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Dec 02 2012

The Origins of Political Correctness

Where did it come from, the bizarre disease of the mind that is driving our civilization to suicide? From the evil ideology of Karl Marx, via the festering cesspool of moonbattery Columbia University. Bill Whittle explains:

On a tip from glenwood183.


I have no idea why Whittle would characterize the thoroughly justified Rodney King beating as “criminal and appalling.” But the rest of this is on the mark.

14 Responses to “The Origins of Political Correctness”

  1. baldowl says:

    I always enjoy Whittle’s videos, but he’s scored extra points this time by quoting “Serenity.”
    The irony of Joss Whedon’s being a moonbat is not lost upon me.

  2. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Rodney King was not the “victim” of a “brutal” police assault. The victim(s) were the police officers at the scene who did their job in accord with LAPD policies and procedures at the time. That’s why they were acquitted at the first trial in Simi Valley. It was during the second trial when the entire matter became an overly and full-blown political-racial zoo (although it was present during the first trial too).

    Rodney King was no victim. He was no moral crusader against police abuse. He was an immoral, drug addicted, parolee who was used by radical Black liberals to help further erode our nation and weaken the ‘thin blue line.’ Even after the ‘trial,’ he couldn’t manage to stay sober and avoid multiple arrests for domestic violence, DUI, drug possession and probation violations.

    Rodney King recently went to his ‘eternal reward.’ Thank God he has gone from us.

  3. Steve says:

    So at about the 8 minute mark the screen went blank and then “This video is currently unavailable”. ??????? Are we seeing a Syrian blackout of the webs!??!?


  4. IslandLifer says:

    What America needs is a major news media that simply tells the truth. Sorry, POX news doesn’t fit the category. One that WILL NOT invite liberal scum in its shows and won’t let RINOs host. One who hires true journalists and not scum suckers like Madcow.

  5. Wilberforce says:

    Absolute genius. Another “ought to be required viewing” video from Bill!

  6. Kevin R. says:

    When Czechoslovakia was under the thumb of communism Vaclav Havel wrote the essay The Power of the Powerless. It was about how the communist state was built and maintained on lies and how institutionalized those lies were in everyone’s everyday lives. His idea to undermine the communist state was to simply start ‘living in the truth’ as he called it. An entire movement known as Living in the Truth took form and spread throughout eastern Europe because of the essay and was very much a part of the fall of the Soviet empire.

    All the left has are it’s lies.

  7. Joek says:

    Bill Whittle for President in 2016!! Pravda got it right a couple of weeks ago when they wrote(paraphrasing)”…the illiterate populace in America has re-elected a man who values the communist manifasto more so than Vladimir Putin.”
    All I can say is WTF were you thinking you stoopid f*ckin illiterate f*ckin ass-holes
    FUCK obamao FOREVER.

  8. Marian says:

    I’ve watched his videos for years and I think Bill is now on a mission to educate those of us who care. Keep it up!

  9. Johnson says:

    I have no idea why Whittle would characterize the thoroughly justified Rodney King beating as “criminal and appalling.” But the rest of this is on the mark.

    Bec he only saw the part of the video that the MSM let out

  10. criolle johnny says:

    I missed the name of that African king. Could you please email it to me?

  11. True Blue says:

    Johnny, the king in question was Gezo of Dahomey on the Ivory coast.
    Whittle left out how very heavily the Frankfurt School has infiltrated Hollywood and the ‘art scene’.
    Wonder why trashist ‘art’ like Picasso, Warhol, or Dhali are so drooled over by leftist slime? Or why garbage like ‘piss christ’ is even called Art?
    Thank the Frankfurt school.

  12. jus sayin says:

    maybe Bill expected the cops to be “better people” than what they displayed – surely he knew that Rod was on every drug available from an illegal pharmacy while driving 100+mph

  13. karasukanzaemon says:

    Excellent, Dave! The PJTV vault is so rich that we could turn it on, turn off Fox, and be more and more informed for years to come. Would that it weren’t so, but there is a timelessness or a timeliness to so much of even the older material from Klavan and Whittle and Rachel. Thanks for bringing it.

  14. Jeff says:

    The Rodney King incident is an excellent example of how a matter is presented shapes one’s preception. When I saw the short video clip on the TV news, all I saw was the cops beating Rodney King, seemingly out of control.
    It fit the narative of (white) police butality angainst an innocent (black) mortorist. But much later, when I saw the video in its entirety and learned the history of Mr King and the events leading up to the incident, I has a change of mind. The MSM is the enemy.

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