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Nov 12 2017

Teacher Suspended for Referring to Girl as Girl

In a soft tyranny, you probably won’t lose your life for neglecting to pretend that 2 + 2 = 5. But you may lose your job:

A teacher has been suspended and could face the sack after he ‘accidentally’ called a transgender pupil a ‘girl’ in class when the student identifies as a boy.

Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, who teaches maths at a state secondary school in Oxfordshire, said ‘Well done girls’ to the teenager and a friend when he spotted them working hard.

He apologised when corrected by the pupil, but six weeks later he was suspended from teaching after the pupil’s mother lodged a complaint.

Apologies don’t suffice when you have committed a serious thought crime like accidently referring to a girl as a girl even though her mother wants everyone to pretend she is a boy.

Following an investigation, he has been summoned to a formal disciplinary hearing this week to face misconduct charges for ‘misgendering’.

Sutcliffe stands further accused of referring to the student by name rather than denigrating the concept of objective reality by using masculine pronouns to refer to a girl. This is the key to the entire transgender jihad. It is not enough to stay quiet; you must actively reject sanity and pledge allegiance to moonbattery by using biologically incorrect pronouns. It is the liberal equivalent of forcing you to recite the shahada.

Once they get you to refer to Bruce Jenner or Bradley Manning as “she,” they own you. You have averred that 2 + 2 = 5 if the authorities say so, and have surrendered the right to object to any other tyrannical lunacy they may see fit to impose.

On a tip from Don M.

23 Responses to “Teacher Suspended for Referring to Girl as Girl”

  1. JackisBack says:

    What leftist branch of a main stream religion brought this insanity to America? It is thought crime to admit the truth.

  2. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Slowly the tolerant are learning why the intolerant were compelled to bash fruits.

  3. SineWaveII says:

    “There are FOUR… LIGHTS!”

  4. vladdy1 says:

    Cultural Marxism is anti-religion.

  5. itsatax says:

    The Islamists who are taking over swaths of British cities must think this stuff is hilarious.

  6. Watchman59 says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll keep saying it. Western “Civilization” is dead, the corpse just won’t admit it.

  7. nineleven says:

    Guess what, there are two potential outcomes for this insanity that will occur to the leftists who are doing this:
    1. when Islam takes over
    2. when the pendulum swings to the normal again

  8. KHarn says:

    Instead of apologizing, he should have told the student “Thank you for DESTROYING MY LIFE!” Make a class project out of it: “How multi-gendering and social justice makes life a living hell”.

  9. K.E.Miles says:

    Every imagined affront is being weaponized.

  10. Nick Testa says:

    WTF happened? I’m only 37 and I feel like I landed on another planet..

    In what universe can someone just claim they’re something they’re not? ….. This goes against science – the scientific method…

    Oh and remember back in the day when the common knock on conservatives was that they were “anti-science”???

    In the span of 10 years democrats/progressives have managed to become a cult..

    Hell, if you were a democrat 10 years ago or even a “Kennedy democrat” then and now — in the present these “new” democrats/progressives would call you a “white supremacist NAZI bigot” lol..

    I’m at a loss for words…. This new fairytale nonsense does not mesh well with facts humanity has progressively learned over the course of the past 8,000 years (or since documentation)….

    Progressives are a danger to humanity going forward because they have rejected all science and have switched facts with “muh feelings”…… SORRY that’s not the way reality works.

    Fuck! lol.

  11. littlefish says:

    get rid of a teacher so little it can get an A . if the school is that flaky the teacher is better off . move and find a real school to teach in

  12. Sandy Reardon says:

    i wondered 20 years ago if liberals could get any more demented– wow just wow

  13. grayjohn says:

    Just call them “Things”. Or C**ts.

  14. Angel says:

    But we have always been at war with Eastasia.

  15. criolle says:

    x,x = female
    x,y = male
    Drops mike…

  16. Bosun Higgs says:

    Is it okay to refer to moonbats by colorful metaphors?

  17. Bosun Higgs says:

    Moonbats are in a race to the bottom.

  18. Franklyfrank says:

    That’s why we must always defer to facts, not feelings.
    This nonsense has to be called out on EVERYWHERE IT EXISTS.

  19. Sandy Reardon says:

    The struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

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