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Jun 29 2012

The Price of Principle

To get an idea of why John Roberts might sell out to the authoritarian collectivists, have a look at the treatment Clarence Thomas receives from liberals as a reward for holding tight to constitutional principles. A couple sample tweets:


So much easier to just slip a stiletto between Lady Liberty’s ribs. You can go from rotten tomatoes to being the toast of all the best Georgetown cocktail parties. Of course, you do have to live with yourself…

On a tip from Shawn.

12 Responses to “The Price of Principle”

  1. 762x51 says:

    Help me out here. Is it now acceptable to use what political correctness calls the N word so long as we substitute the letter “a” for “er”?

    Give me Clarence Thomas over the treacherous John Roberts ANY DAY! Justice Thomas has the courage of his convictions while the weasel Roberts is a panderer of the most disgusting type. Die alone in agony you disgusting vermin.

  2. Mikhail Evansky says:

    Liberals use the words “n***#” and “fag” as long as the people offended aren’t liberals.

    How many times has Ann Coulter been called a cunt by liberals? I have already stopped counting.

  3. Darkstar says:

    While the Left is showing their true colors, Roberts was not in the wrong to do as he did and what you are doing in your constant attacks against him is identical to the slander tactics the Left uses.

    ObamaTax is the same as Unemployment TAX and Social Security TAX and Medicare TAX – it was not incorrect to judge it as such, and it is time to direct our anger NOT at the person holding up historical president but instead the things which make it possible!

    We should be informing people that we NEED to fight against the legs which made ObamaTax possible. We NEED to privatize Social Security and work towards getting teh Feds out of that game. We NEED to create a private Unemployment insurance somehow to cut that leg off. And I have no idea how we rid the world of Federal run Medicare, but we NEED to figure something out there too.

    ObamaTax is merely a Medicare replacement, with the eventual outcome of a Medicaid-like option being expanded to a Federal-Run, all-encompassing entitlement.

    TELL EVERY PERSON YOU KNOW! ObamaTax will replace their dreams of having Medicare! Its GUTS Medicare and EXPANDS Medicaid while it tries to force Private Companies out of business. Eventually the only thing left will be a Federal Medicaid program which NO ONE will want to be on.

    INFORM PEOPLE! Stop trying to blame Roberts for calling this what it is and instead use your energy to INFORM PEOPLE! Bitching and pointing fingers is what you are so upset Obama is doing – so dont, and instead INFORM PEOPLE so we can get the real job done!

  4. Spider says:

    I can’t help but wonder if CJ Roberts was able to fool people (although fooling GWB was/is easy) into thinking he was a conservative, just as Justice Souter did.

    Or, are we all missing something. Could it be his decision was intentially meant to somehow open a door for conservative Republicans to repeal the whole thing?

  5. Canis lupus says:

    I wonder what a liberal Utopia would look like?
    Would they give up name calling and violence?

  6. Joe says:

    Racist liberals, racist liberals, racist liberals. If you say often enough, it sounds very natural, as it should.

  7. Bam says:

    “Bitching and pointing fingers is what you are so upset Obama is doing – so dont, and instead INFORM PEOPLE so we can get the real job done!”

    Your on wrong site Darkstar…. that is what Blount, does whet he’s not simply hate-sterbating. He’s paid to rabble rouse.

  8. dan says:

    medicaide ain’t so bad so long as you don’t get sick…
    just spit the pills out when they aren’t looking and
    you might survive

  9. Sam Adams says:

    Darkstar, you are incorrect. Justice Roberts essentially rewrote the ObamaTax bill in order to find it constitutional. It also extends congress’ ability to tax with essentially no limits. Don’t show up for your government-mandated gym appointment Friday? Gym Tax. Don’t buy a Government Motor’s car…another tax.

  10. nobody says:

    Buy ammo, lots of it. The idiots (need I say, inter-city minorities who count on a tax-payer handout to survive) cannot survive one prepared US citizen, when the SHTF to spout this drivel the next day. Dead rotten meat don’t talk smack no more…..

    Bring it on.

  11. nobody says:

    As Led Zepplin says…. Your Time Is Going to Come…

  12. 4farms says:

    I think Roberts may be far smarter than he is being given credit for.

    I am not in favor of Obamacare, but Roberts in his opinion: a) said the commerce clause could not be the constitutional basis of the law (hes said it was a tax); b) in siding with the libs, preserved in some measure the court’s appearance of being “above politics”, and c) handed the Republicans (and not the Democrats) a political advantage for the election (Romney collected more than a million $$ over the phone within an hour of the decision).

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