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Nov 28 2012

The New American Crusaders

The diametric opposite of the cultural rot that produced Barack Hussein Obama would be the code of chivalry practiced by the knights of old — who of course are demonized by liberals. Wild Bill for America would like to reclaim the noble cultural heritage we have been discarding:

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4 Responses to “The New American Crusaders”

  1. Clingtomyguns says:

    The faithful know beyond doubt the are all now strangers in a strange land.

    In Democrats divide and conquer strategy, declining to finance others’ infidelity translates into “war on women.” But making taxpayers who favor life foot the bill for death is as offensive as forcing liberals to furnish free firearms for the indigent. From a City on a Hill we’ve slipped into Sodom and Gomorrah.

    An uninhibited Obama for another four years is frightening. Far worse is what his reelection reveals about America. Obama didn’t even appeal to idealistic aspirations or parlay faux compassion. He merely appealed to our carnal nature and demonized Romney by ratcheting up covetousness sown into the nature of man. But government offers a severely lacking salve for what ails humanity.

    Civilization requires a multi-generational continuity based on family, not politics. Most Christians desire responsible government and a personally responsible populace. But Washington’s fiscal recklessness, courtesy of both parties, largely underwrites, encourages and enables prodigality. Neither state nor church can cope as culture degenerates; a certain consequence of subsidizing family breakdown. Chaos ensures state authority will swell to restore order.

    History rhymes. After the roller-coaster ride through Judges, ancient Israel rejected God and sought a ruler. Samuel warned a king would take their sons and daughters to serve him, appropriate the best portions of their fields and vineyards, confiscate their livestock and enslave the populace, yet Israel persisted (1 Samuel 8). Samuel’s prophecy proved true.

    Americans similarly want safety-nets. Democrats eagerly extol government as the centripetal force around which society revolves, “Government is the only thing we all belong to.” Cal Thomas counters, “The government beast is starved when people become independent of it. This will require a transfer of faith in government, to faith in an Authority higher than the state and a Leader more powerful than any president.”

    America travails the other direction further from God. The religiously unaffiliated have increased to one fifth of the electorate and one third of twenty-somethings. America grows increasingly secular and pluralistic. Biblical morality will be more and more mocked. Meanwhile, behaviors Christians find appalling are exalted by a nihilistic popular culture.

    Ravi Zacharias cites three worrisome trends: Secularization resulting in the loss of stigma around anti-social behavior. Christianity is no longer considered relevant, but repressive. Second, Pluralization, which begets relativism. The priests of PC spout tolerance and inclusion. Any group, any behavior any anything no matter how wicked receives welcome except those esteeming biblical absolutes.

    Finally Zacharias foresees Privatization. Christians will be isolated. Preaching Christ crucified will increasingly come across as a stumbling block to lukewarm Christians and folly to secularists. If Christ’s flock remains steadfast, Believers will appear as the “peculiar people” Peter foresaw; sojourners dwelling in a strange land.

    Politically, Romney took religious voters for granted yet relinquished nary any evangelical support. Obama scorned biblical thinking yet triumphed. No all encompassing state has ever tolerated a faithful Church. Clearly culture quickly turns against Christianity too. Maybe Christians should hop aboard the Mayflower, but no New Worlds remain.

    God’s Word has not changed. Short of spiritual renewal, as America scurries down its merry leftward path, Biblical Christians will become increasingly marginalized. But rest easy, salvation does not come via government.

  2. dan says:

    Very thought provoking….one of the first
    studies I made after 9-11 was the crusades….
    but the code of chivalry is what some of us
    aspire to as it is the embodiment of
    Christian manhood and responsibility.
    Noblesse oblige.

  3. Bo-Jangles says:

    It’s time for America to fall or be taken down. Perhaps we can get it right next time.

  4. TED says:

    We did do it right Bo. Allowing the ROT to settle in is what we did wrong. We went from fighting commies to allowing them to cheat their way into office AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

    More of that Liberal Logic.

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