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Apr 03 2012

Stellar Analysis of Trayvon Martin Spectacle

How do even moonbats convince themselves to side with a violent punk against a decent guy trying to protect his neighborhood from crime? Let’s give them a chance to make their best arguments. From the Daykeeper Journal:

An astrological chart set for 7 PM EST on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida, when the first call was placed, shows deadly, violent Mars exactly rising on the 16 Virgo Ascendant, with Mars also squared a close conjunction of asteroid Nemesis (retributive vengeance) and TNO Ixion (named for the first murderer in Greek myth) at 16 and 19 Sagittarius, which cluster about the 16 Sagittarius Nadir, giving this powerful square angular force and momentum.

Further, Mars at 15 Virgo retrograde highlights asteroid Zimmerman (#3100) in George Zimmerman’s (born 5 October 1983) chart by conjunction at 17 Virgo, and is tightly sextile his natal Ixion at 16 Scorpio, while approaching square to Zimmerman’s natal asteroid Martina (#981, for Martin) at 10 Gemini. Mars/Ascendant also forms one leg of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, by sextile to Trayvon Martin’s (born 5 February 1995) natal asteroid Atropos (named for the Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death) at 17 Cancer, both inconjunct Martin’s natal Sun at 16 Aquarius, on the Yod’s Apex. [… It goes on like this for miles. …]

Such specific contacts between personal-named asteroids in the nativities and the chart for the shooting, coupled with a preponderance of major configurations, indicates a high level of fated or karmic interaction in the tragedy. We can only mourn the loss of life, demand a thorough investigation, and hope for justice to be done.

That makes as much sense as the blatant lies served up by the likes of NBC News.

No crazier than “mainstream” media analysis.

On a tip from BlahBlahBlah.

15 Responses to “Stellar Analysis of Trayvon Martin Spectacle”

  1. Dmgore says:

    Can someone familiar with these charts help translate for me? Does this mean Zimmerman is racist or not?

  2. FrankW says:

    Just to assist the autistic thread counters, this would be thread number 229. It is now time for you to get underwear at K-Mart and watch Wapner.

  3. FrankW says:

    Check out the sextile. The positive declination of the inverse optimal in relation to the obvert square indicates the Zimmerman was on the grassy knoll and shot Lincoln.

  4. modd kenwood says:

    cue Fifth Dimension to start singing…

  5. Mark formerly in Spokane,now in Sandy Ut says:

    You know, I did Astrology back in the day, and I have no idea what the fuck this person is talking about.

  6. Beef says:

    Well, everone has to do their part in the political drama production that is “The Trayvon Martin Story”.

    What we are seeing now is a joint operation of the press and the Obama administration to make this election about anything but what is really important. We cannot have substantive discussions on the budget, jobs, taxes or national defense, because then Obama would have to face where his policies are leading us.

    Instead we have monthly “themes” brought to us by the media at the direction of the Obama campaign. February was the “War on Women”. March was the “War on Black Youth”. Looks like April might be “Mormons Hate Women and Blacks” month, but it’s too early to tell.

    Coming soon will be “Republicans hate Mexicans month”. I am thinking a story about a good parent torn from his/her child by the INS. Perhaps the little immigrant child can be ill, so that the story can tie into the “Republicans want to kill you by denying you healthcare” month.

    All of this is focused on the lowest common denominator voter, the person who gets their news from People Magazine, what’s on CNN when they walk past the TV, or whatever Oprah, the union boss or some liberal moron in the lunchroom tells them.

    It’s been very effective so far. Everyone with a sub-average IQ now believes Republicans want to outlaw birth control and that racist white vigilantes are the number one cause of death of young black males.

    Perhaps the leftist project of dumbing down our electorate has reached the point where they can cash in their dividends and get away with a campaign that on it’s face is just lies for morons. This election may be the one where we transition from a Constitutional Republic to a permanent Idiocracy. I’ll guess we’ll see.

  7. klae says:

    Wait a minute—if this was fated by the stars, then no one is guilty. The gun fired itself.

  8. Henry says:

    Acid or ‘shrooms?

  9. son of a preacher man says:

    “God bless those pagans.” – Homer Simpson

  10. FrankW says:

    Can I reserve the month of July for “I hate Antarcticans month”? Those slimy Antarcticans have totally ruined our lives with their exportation of cold air. This a has delayed our exploitation of the gruesome premeditated murder of martin. Everybody knows that martin’s death was ordered by the conservative ringleader, Limbaugh. Limbaugh intends to take over as king by executive order once a neocon gets in the White House.
    Sorry my mind got rerouted while reworking my chakra’s against this roadmap.

  11. geeknerd says:

    Se~nor Zimmerman is HISPANIC therefore by liberal dogma CANNOT be racist! Only “white” people (Limeys, Krauts, Pollaks, Miks, Wops, Bohunks, Frogs, etc.) can be racists.

  12. Jeff says:

    Any one who take astrology seriously ought to be barred from voting. They are morons.

  13. Chris in N.Va. says:

    Gee, I dunno…maybe the plants really ARE in alignment.

    That plant Juniper is pretty big, you know. They can cover up a lot of Earth if ya let ’em…

    Hey, do you got the munchies like I do from those coooool plants we just bought? Wheee….

  14. Tim from TK says:

    The important question is whose asteroid was heavier.

  15. Spartan24 says:

    Made about as much sense… wait a minute… made no sense whatsoever! Just another moonbat looking to blame someone who was probably only defending himself.

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