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Jul 31 2011

The Food Stamp President

You have to hand it to the Moonbat Messiah — he has managed to liberate millions from the shackles of wage slavery:

Anyone who wondered what he meant when he promised to fundamentally transform America ought to have a good idea by now.

On a tip from Infidel Joe.

15 Responses to “The Food Stamp President”

  1. Beforethestorm says:

    It’s not just him. He has had all sorts of help screwing us from Congress, special interests and previous administrations. I, quite frankly, don’t believe Obama has two brain cells to rub together. I think he is a puppet with somebody else’s hand shoved up his butt making his lips move and read the teleprompter. It pisses me off royally.

  2. TonyD95B says:

    These programs aren’t for everybody, though.

    I got laid off at one point in my career. I found a new job right away, but it would be a couple of months before I would get my “start date”.

    So, after three or four weeks, I applied for unemployment benefits. After jumping through all the hoops, two weeks later I got them.

    Shortly after that I was called in to the Unemployment Office and threatened with immediate arrest, imprisonment, payback of all benefits received, fines, forfiture of assets, etc.

    The reason? I was listed as an officer of a corporation.

    Never mind that it was a part-time business that made little or no money……what mattered was that I was “ineligible” for benefits because, “corporate officers can’t collect unemployment”.

    Never mind that it was my “day job” that I lost.

    I got that whole mess straightened out, and they reinstated my benefits…..and then I started my new job.

    Yep – I guess that big ol’ Socialist Safety Net isn’t there to protect uppity would-be “capitalists” like me who show signs of initiative…..

  3. Silent Knight says:

    Wait until you hear the deafening sound this House of Cards makes when it collapses. It will not be pleasant.

    Watchful waiting.

  4. AC says:

    TonyD95B says:

    Should have asked for the Franklin Raines special.


    Obama the ultra liberal socialists despot and tyrant

  6. KHarn says:

    The New Deal was supposed to be a TEMPORARY measure, the idiot polititions who kept it alive has brought us into a NEW depression where our money is no longer backed by gold and silver, our industry has gone overseas to escape heavy taxes and regulations, and our people don’t know how to do basic repairs and don’t have the proper education to learn.

    Our grandparents were prepared for the depression, we are “babes in the woods”.


    Look counterfit foodstamps they have a reptile pictured on the front



  9. hiram says:

    Now it’s Australian Safety Sign spammers? Sigh. Registration is looking less and less unpalatable every day…

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  11. Dr. Mercury says:

    Good post, Dave. Because if there’s one thing we conservatives don’t want poor people to have, it’s food.

  12. Winston Smith says:

    Its not Food Stamps any more. Its a more eurphamistic SNAP. As in the SNAPping of Americas financial backbone.

  13. Had it up to here :/ says:

    Just ONE of the givaway programs that needs some SERIOUS overhauling (Or abolishing).

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