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Apr 28 2018

Student William Schweikert Gets Detention for Singing National Anthem

Never mind teenage moonbats selected and hyped by the media like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez. Word is that Post-Millennials (a.k.a. Generation Z) have recovered the rebellious spirit that traditionally characterizes youth, and the most obvious thing for them to rebel against is moonbattery. The story of William Schweikert of Fort Wayne provides encouraging evidence.

After Schweikert received 3 days detention for singing the national anthem in the cafeteria after being warned not to, his classmates followed suit to show their support for him. They have also been signing a petition protesting his punishment.

From local ABC21:

He says he first sang the national anthem soon after the mass school shooting in Florida – in response to calls for gun reform and professional athletes taking a knee during the anthem.

Educrats didn’t like it. Schweikert sang it again anyway.

“Resistance” isn’t a matter of spouting the same inane bumper sticker slogans as all the other conformist trendoids. Resistance is sticking your neck out on behalf of what is true and good. Kudos to William Schweikert, and kudos to his peers for supporting him.

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