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Jul 16 2017

The Effect of Minimum Wage Hikes on Employment

In case there really are people out there who do not understand that raising the minimum wage inevitably increases unemployment and hurts the poor, Zane Tankel explains it using his own company to illustrate. Tankel is Chairman and CEO of Apple-Metro, the Applebee’s franchisee for the New York metropolitan area.

At least a positive aspect of higher minimum wage has been discovered. The need to employ fewer people spurs innovation.

On a tip from Torcer.

8 Responses to “The Effect of Minimum Wage Hikes on Employment”

  1. MB.TrumpbotCruzbot says:

    I half suspect that the dems do indeed understand that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment, at least the leadership does. They don’t care. They realize that the issue is easy to over-simplify and demagogue and works well for them at election time. It also increases their power over business and increases the size of their underclass, guaranteeing them many future electorial successes.

  2. jayeS says:

    Less people less taxes paid. duh!

  3. Shortly says:

    If we removed government from the paycheck everyone would have a living wage.

  4. realityinAction says:

    …TAXATION IS A PENALTY, less taxes less government, hence less expense to the working class of America. Government in its present form doesn’t care about cost. . .

    I LIVE IN A CITY THAT CELEBRATED RAKING IN 1 MILLION DOLLARS IN A HOTEL TAX IN ONE YEAR AS A ECONOMIC SUCCESS FOR THE CITY. A PENALTY LEVELED ON VISITORS FOR STAYING IN HOTELS…. THIS AN OTHER TAXES,e.g. Rental Cars has caused visitors to Rent cars from a nearby city not in the same state and stay in that city and drive the 48 miles to do business.

    minimum wage rate increase will only spur more automation of the work place and thus displace more entry level job seekers.

  5. Eddie_Valiant says:

    That’s one way, but a better way would be to require all wage earners to pay their own taxes once a week or month perhaps. Too many never realize just how much is being withheld and, as a result, keep voting in the same people that hurt them.

  6. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Just my opinion, but I think the technology in places such as Applebees (casual dining) will hurt them in the short term. They’ll get the young families to dine there, but for many people, part of the enjoyment of dining out is to have a knowledgeable server.

    Being handed an iPad with the instructions to push here just won’t cut it, IMHO.

  7. irandom419 says:

    Agreed, I think all withholding should go into a savings account and at some regular interval, they have to authorize transfer to the government.

  8. jayeS says:

    So play the system, make it work against them. Be a bit smarter than the government.

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