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Feb 27 2013

Tilting at Windmills on Moonbatty Cape Cod

Yet another FAIL for the bird-chopping wind turbines that moonbats have been pouring our money into as part of their lunatic jihad against efficient means of producing energy:

Two wind turbines towering above the Cape Cod community of Falmouth, Mass., were intended to produce green energy and savings — but they’ve created angst and division, and may now be removed at a high cost as neighbors complain of noise and illness.

“It gets to be jet-engine loud,” said Falmouth resident Neil Andersen. He and his wife Betsy live just a quarter mile from one of the turbines. They say the impact on their health has been devastating. They’re suffering headaches, dizziness and sleep deprivation and often seek to escape the property where they’ve lived for more than 20 years.

“Every time the blade has a downward motion it gives off a tremendous energy, gives off a pulse,” said Andersen. “And that pulse, it gets into your tubular organs, chest cavity, mimics a heartbeat, gives you headaches. It’s extremely disturbing and it gets to the point where you have to leave.”

The first turbine went up in 2010 and by the time both were in place on the industrial site of the town’s water treatment facility, the price was $10 million. Town officials say taking them down will cost an estimated $5 million to $15 million, but that is just what Falmouth’s five selectmen have decided to move toward doing.

In the meantime, the pestiferous turbines are operating at a loss, costing more money with each passing day.

As Obama’s $16.6 trillion debt attests, liberal foolishness doesn’t come cheap.

The quintessential symbol of moonbat idiocy.

On tips from Wiggins, Steve T, and Mickey Shea.

25 Responses to “Tilting at Windmills on Moonbatty Cape Cod”

  1. Sam Adams says:

    They’re suffering headaches, dizziness and sleep deprivation and often seek to escape the property where they’ve lived for more than 20 years.

    Moonbattery at its finest. Dear Leader is giving me headaches, dizziness, and sleep deprivation. Can someone please remove him from office?

  2. gemalo says:

    Why don’t we tell some moose-lambs that they are national treasures, and maybe they will fly some planes into them, and take them down for free.

  3. SNuss says:

    This site has some disturbing pictures, plus audio and video of wind generator problems:

  4. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Patti Page has been down here singing this -new- version of her old song…

    “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air
    Huge metal turbine blades here and there
    You’re sure to fall in love with new Cape Cod

    If you like the taste of a lobster stew
    Served by a window with a Wind Farm view
    You’re sure to fall in love with new Cape Cod

    Spinning blades that seem to beckon you
    Chunks of birds beneath a sky of blue
    High steel towers on a Sunday night
    Remind you of a Jersey highway sight

    You can spend an evening, but what’s the point
    The view of the seascape is just not quaint
    You’ll never fall in love with new Cape Cod.”


  5. Big Bad Bruins says:

    There’s no way that a trace amount of Co2 gas can compare to the weight of water. CO2 is a proverbial drop in the bucket.

  6. christopher swift says:

    I have no doubt these industrial wind parks can cause real health damage, but it’s irrelevant to me. What type of human being would want to live beside a giant metal tower with a spinning blade even if it was harmless? If this wasn’t connected to global warming lunacy, it would have been laughed at right from the start.

  7. oldguy says:

    Build enough of these towers and we just might fly into another planet.

  8. Flu-Bird says:

    Plus not to mention what these things t do to birds and bats and the greenfreaks for GREENPEACE couldnt care less unless its oiled birds which send them running around at has stations and drilling sites waving their stupid signs in the air for the media idiots

  9. GoinSane says:

    Liberal: “G r e e n g o o d , o i l b a d. D u u u h.”
    Me: SMACK! “Damn, that felt good.”

    So President Douchebag thinks we’ll get 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2035? Their ain’t enough money in the world to pay for that kind of waste, and it’s still orders of magnitude worse for the environment than coal, natgas, and nuclear. It’s too bad governments can’t really go broke, or this crap would have been forgotten about decades ago.

  10. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Hmm… wonder how much armor plating would add to the cost and/or further reduce efficiency…

  11. KHarn says:

    A lot of people don’t know how BIG these things are. Windmills for pumps and back-up electricity have worked for decades, but only on a SMALL scale. I favor windmills and solar panels, but only when idividuals errect them with their own money.

    Solar water heaters have worked pretty well here in Florida and they are a common sight. You can also see banks of solar panels on PRIVATE houses and some businesses. Small scale back-up operations like this are just fine.

  12. KHarn says:

    Oh, and to add to GOINGSANE’s post: the regressives always TALK about natural gas, but they won’t alow it because it has to be drilled out of the ground by OIL COMPANIES.

  13. Python says:

    There has been a virtual flood of complaints in places like Britain about the exact same symptoms from these useless monstrosities. Funny that you NEVER see them erected anywhere near those who advocate them.
    And Spain found out the hard way just how inefficient they are. With all the alternative energy sources they built running flat out a6t the same time they can only get around 20% of what they need

  14. Flu-Bird says:

    I hate windturbines their hazerdous to birds and their noise makers and their unreliable

  15. Flu-Bird says:


  16. Spider says:

    All those rich liberals on the Cape must be very upset. (LOL) It couldn’t have happened in a better place. Welcome to the real world comrades.

  17. Ummah Gummah says:

    Python says:


    Spain found out the hard way just how inefficient they are. With all the alternative energy sources they built running flat out a6t the same time they can only get around 20% of what they need

    Correction: German taxpayers are finding out how inefficient all of this EU-funded green garbage is.


  18. Ummah Gummah says:


    Let’s buy up all the land surrounding the KKKennedy compound and build a few of these things within earshot.


  19. Louie says:

    Windmills of this type would not exist without government subsidies. Pork for politicians’ friends. Our tax dollars at work. Insanity.

  20. Son of Taz says:

    @christopherswift, how dare you say that? Do you have any idea how the windmills have made the academic/moonbat crowd feel good about themselves? By forcing these upon the stupid, uneducated masses, their self-esteem has risen by leaps and bounds. Think of all the emissions they’ve saved the earth from! /sarc

    There are four of these bird chop-o-matics in the town of Kingston MA, and they are all stopped right now. Why? Because they don’t work. The neighbors hate them, especially when the rotating shadows are cast on their homes.

    Under “Cadillac” Duval Patrick, governor of MA, Nantucket Harbor will be getting more than 100 of these abominations. Amazingly, one of the opponents is the Kennedy family, the same family that gave us John, Robert and fatboy Ted. Maybe this time the Kennedys will actually do something good.

  21. Flu-Bird says:

    I have seen a few of those windturbines and each time i have seen them their not spinning

  22. dan says:

    ‘bet I could take one down with a shaped charge for
    a case of scotch

  23. Momster says:

    Moonbat business logic:

    Not fully converted moonbat accountant…”We are losing thousands on each and every wind turbine installed…we can’t keep this madness up! We’re bleeding money!”

    Fully indoctrinated manage…”But once we build enough of them, we’ll make it up in volume.”

  24. Flu-Bird says:

    Robert Kennedy Jr big time eco-freak and leader of the eco-wacko group WATERKEEPERS trying to sue the pork farmers and LOSING big time Another kennedy brat not getting his way

  25. Flu-Bird says:

    Ive heard of some windturbines that never worked and broke down a lot made noise and were finaly sold for scrap

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