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May 06 2012

The Moonbat Magic Is Gone

The Moonbat Messiah officially launched his reelection campaign at a largely empty arena in Columbus yesterday. Those in attendance responded to his monotonous duckspeak by picking their noses, fooling around on their smart phones, and yawning:

Via Breitbart, on tips from Shawn and G. Fox.

45 Responses to “The Moonbat Magic Is Gone”

  1. QuietMan says:

    Once he’s reelected, he’ll have the flexibility to respond like it’s a North Korean funeral. Insufficiently motivated? Off to the camps with you….

  2. Bubba says:


  3. lao says:

    “Largely empty”?? Love the desperate spin. Lies are all you have left.

    First official Obama rally got 2012 election, Columbus Ohio

    Was the place packed? No. There were reportedly over 14,000 people in the 18,000 seat arena.

    Of course, if the far right really wants to whine about numbers then by all means, check out this photo of the Romney rally where he unveiled his economic package.

    You want a correct photo of “largely empty”? Here you go.

    Mitt Romney’s economic speech falls flat at near-empty stadium

    Romney opened himself up to derision for choosing a 70,000-seat stadium which attracted just over 1,000 people, many of them school children bussed in to help fill out the crowd, tucked into a corner of the astro-turf pitch.

    Obama launches 2nd term bid at boisterous Va. rally; calls Romney ‘rubber stamp’ of House GOP

    President Barack Obama wrapped up Saturday’s inaugural re-election campaign foray blasting his likely Republican foe at a packed-house rally of 8,000 people, some of them drenched from waiting outside in a thunderstorm.

  4. Drury says:

    Funny how they didn’t show the upper deck of the arena–which, from other blog reports I have seen, shows it entirely empty. Once again, our 5th-column media-masters perform their propaganda magic not by what they show, but by what they don’t show.

    F the MSM and FBO.

  5. Red Dawn says:

    Kicking off his campaign with a class warfare speech on Marx’ 194th birthday. How original. “Hate thy neighbor”, the tyrant pleas.

  6. Sinister66 says:

    The lies an BS thrown around by both sides is going to be just as, if not more entertaining then the new avengers movie. I need to go get a new pop corn popper for this.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    Amazing, the troll is caught IN ANOTHER LIE

    This is what the arena REALLY looked like!

  8. Bob Roberts says:

    The troll’s second link compares Romney TODAY with Obama in 2008. Yes, we know, Obama drew huge crowds in 2008. But he’s not drawing huge crowds now. BOTH SIDES are sick of politicians and not happy with the candidates either party is presenting.

    And note how the third link, just like the first one, uses only tight camera shots to hide the fact that Obama’s crowd is just as dismal compared to the crowds he drew in 2008.

    The troll lies – as we know.

    As for the link in the follow-up post, that image may well be from ANOTHER EVENT, not the Obama rally, with the Obama/Biden logo photoshopped in.

    If you look closely at the rest of the images provided at the trolls link:

    You’ll notice something that clinches the fact they’re only offered to hide the fact he couldn’t come close to filling the house.

  9. Bob Roberts says:

    Quote from the Columbus Dispatch:

    Noting that the Obama campaign had predicted an “overflow crowd,” Williams said, “This arena was not full so the president failed to meet the bar his campaign set.”

    Here’s what the upper deck REALLY looked like during the rally – note that the crawl IS ON and DOES SHOW the Obama/Biden logo.

    NY Times Description of Obama Campaign Kickoff Rallies: “They Had The Feeling of a Concert By An Aging Rock Star”… a few supporters were wearing faded “Hope” and Obama 2008 T-shirts, and cheers went up when the president told people to tell their friends that this campaign was “still about hope” and “still about change.”

  10. Bob Roberts says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    Welcome to Ohio. I have a simple question for you: Where are the jobs?

    As we enter the fourth year of your term, unemployment is over 8 percent and has been for your entire term. Nearly 23 million men and women are unemployed, underemployed or are no longer even looking for work. In the face of such challenges, many Americans have simply given up hope.

    I recognize, of course, as do all Americans, that you inherited an economic crisis. But you’ve now had three years to turn things around. The record of those three years is clear. Your policies have failed, not only in Ohio, but across the nation.

    The results are a continuing tragedy for millions upon millions of people. Everywhere I go, I meet Americans who are tired of being tired, and many of those who are fortunate enough to have a job are working harder for less. This is not the way it is supposed to be in America. This is not the way it needs to be.

    Mr. President, forgive me for being blunt, but when it comes to economic affairs, you’re out of your depth. Unlike you, I am not a career politician. Unlike you, I’ve spent more than two decades working in the private sector, starting new businesses and turning around failing ones. Undoing the damage you’ve done will be a daunting challenge. But I’ve learned a thing or two about how government policies can kill private investment and stifle job creation and I have a plan to get government out of the way.

    Mr. President, while campaigning for the presidency nearly four years ago, you declared that you were “absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

    Mr. President, the American people are tired of the grandiose promises. And they are even more tired of the paltry results.

    Mr. President, your promises now ring hollow. If you have brought new ideas to Ohio for creating jobs, why have you waited three years to unveil them? Have you suddenly had a revelation, or is it because 2012 is an election year? Whatever the case, what you are offering Ohio now is too little, too late.

    What Ohio needs — what the country needs — is not four more years of economic mismanagement and failed leadership. It needs a fundamental change in direction that, by returning the country to the principles of limited government and free enterprise, would unleash the potential of the American people.

    I have a path forward to accomplish that. I have spent much of my life in business, turning around troubled enterprises. I can do the same for the most troubled of all enterprises: our federal government.

    Our taxes are too high, and our government is too big. I will cut individual tax rates by 20 percent across the board to jump-start job creation, grow the economy and help Americans keep more of their hard-earned dollars. I will reform a corporate tax system that drives American jobs overseas. I will slash the needless regulations that crimp our energy supply and inhibit so many different kinds of businesses. In the year I was born, unemployment was 3.9 percent. When I turned 21, it was 3.6 percent. We can do so much better than we have been doing.

    But we need proper leadership.

    So once again, Mr. President, welcome to Ohio, and welcome to the campaign. We need a great debate about how best to get our country working again. We can’t afford four more years of failure. I believe in unleashing America’s potential. That is what my own campaign for the presidency is all about.


    Mitt Romney

  11. KHarn says:

    A lot of readers on this site want LAO around because they find him amusing; but as the post above proves, he’s just DESPERATE to keep the neo-commie “magic” alive. It’s pathetic and boring to me. Cut him off is my vote.

    I’m begining to think that he IS paid to post here.

  12. Joe says:

    I say throw him to the dogs. No wait. He might try to be like his hero and eat them.

  13. wingmann says:

    The self-loathing canadian needs to stay..we need the entertainment

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    lao says: May 6, 2012 at 4:15 pm
    By the way, the troll went back into his archives for that picture of the Romney rally. That is NOT a current photo of a Romney appearance. It’s not from this month, it’s not from last month, it’s not from the month before that.

    KHarn says: May 6, 2012 at 6:30 pm
    I agree. The troll has outlived his usefulness here. He’s just annoying now.

    Prior to this I had been against banning him, but now it’s really the only move that makes sense.

    wingmann says: May 6, 2012 at 8:28 pm
    A month ago I might have agreed with you. But no longer. If we need amusement we can go to the onion. They might post things that aren’t true, like our troll, but at least they’re up front about doing it.

  15. AlphaMail says:

    Methinks the troll may wet himself.

  16. lao says:

    Too funny. I post links with multiple pictures from the Columbus rally and you claim that I’m the one posting lies.

    Truly amazing.

    It’s no wonder that those who lie the most are the ones who figure I should be banned.

    As for Romney in that empty stadium, of course that was in February, there was no claim otherwise. Bit of an unwise choice of venue wouldn’t you say?

    You want a more current Romney rally? Ok, here’s one he held last Friday, video included. Have you got anything better?

    Mitt Romney Campaign Rally Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 4 2012

  17. SR says:

    I’m sure everyone of those empty seats will be voting for Obama this November.

  18. AC says:

    What’s your point, lao? That Americans are sick and tired of these blowhard political insiders from both sides of the aisle?

    If both are attracting lackluster crowds then that is a damn good sign that Washington is broken and operating without the consent of the governed.

  19. Belfast says:

    No, Lao, you said Blount was lying. Provided links that showed selected sections. Then caught out, you tried to change.
    Have a talk with your control, he got you into this mess.

  20. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    “Look, self-absorption is part of the occupational hazard of politics, and it’s also part of the job description of being president,” Will said. “All that said, try to imagine Dwight Eisenhower talking about D-Day saying, ‘I did this. I decided this. I did this and then I did that.’ It’s inconceivable.”

    That comparison between Obama and Eisenhower illustrated the problem for the president, Will said.

    “If you struck from Barack Obama’s vocabulary the first-person singular pronoun, he would fall silent, which would be a mercy to us and a service to him, actually,” Will continued. “Because he was been so incontinent for the last three years that you wind up with, as you said, [an] Ohio State University with empty seats.”

    Read more:

  21. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Another vote here to ban lao. This site has become lao’s blog and it’s boring, the cardinal sin of blogging.

  22. lao says:

    TUP, thanks for another vote to prevent someone from expressing their opinion. Isn’t it your paranoid claim that that’s what Obama wants to do?

    AC, my point is that blunt’s “largely empty arena” claim is an outright lie.

    Look at the pictures and videos linked and try to claim otherwise.

    Reports say there were over 14,000 people in an 18,000 seat arena. Is that jam-packed? Of course not. Was it “largely empty”? I suppose that depends on your willingness to lie and absurdly exaggerate.

    Google “Obama Arena Empty” and you can see a collection of far-right websites promoting the same fantasy. The headline descriptions vary from “empty” to “half empty”, but one thing is constant, the same SINGLE photo is used as evidence.

    Several sites indicate that the photo was posted to Twitter by Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams.

    The subsequent claims by the usual parrots deny the facts. There are plenty of photos and videos of that rally available. What have the parrots got? ONE photo supplied by Romney’s spokesman. Get real.

    Here’s a link to the C-Span video of the entire event. There are also more photos. Take a look at image #3 at that site.

    Obama Ohio Rally

  23. lao says:

    I just realized that image #3 referenced above was from the Obama rally in Richmond Virginia. That rally was apparently full. As for the Ohio rally, there are plenty of photos of that already linked.

  24. TaterSalad says:

    One can say for sure that The President has complete control over these cult type of worshipers and they can be effectively be called “Useful Idiots”!

  25. son of a preacher man says:

    “TUP, thanks for another vote to prevent someone from expressing their opinion. Isn’t it your paranoid claim that that’s what Obama wants to do?”

    If you can’t tell the difference between telling a noisy inane assoul to shut up vs worrying about an actual world leader using his power of office for nefarious purposes such as taking away your right to speak out, you are morally retarded.

  26. Bob Roberts says:

    lao says: May 6, 2012 at 9:44 pm


    lao says: May 7, 2012 at 9:33 am
    Note how the troll lies and thinks he will get away with it!

    AFTER I made my comment about his use of carefully planned, tight shots which avoided showing all the empty seats at the Obama rally, AFTER I pointed out he went back months to find a Romney rally where the crowd was not very big, which was TRUE, he LATER posted a link to a campaign event held in a PRIVATE FACTORY, not a PUBLIC ARENA, as if that is a fair comparison to Obama’s rally.

    He’s really lying overtime, which is why I’ve pointed out I’ve switched sides from being one who was in favor of keeping him around to one who thinks he’s more just a distraction and a lying pain in the A$$ these days.

    I suspect if you check on where the Mitt Romney Campaign Rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 4 2012 actually was, you’ll find it was probably a capacity crowd, standing room only.

    The fact remains that Obama scheduled a campaign kickoff rally and failed to fill the house, failed to get even half of the people the campaign bragged were going to show up. Now it’s not my fault, nor is it the fire marshal’s fault, that the campaign rally lied and gave a number that was apparently 50% or more over the capacity of the venue THEY CHOSE. Perhaps they chose such a limited venue because they knew, in fact, that the crowd was going to be much smaller than they claimed and even their modest true beliefs were a significant overestimate, as images from honest people proved.

    In any case, this isn’t about Romney, though the troll wishes to distract us from the real message here. That message is that the general public is onto Obama and his ilk this time around and it’s going to take even more massive voter fraud than last time to get him re-elected.

  27. Joe says:

    Ban lao and the dopey son of a preacher who didn’t pay attention growing up.
    We should be more like the leftists in this country who want everything and everybody that they don’t like banned. I think “ban” is their favorite word, until it’s used against them, then and only then is it bad.

  28. Bob Roberts says:

    I’ve already seen, and posted, more than one photo showing whole banks of empty seats at the Obama rally.

    But the point the troll keeps hoping we will miss is that Obama downsized his venue, knowing his turnout was going to be dismal, but even so overestimated how many would come and lied about it (claiming 35K when they only booked a 20K, or if you believe the troll, 18k capacity venue), and even their downsized dreams were not realized as they only got, in a probably inflated count as Democrats are known to give, around 14-15k attendees.

    None of this is about Romney, IT IS ABOUT OBAMA. The troll does his best to try to change the narrative – DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO DO IT.

    This is about how bad Obama, the king of hopey change, is doing. This is about how people are on to him, how they know he’s the cause of problems, not the solution.

    This is about his upcoming defeat in November unless, as SR says @ May 6, 2012 at 9:59 pm, I’m sure everyone of those empty seats will be voting for Obama this November.

    There has to be a way to catch the Democrats engaging in their voter fraud – it won’t be easy, I know, but we know, it’s been proven, that’s one of their primary means of stealing elections. It’s critical we catch them in the act and put a stop to it.

  29. Sinister66 says:

    Bob Roberts says:

    If you click through some of those Youtube videos it looks like a pretty big crowd. Nothing like 2008 though. Be interesting to see how they grow on each side as time goes on.

    On a side note , you do realize this is just a blog right. Your getting a little too emotional in your responces to loa. Granted they are entertaining.

  30. son of a preacher man says:

    I don’t remember advocating anyone be banned. Joe maybe be we should ban you b/c of your woeful reading comprehension.

  31. lao says:

    Alas for bobby, the denial it is strong in him.

    bobby sez: AFTER I made my comment about his use of carefully planned, tight shots which avoided showing all the empty seats at the Obama rally….

    You mean like YOUR picture of 200 empty chairs and the crowd shot taken BEFORE the rally?

    Right. Check out the carefully planned, tight shots in these videos.

    This one shows a side view including seats behind Obama and the upper tiers.
    Fire It Up, Ready To Go! President Obama 2012 Re-Elect Rally

    This one was taken from behind the stage.
    President Barack Obama & First Lady, “Ready to Go!” Rally 2

  32. Bob Roberts says:


    Here’s his linked video from the next open thread, May 6

    If you watch it, here’s what you see:

    First, the camera person, for the most part, tries to carefully avoid going to the upper deck EXCEPT JUST BEHIND AND JUST TO THE RIGHT AND LEFT OF THE STAGE AREA!

    But they slip up. Watch carefully – four times, two on the right and two on the left, they slip up and show THAT THE UPPER DECK IS IN FACT MOSTLY EMPTY JUST AS THE PICTURES PROVIDED BY ROMNEY SUPPORTERS SAID!

    Now as for the two videos linked above in the 12:24 post, here’s the scoop:

    “Ready to Go”

    This video is taken, apparently by the same person (based on the description given in the video provided on the open thread, that one I linked above) and they are in the lower section, behind the band. Note how they keep the camera carefully aimed so it doesn’t show the upper deck. You can just barely see the crawl at top of frame. This is because, no doubt, THE UPPER DECK IS EMPTY ABOVE THE CRAWL FROM THIS ANGLE!

    BUT WAIT, STARTING AT :43 IN THE VIDEO THEY START SLIPPING AND SHOWING THAT IN FACT THE UPPER DECK IS INDEED EMPTY FOR MOST OF IT’S EXPANSE! JUST LIKE THE ROMNEY PICTURES SHOWED! You can see this again at 2:45 into this video. They slip up again at about 5:48 and again at around the time Obama is seen leaving the stage to his right. So the troll can’t claim this was “before the rally began”!

    So that’s TWO videos the troll provided that prove what a liar he is. Let’s see if there is another one, shall we?

    Here is the other video the troll provided on the other thread at 12:34:


    Again, the troll provided yet another video that PROVES HE AND THE OBAMUNISTS ARE LIARS and the venue was in fact significantly, perhaps even mostly, empty based on the obamunists claims they expected 35k to show up in a venue that held less than 20k and even so they wound up with a ton of empty seats and claim they had an attendance of around 14 or 15k when the videos provided by the troll suggest it was perhaps more like 10k.

  33. Bob Roberts says:

    I meant to say “largely” not “mostly”, my bad. “Mostly” is clearly not appropriate though it appears, thanks to the irrefutable evidence provided by the troll, that it is possible “largely” was in fact appropriate!

  34. Bob Roberts says:

    Schottenstein Center, OSU

    The obamunists used the “end stage” configuration.

    It appears the upper deck was empty from about section 307 to about section 321.

    That being the case, it is quite possible my estimate of a crowd of 10,000 was generous!

  35. Bob Roberts says:

    Hey troll, unless you want to get your tail whipped on two threads, now that you’ve moved this discussion to the next open thread, let’s just keep it going there from here on, if you think you need to continue the beating you’re getting on this subject. But, as I said there, I’m going to cut you some slack and leave you to lick your wounds for a bit. Be back later to check on you though!

  36. lao says:

    bobby YOU moved this discussion to the next open thread with your post there @9:13am providing a link to a picture of 200 empty chairs.

  37. Bob Roberts says:

    I can whip the troll’s sorry behind on two threads if that’s what he really needs!

    So at least now he admits he was lying and that we posted MORE THAN ONE photo of empty seats, finally?

    His own videos showed a lot more than 200 empty seats!

    More like a minimum of 4K and more likely 6-8K, probably.

  38. lao says:

    (rolls eyes) @6:30 am I pointed out that a multitude of far right blogs posted the SAME single photo you posted @9:14 pm.

    I laughed at your picture of 200 empty chairs because it had already been acknowledged that there were 14,000 people in an 18,000 seat arena.

  39. Bob Roberts says:

    There you have it, folks.

    We’ve posted NOT ONE as he claims, but rather TWO pictures of empty seats then views THREE OF HIS OWN VIDEOS that show much more than 200 empty seats.

    A liar to the end, dedicated to lying even when he knows he’s been exposed as unable to admit the truth, even when he provided it!

    This is why we have KICK THE TROLL day, most days it’s tedious to bother with him as even when we catch him in a lie (see the open thread just above this one) he just moves the goal posts.

    He really does need to be banned. There’s no point in allowing his nonsense to continue. Those who said that before were right all along.

  40. lao says:

    LOL!!! Unable to deal with REALITY, bobby says I should be banned.

    How pitiful is that?

  41. Bob Roberts says:

    As noted BY HIS OWN EVIDENCE DISPROVING HIS CONTINUED FALSE CLAIMS, he is indeed unable to deal with reality AND his nonsense is, at this point, beyond tedious, which is why I changed from being amused by his lies to believing nobody here should have to suffer through them.

  42. Belfast says:

    Lao, you have no credibility left.

  43. Belfast says:

    Lao, how is your act playing on other sites?

  44. Bob Roberts says:

    He’s likely been banned from other sites. Some of us (me included) mistakenly asked Blount to keep him around.

    I regret that decision now.

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