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Apr 20 2017

The Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

Apple’s militantly gay SJW CEO must be so proud:

[Tuesday] night the Newseum gave its second annual “free speech award” to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The honor was just one of several “Free Expression” awards that “recognize those who exhibit passion for and dedication to free expression.”

Here’s why this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day:

It was only a few months ago that Apple removed the New York Times app from the Chinese version of the App Store. “The move limits access to one of the few remaining channels for readers in mainland China to read The Times without resorting to special software,” the paper reported. Nor was this the first time Apple had accommodated the communist dictatorship in its quest to deny Chinese readers an independent media. “Apple has previously removed other, less prominent media apps from its China store.” When the Times asked Apple what was going on, the global corporation, with a market cap of some $700 billion, said it was merely complying with the request of the Chinese authorities. Funny: a year earlier Tim Cook had self-righteously refused to comply with an FBI request to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorists. …

The Newseum is famous for the huge slab of marble that hangs from its facade. On it is engraved the text of the First Amendment. That amendment also guarantees the right to religious liberty, but Cook opposes state religious freedom statutes because they “would allow people to discriminate against their neighbors.”

Why did Tim Cook of all people receive this award?

A reader points out that, according to the program, Apple is a “platinum sponsor” of the Newseum’s Free Expression awards.

Makes sense, I guess. But it’s still dumb.

Not a fan of the First Amendment.

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31 Responses to “The Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen All Day”

  1. Sufferfortribe says:

    Oh, the liberal/progressive irony in this………which I’m reading on my iPad. 🙂

  2. SineWaveII says:

    Sooo in a sense tim kook did the same thing as the guy who purchases a trophy at the trophy shop and then displays it like a real achievement.

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  4. TED says:


  5. TED says: SnowFLAKE is MUCH MORE accurate!!!

  6. TED says: Listen to Waters for 142 years?!! NAH!!!!!



  9. TED says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    It must not be tyranny if Leftists help other Leftists do it…

  11. MAS says:

    Yet another example of pragmatic reasoning. Old Tim would tell us “It’s just business” and deny he is against freedom of expression. Folks like this don’t really stand firmly for morality and will bend basic decency for a profit or buzz. The sad truth is both sides (left and right) have folks who cannot discern that compromise with the devil is actually surrender a bit at a time until the devil has complete hold.

  12. MAS says:

    And deported…

  13. geeknerd says:

    Where can I see the latest by Dixon Diaz? Google and Bing show me his stuff from 2 years ago.

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