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Nov 13 2017

Syrian Rapes Pony at Berlin Children’s Zoo

The massive influx of refugees has broadened the horizons of German experience:

A young man allegedly sexually assaulted a pony of the “Children’s Farm” in Görlitzer Park. An employee of the institution confirms this to Berliner Morgenpost. The incident occurred on [November 3] around 3 PM. Amanda F. (name changed by our editorial staff) described the incident to Berliner Morgenpost. “My babysitter took a walk with our son through Görlitzer Park. They had to witness the man sexually assaulting the pony.”

The Syrian perpetrator must have reasoned that there could be no better place to engage in zoophilia than a zoo. This particular children’s zoo is located in a park infamous for being overrun by drug dealers largely imported from Africa.

Innocence will not survive Germany’s colonization by the Third World.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

24 Responses to “Syrian Rapes Pony at Berlin Children’s Zoo”

  1. itsatax says:

    “Get em out! Get em outta here!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    And they’re upset when everyone else makes jokes…

  3. MAS says:

    See? They’re beginning to assimilate. Moving from goats to ponies and maybe someday actual women.

  4. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Maybe the pony reminded him of an old girlfriend.

  5. Nick Testa says:

    Ah yes the jerk-off material for Millennials……

  6. Nick Testa says:

    Beating off to Lamas is absolutely something that goes against the “grain” and says “Fuk you Yankee wankers” hhahahahaha…


  7. Nick Testa says:

    If they fuck ponys …….Please come to the US you Blue Eyed Swedes. Molesting ponys here is looked down at…… Get in where you fit in.

  8. yowsah yowsah3 says:

    Well…….at least while he’s screwing the pony, he’s leaving little boys alone.

  9. K.E.Miles says:

    Was this at the Heavy Petting Zoo?

  10. yowsah yowsah3 says:

    I knew a girl like that once.
    She always had a loooong face, so I left her in the barn.

  11. richard says:

    “Pony! I could have sworn by Allah it was a goat!”

  12. Jim Lehey says:

    Taking Bronie culture a little too far.

  13. Frank says:

    Arabs made the first condoms from goat intestines. Centuries later, the British improved them by removing intestines from the goats.

  14. Frank says:

    Unless it was male pony, which would have made his romantic tryst doubly delightful!

  15. Frank says:

    It was the smell.

  16. Colonel_Bat_Guano says:

    Dollars to donuts he wasn’t singing Yankee Doodle

  17. SLCain says:

    I remember that Osama bin Laden said something about “favoring the strong horse”. I wonder if this is what he had in mind.

  18. Doris says:

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  19. Boudica says:

    It’s the zoo’s fault. They knew there had to be goats around for sexual emergencies.

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