at the University of New Hampshire are being investigated after a video showing them singing along to a Kanye West song containing the N-word was posted on social media.

The Snapchat video shows the members of Alpha Phi Sorority dancing at a party and singing the N-word as part of the lyrics to the song [“Gold Digger”]. It prompted other students to condemn the sorority’s “ignorant and insensitive” behavior.

There is never a shortage of dutiful citizens eager to denounce thought criminals, especially on college campuses, where moonbattery has largely extinguished the concept of free speech.

Hold on for a blast of the astonishing hypocrisy that characterizes P.C. crybullies:

Social media users rushed to criticize the sorority, claiming it perpetuates racism. …

“Hey white people, literally just don’t broadcast you and your clan of Beckys saying the N-word and you’ll be fine,” [barked] Maggie Lowe.

“Beckys” in this context is a racial slur against white women.

The sorority might also be brought up on charges of cultural appropriation. Of course, if they didn’t sing any songs by foul-mouthed rap performers, they would be accused of exclusion.

Kanye West
Just because he can say it doesn’t mean you can.

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27 Responses to “Sorority Sisters Face Probe for Singing Kanye West Song Containing Word Forbidden to Whites”

  1. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Fascinating how the language has been manufactured to disparage European Christians. “White” is a slander now. It has the simultaneous opposite meanings of being weak and yet oppressive, it is synonymous with bland, yet vile. The word now connotes dual and conflicting meanings in a hodgepodge of derisions that are complete opposites of each other leaving the only interpretation to be a universal: they should not exist. A societal oxymoron that must is a blight. A social dead-end.

    “Becky” is an absolute derision of European Christian women, it is used as a dismissal and subjugation of this group of women. It is used as the verboten “n” word for European Christian women and encompasses a complete denouncement of them, their opinions, their identity, their heritage and their future.

  2. JackisBack says:

    Literally, black girls be mad cause all dem Beckys in dat sorority have banged at least 3 black boys per sister.

  3. Frank says:

    Are the whiners wearing western-style clothing and speaking English? If so, they’re guilty of doing what they complain “beckys” are doing! As Browning (not that any of those shit-heads ever heard of him) wrote,
    “‘T’would be the finest gift ‘E gee ourselves,
    to see ourselves as other see us.”
    They wouldn’t understand the irony. Libtards aren’t that bright.

  4. Troy McClure says:

    They aren’t ‘Beckys’. They are ‘Rebecca Americans’. Get it right SJWs

  5. When whites sing black songs, they are accused of race crime. When they dance black-style, they got mocked for being “too white”. When they play black games (basketball) they get told “white men can’t jump”.

    Fine. Blacks, you can leave science, literature, software and aerospace to whites. Whites will leave the butt-centric culture, repetitive tribal beats and simple-minded ball-sports to blacks.

    Disengagement: it’s the only way to co-exist. Afro and Euro cultures are incompatible when mixed.

  6. physicsnut says:

    gee – i wonder who is behind that

  7. Jimmy Flounderello says:

    White sorority women should have string quartets at their parties, and they should have contests to see who has the fairest skin and most manageable hair.

  8. Troy McClure says:

    Of course white people also invented basketball

  9. Brian says:

    “Ignorant and insensitive” pretty much defines Kanye.

  10. sandyaz says:

    What is it with that ignorant, vacant stare that a lot of black young men have? I can’t help but think there must be a brain in there screaming to get out.

  11. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    At this point in my life I am fonder of the works of John than of Robert.

  12. MiloMason says:

    I finally learned all those FORBIDDEN WORDS about Crooked Hillary –now I have to learn even more ???!!!!!! DAMN !!

  13. Still Out of Service says:

    if these sorority sisters, while singing the song, thought of their-selves as negros ala shawn king, would that make it ok?

  14. TED says:

    SORRY DARKIES, if you act it I’ll call you IT!!!! If YOU are allowed, ALL are allowed!!!

  15. Apache4893 says:

    The fact that a group of ‘Beckys’ are even familiar enough with Rap to be able to sing along verbatum, much less willingly do a group video and social media posting of it, is quite indicative of where we’re at and heading.

    And some people wonder why MGTOW is even a ‘thing’.

  16. Not to mention Nikes, cellphones, malt liquor, Chevy Caprices, Welfare, and the beat goes on and on and on…

    Although they did invent peanut butter, apparently.

  17. The Grammatical Nazi chimes in… the plural of Becky is Beckies you illiterate fux.

  18. BiffWellington says:

    What do you mean, “forbidden to whites”? Hell, I’m white and I use it all the time. But only when it’s appropriate…

  19. SenatorJPO says:

    Yup, and it was equally “racist” when someone at UW-Milwaukee uploaded a parody video, “Screw You, Chancellor,” in which he pretended to be the recently-resigned (and black) Athletic Director -rapping- a “diss” at the Chancellor, instead of singing it like a blues song.

    But it wasn’t the erstwhile director’s race that dictated the choice of musical genre: Raps are -mostly- made for putdowns, as reflected by usage of the term “rap battle” instead of “blues battle” or “country-song showdown.”


    When I was going to the junior college in my then-hometown, the women who enjoyed that type of music were the kind who asked you out on a “car drive” date — I walked to work at the time, so they would pick me up for “dates” — simply to make their ex-boyfriend jealous (that you were in the same vehicle), not because they wanted to develop a genuine relationship with you (friendship or otherwise).

    When I caught-on, I said, “My time is more valuable at that.” And it was, because all they did in the car was play that stupid rap music so loud, you could not carry-on a conversation!

    But in hindsight, I could have been more political about rebuffing them, because it’s not like -every- one of those losers ended-up under-employed like me after college.

    They could have “vouched” for me at wherever big corporation they finally got into. #Networking, #ItsAnArt

  20. BostonLiberty says:

    I wonder what word TRIGGERED the blackflakes… black snowflakes? No, that’s not right either… Negroflakes? It’s hard to conjugate when the deranged fascists come in all colors… Snowflakes it is then. Just because you are black, doesn’t mean you can’t be a snowflake. Snowflakes also come in all colors.

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