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Aug 29 2013

Suspect Caught in Rape of 93-Year-Old

Could anyone honestly say that Amelia Rudolf shouldn’t have had a gun to defend herself?

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with rape following a sickening assault on a 93-year-old woman.

Iquise Taylor of Anderson, Indiana, was charged as an adult on Monday after the July 16 attack on Amelia Rudolf at her home. …

Police say the youth lived within in a block of the woman’s house. Investigators say he broke into her home by kicking in the back door and then sexually assaulted her.

Amelia wants to return home:

“I would like to go back because it is the house my husband built for me and my family. I have been happy all my life there until now,” said Amelia.

But it is unlikely she will ever again feel safe there — or anywhere. As the wheels come off our society, and those responsible press to make us ever more vulnerable by attacking our right of self-defense, no one can feel safe.

Iquise Taylor also allegedly has the rape of a 10-year-old boy on his resumé. Since he is black and Amelia Rudolf is white, don’t expect to hear a whisper of this story in the national media.

Iquise Taylor has wide-ranging taste.

On tips from Antara and Don M.

36 Responses to “Suspect Caught in Rape of 93-Year-Old”

  1. Arty says:

    So, let me see if I understand this correctly; A 17 year old “teen” aka “Youth”, “Urban Resident”, “Black Bastard” raped a 93 year old white woman? I refuse to believe it. The TV tells me so. He could have been obama 35 years ago!

  2. Drury says:

    Another of 0bama’s sons. Sharpton? Jackson? MSLSD “reporters?” Any comments?


    I can’t wait for the SHTF. Open season on these scum is gonna be fun.

  3. ThisObamaNation says:

    Buck Fuckwheat! Ignant azz sociopaths like Fuckwheat are the bane of our existence.

  4. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    As homosexuality has been mainstreamed by our gay president, look for more homosexual evidence within the black ‘culture’ far above the national average.

  5. DJ says:

    Erectus Walks Amongst Us

    The evolution of modern humans

    Richard D. Fuerle

  6. Jimbo says:

    I have a friend whose mother lived in the same house in a city suburb for over 50 years. As the neighborhood got older it was ‘taken over’ and she ended up with crack dealers next door.

    It is dangerous to live among them. That’s why black neighbor hoods are almost completely black.

  7. wingmann says:

    iquise?? what did his parent do,stir up some alphabet soup and when it settled it read iquise??
    This turd is a prime candidate for lead poisoning.

  8. modd kenwood says:

    ho-hum…another day,another black on white hate crime

  9. jarhead says:

    This is very disgusting the stupid basturd needs a dirt nap!

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    He should get life without parole just for his name! Where do they get these names!!

    As for the crime, and since he’s only 17, he should be hanged in front of his housing project using a black rope so as not to appear racist.

  11. IslandLifer says:

    Cut off his pecker, shove it up his ass, and sew it shut. The new punishment for rape.

  12. Jodie says:

    Well, we have to look at why (whitey) these young black men (whitey) are committing these unpleasant acts (whitey). What can we as a community do (blame whitey) to solve this problem (kill whitey)?

    That’s the meme with the subliminal overtones that I’m hearing from the left these days.

  13. Mcdave says:

    This is just the kind of fine young man your darling white daughter will soon calling “baby daddy”. Bet you can’t wait to raise those grandchildren. Nice job America.

  14. ito says:

    congratulations jarhead. the only comment that w/o some racist allusion.

    nice work

    If you wanna know why people call you guys racists it’s because you are. No need to ponder.

  15. ito says:

    And good for DJ using the real codified racism. That was quite a link, and I couldn’t help but notice that no one called you out for it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Here she is…

    Couple arrested for having sex inside display shed at HOME DEPOT…

  17. ito says:

    So DJ’s post with a link offering scientific proof that blacks are apes does not get moderated out – but mine accusing y’all of racism does.

    kind of proves my point, ya know?

  18. Flu-Bird says:


  19. Conan says:


  20. Conan says:

    Ito, go fuck yourself. Us “creepy ass crackas” are tired of black criminals.

  21. DJ says:

    You have a point, ito.

    Yeah, as if scientific proof is needed.

  22. Spared says:

    Needless to say – headline news nationwide with the races reversed. What a repulsive crime.

  23. SafeTea says:

    ito, if white “youts” were routinely rampaging, raping, robbing, beating and killing blacks you would have a lot of problems with that, to the point of seriously hating on whites.

    There is a HUGE difference between the way blacks and whites think and behave. Raping women and children of another race adds another dimension to the depravity, making it a racial attack as well as criminal attack.

  24. Clingtomyguns says:

    “This is life. … It’s just the way it is”

    Or as Hillary says, “What difference does it make?”

    The three black “teens” who beat the hell out of the white kid on the school bus receive a mild wrist slap from authorities, teaching them that violence pays and helping them build their gansta resumes.

    Three teenagers charged in a vicious school bus beating were sentenced to indefinite probation Thursday in a Florida juvenile court.

    The probation sentence for the trio of 15-year-olds came with multiple conditions including community service, random drug tests and electronic monitoring, meaning ankle bracelets for as long as 60 days.

    In addition, the teens must also take anger management classes, comply with mandatory curfews and stay away from the victim.

    Whoop-tee-doo. Boy that will show them, and I’m sure they’ll serve out their punishments to the letter! sarc. What about a little diversity training for these blacks? Nope, that’s only for white folks.

    Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight and Lloyd Khemradj had all pled guilty earlier Thursday to aggravated battery charges in the attack on a 13-year-old boy on a Pinellas County school bus in July. Reddin also pleaded guilty to a count of robbery for taking $5 from the victim after the assault.

    Fla. Circuit Judge Raymond Gross, in delivering the sentence, ordered Reddin to pay restitution of the $5 and also ordered him to more community service than the other two.

    Prosecutors also asked for and were granted a measure stipulating that if any of the three students ended up at same high school as the victim they had the” burden” to leave that school and go to another one.

    Police had said the teens attacked the victim after he told officials at their dropout prevention school that one of them tried to sell him marijuana. The victim suffered a broken arm and two black eyes after being repeatedly struck by punches and kicks.

    “If these matters were in adult court …they would be considered very serious,” Gross said Thursday in Clearwater, Fla.

    Reddin’s mom, who was also in the courtroom, believed the video of the beating was shocking and appeared emotional as she said it was the first time she saw it. You wouldn’t have seen it on the alphabet networks.

    Reddin’s lawyer says his client was accused of something that he didn’t do.

    Prior to McKnight’s court appearance, his father gave this statement:

    “All I can say is that he had his consequences already, you know?” McKnight said. “This is life. I am sorry what happened to the victim. It’s just the way it is. My son ain’t never been no bad person, he just got mixed [up] with bad people, that’s all … He’s sorry.”

  25. Barfo says:

    Another reason to take these obongo feral POS punks to the back of the jailhouse , put a bullet in their heads and send the bill to the parents.

  26. ito says:

    I think this is great! Racist should be out in the open. Be true to yourselves: you’re backward racists w/ low IQs and you’re not going to hide it for anyone’s benefit!

    Now let that N-word FLY my boys!!!! YEEEEE-HAAAAA!!!!!

  27. Jester says:

    But not all black kids are bad.

  28. hiram says:

    Ito apparently missed the actual racism here… a black raping a 93-YEAR-OLD WOMAN. But I guess pointing out that would be “racist”, right?

  29. DJ says:

    Not only did A-hole ito miss the actual racism: the rape of the 93 year old by a black thug; the hysterical ito didn’t read the book I linked to. The book does NOT give ‘scientific proof’ that blacks are apes. It merely chronicles human evolution.

    Here is the book description via

    Erectus Walks Amongst Us

    Richard D. Fuerle (Author)

    This book is divided into 5 sections: (1) What the reader needs to know about fossil humans, evolution, neoteny, genetic distance, and evolutionary psychology. (2) The traits of races of living people, their hard and soft tissue, behavior, intelligence, and accomplishments, (3) The Out-of-Africa theory of modern human origins, including fossil support, mtDNA and nuclear DNA support, and the alleged replacement of Eurasians by Africans about 65,000 years ago, (4) The Out-of-Eurasia theory of human origins, including evolution up to a bipedal ape, why man’s intelligence increased until recently, Neanderthals, and the origins of Eurasians, Africans, and Asian aborigines, and (5) Policies based on the previous sections, i.e., the classification of races, miscegenation, hybrids, segregation, eugenics, the left, egalitarianism, individualism, morality, and the present situation.


  30. SafeTea says:

    Jester, I saw that video yesterday and sent it around to family and friends. Very heartening.

    You’re right, not all black kids are bad and I don’t believe anyone here is implying that. There are some black kids who are being raised right by good, God-fearing parents, as that video attests.

  31. DJ says:

    Two Healthcare Assistants Jailed for Cruelty, Telegraph (London)

    ‘Elderly Brits in the care of Africans.’

  32. ito says:

    Seriously, that kid has a right to rape old ladies. Come on, with looks like that, he’ll never have a real girlfriend. You guys are racists for pointing out he’s an animal. He probably came from a broken home, which gives him a reason to rape old ladies.

  33. jeigheff says:

    Apparently ito can’t read an account like this one and understand it in any way. He/she doesn’t feel sympathy for the victim, and he/she doesn’t feel any revulsion or anger at the criminal for the crime. He/she feels no alarm about the national trend of violent blacks attacking whites. He/she can’t identify or comprehend wickedness.

    Unfortunately, there are some really miserable public examples that have exerted their influence on people like ito, like the mulatto who calls himself Barak Obama, Eric Holder, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, etc. They have no regard for whites, to the point that they refuse to denounce black-on-white violence.

    If ito is white, he’d better wake up in a damn hurry. Violent white-hating blacks won’t have any sympathy for him if he meets them face-to-face. Telling them that he acted like a troll on Moonbattery won’t get him much mercy.

  34. grayjohn says:

    Duct tape him to a lawn chair and give him to the old womans family.

  35. Cameraman says:

    Ito’ you sound like a (White) Hating Liberal or a Coal Burner? Which is it, These (Animals) Baboons all deserve a Dirt Nap…A good N…is a Dead N….How can that be Raycist?….Asshat!

  36. Jester says:

    Thanks for noticing, SafeTea. I was just responding in kind to our resident troll, who obviously missed it.

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