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Dec 12 2011

Tax-Evading Reverend Al Spends Even More Than He Takes In

Evidence accrues that no matter how much money you give liberals, they will always spend it and more. For example, Al Sharpton pulls in a fortune mau-mauing corporations into handing over mountains of “donations” in return for not being branded “racist” — and yet:

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s nonprofit paid him nearly $242,000 — even as it carried $1.6 million in debt, according to documents obtained by The Post.

In all, the controversial activist and his empire, including the National Action Network and two for-profit companies, were $5.3 million in the red, public records show.

Part of the problem is that like many well-to-do liberals, Sharpton believes that taxes are for other people to pay.

Most of NAN’s money woes stemmed from more than $880,000 in unpaid federal payroll taxes, interest and penalties. It also paid more than $100,000 to settle two lawsuits, byproducts of the unpaid bills. …

Sharpton drew a $241,732 salary and perks that included first-class or charter air travel, tax filings show. He owes the IRS $2.6 million in income tax, and nearly $900,000 in state tax.

Capitalists manage to pay their taxes; why can’t socialists? Where did the money go? This offers a clue:

[NAN] is close to finished repaying the Peabody Hotel in Memphis $106,981 owed since 2008, when NAN skipped out on its bill after its annual convention, according to its 2010 audited financial statements.

Living large results in large bills. Since the $3+ million in donations NAN raked in last year won’t suffice, it must be time to accuse someone with deep pockets of “discrimination.”

Recipients of the Big Spenders Club Lifetime Achievement Award.

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10 Responses to “Tax-Evading Reverend Al Spends Even More Than He Takes In”

  1. Don Herron says:

    Only the little people pay taxes.

  2. IslandLifer says:

    Most charities are fraudulent and only serve as $ laundering operations. That’s why I don’t donate $, only clothing.

  3. Nathaniel M says:

    Why this scumbag has gotten elevated as much as he did has still a mystery. Some of us still remember Tawana Brawley & Crown Heights.

  4. HTA! says:

    Wow, 3,500,000 In back taxes he owes. Tax Evade We Much!

  5. Henry says:

    Picture caption:

    (In unison) “Fuck the 99%!”

  6. TexasDoc says:

    The Rev must be related to Leona Helmsley or Wesley Snipes.

  7. IslandLifer says:

    Ya and he didn’t even pay his own debt after being sued for slander in the Brawley case. He’s a good slave that’s why.

  8. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    Try a local charity.
    There is one here that helps the elderly and disabled.
    (meals rides ect)
    And if you ever feel they are not doing enough, you are always welcome to come and pitch in yourself.

  9. IslandLifer says:

    I do Ghost. My time can be donated whenever. My $ never (except tithing but I don’t count that as donation). I give clothing to the homeless shelter and drive around giving $1 hamburgers to the homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’ll never see me write a check out though.

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