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Apr 03 2018

Tide Pods, David Hogg, and Now Snorting Condoms

When teenagers went from eating Tide pods to serving as tools for the authoritarian left’s attempts to attack the Constitution and drive conservatives off the air, it seemed the idiocy would continue to escalate forever. But it turns out Einstein was mistaken; even human stupidity has limits. Kids are now scaling back the dumb to an activity that is almost sensible in comparison with teenage tyrant David Hogg’s antics: snorting condoms up their noses and pulling them out their throats:

Imagine uncoiling a condom and stuffing it up one side of your nose, then plugging the other nostril and inhaling until the long piece of latex slides into your throat. Then what? You reach back and pull it from your mouth.

Why would someone do that?

Because they are teenagers, why else?

Everybody is a bit crazy in their teens. The brain has not finished developing, much less the personality. Yet the media expects us to revere the profound wisdom of high school kids, who supposedly know better than the Founding Fathers which inalienable rights ought to be respected by the government.

Everything liberals do has unintended consequences, including saturating children’s world with prophylactics.

Needless to say, snorting condoms can have severe health consequences and is not recommended. But at least, unlike with David Hogg, it does not pose a threat to others by limiting their freedom and capacity to defend themselves.

The motive driving Tide pod munching, condom snorting, and young Master Hogg appear all to be the same. The main difference is that with the former two, the 15 minutes of fame are dispensed by social media rather than the “mainstream” media.

On tips from Chuck A, Jester, and Guy B.

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