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Feb 13 2013

The Usual Drill

The demented government of North Korea has successfully tested a miniaturized nuclear device suitable for use on an intercontinental missile, signifying that it will soon be able to vaporize any city in the world. The test was conducted specifically the rattle a saber at the USA, which it accuses of “outrageous” hostility.

Around the world, grownups are extremely alarmed. Once even Barack Obama acknowledged North Korea as a serious threat. In 2008, he promised to “eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.” By reacting to the latest deliberately provocative tests, Obama’s UN mouthpiece Susan Rice displays the seriousness of the Regime in achieving that objective:

Asked Tuesday morning whether she expects a strong condemnation from the United Nations, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said: “We’ll do the usual drill.”

It was a surprising response to an international incident that was largely seen as a threat to the U.S. and one that prompted the U.N. Security Council to call an emergency meeting of world representatives.

A recent video produced by North Korea that featured an American city getting blown up must have been too subtle to get the point across to Democrats, who used our money to help the Stalinist slave state develop its nuclear weapons.

At least Rice figured out that she should try to act serious after she chatted with some bureauweenies with IQs above the imbecile range.

After meeting with the Security Council, Rice described the test as “highly provocative” and “extremely regrettable.”

The Obama Regime barely even pretends to address the legitimate responsibilities that justify the existence of the federal government. Our liberal rulers are here to loot and enslave us, not to defend us or our allies from the foreign aggression that our increasing weakness makes inevitable.

How this disgusting farce of a presidency might end.

On a tip from Matt L.

40 Responses to “The Usual Drill”

  1. Justme says:

    But Dave, LET NO CRISIS GO WASTED. What better crisis than a vaporized American City? In Democrat dreams it would be preferably a “Red State,” but hey – if a few million useful idiots get irradiated, it’ll be just a few broken eggs in the making of a Utopian Omlet.

  2. a rose by any other says:

    North Korea is a comic-book regime, nothing more. You know that the video they “featured” was clip from a US video game, right? (You really may not have known that…) They can’t even successfully pretend.

    Their nuke was ‘advanced’ from what they tested before… and still less than 1/3 the size of the Fat Man we used nearly seven decades ago. It is not small enough to go on a launcher, they have never even pretended to test a reentry mechanism, and their rockets are a joke. And of course… They cannot use a bomb without ending their regime, and they know it. One nuke flies, and 47 minutes later they are all a sheet of black glass for a very (very!) long time.

    So. You are all up in arms about debts and deficits. We can’t afford to feed and clothe our old, sick, or poor. But you are apparently in favor of… what, exactly, regarding North Korea? Another pointless land war? Preemptive nuclear strike?

  3. Comrade J says:

    Dave, can you open windows or something? There is brain dead in here having a verbal diarrhea again.

    The idiot apparently has had his orders delayed. Panetta changed the “current truth” for libtards on NK a couple of days ago.

  4. a rose by any other says:

    Comrade –

    What is your solution? You can call names with the most erudite 5-year-old…. but I notice a pointed lack of actual ‘thinking’ coming from you.

    So… what would you do in Obama’s shoes? Let’s hear it. You are obviously both well versed on the subject and in possession of a strong opinion… pony up.

  5. Comrade C says:

    Comrade J didn’t specify anyone in particular – interesting that you self-identified as the source of the odor.

    And as for your “thinking”, consider that nuke size is secondary. Numbers rule, which is why a small nation like [gasp] Israel can hold off a number of enemies. Do some research and get back to us when you can converse on an adult level.

  6. Reign of the Fierce Warlord Commando Hussein says:

    Comrades N.Korea knows we have the immaculate christ messiah for president and they don’t want to be smoted by his magic scepter so there is nothing to worry about with N. Korea.

  7. a rose by any other says:

    More fail. Not only did I not identify the odor, (merely point out that name-calling is not the same as “thinking”), but you again fail to do any thinking re: what your decisions would be.

    Do you get that? Whining, complaining, name calling, and more whining are not the same as thinking.

    Do some thinking. What would you do?

    A note: Israel has our nukes. They are radically more advanced than anything N Korea will have for 1,000 years. Plus, we gave them delivery systems that… you know… work.

    Let’s hear it! You all seem unhappy about the response form our current leadership, so what would your responses be?

  8. Son of Taz says:

    It’s too bad we don’t have a leader with stones. North Korea could be dealt with between breakfast and lunchtime. A million man army means nothing if they have nothing to hit with.

    One well-placed nuke would take care of business, but NK will never fear it as long as a communist is in office.

  9. a rose by any other says:

    Color me shocked. No actual thinking. Lots of angry stupidity… no thinking. Obama is a “farce”… but you have literally zero ideas to present.

    Mmmm. Stupid people. Awesome to the max.

  10. StanInTexas says:

    Rose, I notice a lot of name calling and impotent hyperbole from you, but nothing else. What do YOU think should be done?

  11. Comrade J says:

    Dear Libtard,

    I (and many others) have responded to your verbal diarrhea multiple times.

    Your response after people respond to you? Disappear.

    Now my dear fool, check your email. Comrade Obama sent you a new directive on the NK. Fall in line like a little peon you are or you will be reported to the nearest re-education camp.

  12. TED says:

    Whatsa’ matter rose, did HuffPo throw your ass off for making unintelligible, incredibly stupid comments? Too bad we believe in the TRUE meaning of the 1st Amendment here…

  13. Comrade J says:

    Comrade C,

    It would appear the resident troll of the Ad Hominus Projecticus Deny-lius sub-species. The type who thinks that saying ‘no I didn’t identify as the odor’ somehow changes the written record above that he in fact did self-identified as the odor.

    Tragically, the troll missed the Party’s new “current truth” TM by Leon Panetta. And that is just sad. Please be kind to him, he’s having a rough day.

  14. a new rose by any other says:

    I think we should do exactly what we are doing. Cripple their economy, and ignore them otherwise. A “war” with them would cost us a fortune and do nothing. We can’t bomb them back to the Stone Age – they already live there.

    If you would like a parallel, we ignore people like you – the backwoods hicks with a zillion guns who talk about “Liberty” all day but mostly mean “Guns and Jesus and I hate gay people!”… and it is working pretty well so far. You are dying off, and my generation, and the ones coming after me, are replacing you. Problem being solved by nothing more than time itself.

    Same thing in N Korea. Let them stay there, starving but with a really old-timey nuke or two, and ignore them. Maybe airdrop some sandwiches and cell phones once a year to remind the people on the street that they live in a comic-book hellhole.

    So there you go. An answer. (Was that so hard?)

  15. Clingtomyguns says:

    a rose by any other says:
    February 13, 2013 at 9:01 am Color me shocked. No actual thinking. Lots of angry stupidity… no thinking. Obama is a “farce”… but you have literally zero ideas to present.

    Here you go Rose, you dumb bastard – these are solid ideas, short of all out war, that would work, but for that very reason, your cowardly feckless comrade in DC won’t lift a finger against a fellow traveler with Kim, so his worthless suits will do the “usual drill” :

    1. The military option can never be removed from the table as Comrade Obama wants to assure all dictators as he bows to them;
    2. Active drone strikes on North Korean leaders (instead of planning them against patriotic Americans);
    3. A naval quarantine in international waters off NK. The quarantine would allow allied naval ships to board, search (and possibly) detain North Korean-flagged and chartered vessels carrying prohibited cargoes, including ballistic missile components;
    4. U.S. should move to deny overflight clearances and refueling privileges along these air routes. Flying a much longer, “overwater” route across the western Pacific, through the Malaccan Strait, and across the Indian Ocean is almost impractical, particularly if the aircraft is carrying heavy cargoes related to ballistic missiles and WMD. The same restrictions would apply to charter air cargo firms hired by the North, denying the “air” option for shipping needed cargoes.
    5. Suspend all western humanitarian aid–most notably, food deliveries. Since Kim diverted much of that aid to the North Korean military. Cutting off food will also impact the DPRK’s combat capabilities, and (possibly) increase dissatisfaction within the most important segment of North Korean society;
    5. Crack Down on the Chosen Soren. Ethnic Koreans living in Japan (the Chosen Soren) have long been an important front for DPRK fund-raising and espionage activities. For example, many Japanese gaming parlors are controlled by the Chosen Soren and much of the money they generate finds its way back to Pyongyang. Tighter Japanese control of the group–and its activities–would increase financial pressures on North Korea.
    6. Pressure China to Halt Illicit DPRK Maritime Traffic. North Korean “motherships” have periodically used Chinese ports and territorial waters as safe havens. These vessels support a host of illicit activities, ranging from drug trafficking and currency smuggling, to the insertion of North Korean agents into South Korea. Denying this sanctuary to the DPRK would make it much more difficult for Pyongyang to conduct activities viewed as essential to state security and the economy.

    These ideas will work and are worth trying, we’re tired of your worthless liberal howls, so what are your ideas, numbnuts?

  16. StanInTexas says:

    Thank you Rose, your expressing your intolerance and stupidity so clearly. It will now be possible to dismiss you for the totally insane moonbat that you are.

    You may go now!

  17. Comrade C says:

    ^ If what we were doing were working, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Troll fail.

  18. Doug says:

    Cripple their economy, and ignore them…

    Their citizens are already so poor they are eating grass you frigging moron. Their commie leadership (you gladly lick their boots) has made sure of that to finance their nuclear program.

    This is your idea of a foreign policy.

    Oh, and another photo of you to throw in for good measure.

  19. Comrade J says:

    So much hate, so much religious bigotry and narrow-mindedness and intolerance towards one’s fellow countrymen.

    See kids, this is how Libtardius-Projecticus affects a person’s brain.

    For those of you who are connoisseur of human folly, like yours truly, notice the delicious self-contradiction.

    “If you would like a parallel, we ignore people like you…”

    S/he is so busy ignoring “backwoods hicks” on this forum, that perhaps a restraining order might have to be procured.

    Delicious stupidity I tell you. Makes my day.

  20. a rose by any other is still a says:

    If what we were doing were working, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Uh… it is working.

    How many of you were nuked by North Korea today? Raise your hands!

    Oh. Right.

    Reality has a well-known liberal bias.

  21. Comrade J says:

    I admit kids, it’s hard to mock libtards.

    It’s just so hard to do it better than they do it to themselves. Just when you think they could not get any more fruit-cakier (is that a word?), they pleasantly surprise you.

    Popcorn anyone? This clown will be here all day, have a seat, enjoy the show.

  22. Comrade C says:

    Apparently lil’ rosebud doesn’t understand international politics. The threat of nukes is a more effective weapon that actually using them. The norks are an up and coming Iran: constantly threatening, then promising cooperation to get sanctions lifted, then threatening again. This tactic has been proven to work and provides cyclical relief from sanctions until full nuclear capability is achieved.

    Nuking the U.S. isn’t the goal. Their goal is power and domination and respect. The capability and threat of nukes is the weapon – not their actual use. Your juvenile straw man logic isn’t fooling anyone here. Study history [and reality] and get back to us, or not.

  23. Vic Kelley says:

    American UN ambassador rice has other stuff on her mind especially the ongoing argument whether colored females have larger rear ends than other women. rice says she’s “working wit’ it” but she’s jealous of mrs. obama’s much more ample behind.

  24. sad. more blocking the people who point out your plot holes says:

    They are not going to become anything more or less than they are now, as long as their Fat Leader is in charge. They will threaten, they will bloviate… but in the end they are a few million starving illiterate peasants and a handful of fat guys with delusions of grandeur. Nothing more.

    So, do we spend a bunch of cash and resources on intervention? Clingtomyguns seems to think so. (I bet if you asked him if he supports cutting the deficit and balancing the budget, he would also say yes. I bet if you asked him if he is incensed about Obama’s drone policy, he would say yes. And I further bet he doesn’t get how those things are not compatible).

    I disagree. I say we ignore them, and let them wallow in their own selfmade shitshow. Save the money, because they pose as much threat to us as Lex Luthor. Comic book wannabe villains, and no more.

    See? Different ideas. The political process. Mmmm.

  25. Doug says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I made the libtard cry.

  26. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Jeez, a total blockade wouldn’t be that expensive, and would actually be a valid use of some budget. They don’t have that much coastline, and if we could get the Chinese on board, I don’t see anything crossing the southern border. We could strangle them until the people decided Kim was maybe not the best man for the job.

    You do not simply ignore someone who has a nuke and a delivery system, however much you malign its quality. Those refinements take a year or two, not a thousand.

  27. Justme says:

    Let the dopey child have his toy, but let him know that there are very real consequences for playing with himself in public. Crazed lunatics are easy to deal with, Isolate, Humiliate, and if it proves necessary ANNIHILATE.

    Since we have our own idiots reigning now, all bets are off.

  28. Bob Roberts says:

    It is relatively certain that the reason they claim this was a “miniaturized” bomb was that the test did not go off as planned, it was a failure, and this is their explanation for the poor yield.

    Still, that Obama and his ilk let this go on is a farce.

    Your graphic is well chosen, however, it will likely be an Iranian nuke delivered by some terrorist cutouts.

    Like other lousy Presidents before him, Obama is determined to pay a high price in American blood before admitting something has to be done BEFORE Americans die.

  29. Sam Adams says:

    “We can’t afford to feed and clothe our old, sick, or poor.”

    Yes, indeed, and who’s fault is that?
    Hint: The federal government has no money. Every dollar it spends must come from somewhere else. It is either extracted from the private sector, borrowed from others, or stolen from our children and grandchildren.

    Maybe if President YDBT wasn’t so fixed on transforming the US into a third world banana republic, the private sector would go back to making money, creating jobs, and the folks in DC wouldn’t think that their participation in every aspect of our lives wasn’t the solution to everything.

    BTW….as to the mushroom cloud…between Washington DC and San Francisco….it’s hard to decide where the least damage would be done.

  30. Sam Adams says:

    BTW, the North Koreans don’t really need a missile when there is UPS.

  31. Flu-Bird says:

    And NORTH KOREA has a seat in the UNITED NATIONS need any better reason to pull out of the wretched UN?

  32. octa bright says:

    @a new rose by any other says:
    Something that nobody is mentioning is that they are scaring the Japanese. According to some sources that I have read the Japanese could get a working atomic bomb in six weeks. That would scare the ROK
    who would take several years to go nuclear. Then there is Indonesia, not much of an industrial plant but LOTS of money. Finally there is the ROC. It’s already nervious with the mainland PRC and with its meighbors arming they might feel they have no choice. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

  33. gemalo says:

    Now, now. We all know that the North Koreans only exploded that bomb in reponse to that Youtube video mocking Kim Jong Il. Since we don’t have a consulate there, they decided a nuke would be OK.

  34. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    How many of you were nuked by North Korea today? Raise your hands!
    Liberal logic
    Legal US gun owners: Scary stuff
    Communist dictator with nukes: Yawn.

  35. Kevin R. says:

    Reality has a well-known liberal bias.

    I’ve seen that troll closing line other places. This is a professional troll.

  36. oldguy says:

    Lets see, NK will nuke the West Coast and Iran will nuke NYC and DC. What’s so bad about that?

  37. whotothewhat says:

    Kim Jong Eun, I double dog dare you, NO! Triple dog dare you to NUKE Washington DC without warning.(hint hint) Of course once the infected puss filed hemroid known as Washington DC is gone we will nuke you. Sending you back further into the stone age. So Kimmy put on your big boy Doctor Evil pants and just try something.

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