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Feb 12 2013

Technical Difficulties

Apologies for the site being down, and for any emails that were missed during the technical difficulties that afflicted the site today and yesterday as a result of an SQL database malfunction. Everything is back in order now. The merciless evisceration of all things moonbatty will resume.

All better now.

21 Responses to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. Whew! Thought you may have been hacked by Free Speech lovin’ lefties!

    Welcome back!

  2. StanInTexas says:

    Is that a test pattern, or is it what the First Lady will be wearing at the speech tonight?

  3. Hillman says:

    Thank goodness. I need my daily dose of Moonbattery. I can’t live without it. 🙂

  4. Jodie says:

    Oh my goodness! This has been the worst day of my life! Just kidding. It’s been a little rough, but I got lots of things done around the house. I’m glad you’re back Moonbattery!

  5. mike says:

    glad your back

  6. TheWrightWind, Stanin Texas, Hillman and Jodie:

    All four of you made me laugh. What a great way to start out the comment section!

  7. AZRon says:

    “merciless evisceration” is always worth waiting for when it is duly and properly executed.

    Glad you’re back.

  8. marcus tullius cicero says:

    Thank God and RR you are back on line.. I was afraid that king osongobama goons got to you’ll.
    Now I can feel better…I hope that Reps. have the horse sense to get up and walk out of the SOTUS, it will drive
    the moonbatshits CRAZY….

  9. Alphamail says:

    Was it DHS, Anonymous, or the Chinese Government…..we may never know.

    But Moonbattery is back and all is well with the Western World…..sort of.

  10. Flu-Bird says:

    It realy ruffled my feathers but WELOME BACK

  11. Alphamail says:

    About to catch this idiot anytime now.

    As of 1:39 pm today.

  12. Sam Adams says:

    Probably a test run for when the black helicopters come. Dave…I don’t think you or I have enough ammo.

  13. AZRon says:

    Sam Adams says:
    Dave…I don’t think you or I have enough ammo.

    In truth, faced with an EVENT, anymore than 20 rounds is probably wishful thinking.

    Even as five rounds might be enough to make a point, 1 million rounds won’t prevent your demise.

  14. Kyoshi71 says:

    How dare you have technical difficulties during business hours. What else was I supposed to do at work?

  15. dan says:

    ..spent my 12 hours jonesing and waiting for the knock at the door….and I still didn’t do the housework (gotta get a maid…or teach Milo)

    …agree AZRon,usually the first 2-3 seconds settle the matter if carefully placed…although I’m sure they’re referring to the battle tactic of suppressive fire
    so as to gain a better firing position.

  16. Son of Taz says:

    I thought a drone had hit

  17. Tchhht!!! says:

    Whoaaa Dave,

    I thought you had been dragged off to a re-education camp. Whew!!!

  18. Sam Adams says:

    How do we know that the Dave we have now is the same Dave we had yesterday and the day before???

    Pods, my friends, pods. Don’t go to sleep.

    As to rounds of ammo, I give you Simo Häyhä.

    Here are the stats:
    Mosin Nagant – Finnish modification
    Iron sights
    5’3″ tall
    100 days of fighting
    505+ confirmed kills
    Use your Googlefu for good.

  19. TrojanMan says:

    As a DBA SQL Server sucks, Oracle is much better.

  20. Tech Supporter says:

    @Sam Adams, google is shit. Use ixquick or duck duck go.

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